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Bigfoot Crossroads is a podcast about the people who have encountered what we know as bigfoot, and the many questions that surround the subject.


The purpose of the show is to provide a casual and conversational setting for witnesses to share their experiences with someone who also has had their own encounter with these creatures.


The conversation dictates the course, which often leads to areas of other unexplained phenomena and cryptid encounters.

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Matt Knapp was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Growing up in the 80’s, he spent his free time watching documentaries and shows about the unexplained.


It was his own experiences of living in a haunted house that ignited his passion for the paranormal. That path took him on a journey which eventually led him to the subject of Bigfoot, where he later had his own life changing encounter with this unknown creature.


Matt has been featured in several articles and publications, including:

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