Bigfoot Crossroads

Something is being seen and encountered in the woods and rural areas of North America. 

Dating back to the oral history of the first Native Americans, humans have been describing encounters with hair-covered giants, walking upright like a man, but with the physical strength, speed, and awareness that would rival any known creature living in the wilderness.

Some of these encounters have left the witness traumatized. Emotionally and mentally changed forever. In some cases, witnesses have even reported events that defy what we know as natural, adding an almost paranormal element to this mystery.

While the scientific community and the general public have yet to accept the existence of these creatures, the fact still remains; people are encountering them to this day. When we venture out into the darkness, away from civilization. To the areas not ruled by man, but by nature.

Bigfoot Crossroads is a podcast where people can safely share their personal bigfoot stories and encounters. A platform for people to share their experiences with not only bigfoot, but any other unexplainable or unknown things they may have encountered in the woods as well.


Bigfoot Crossroads: Where Legend Meets Reality.


In 2002 my life was changed forever when I saw one of these beings for myself. It led me on a personal journey, first as a researcher so I could try and learn as much as I could about these things, and now as a podcaster, so I can help people share their own stories, and add their own pieces to the puzzle.

If you need help with ongoing activity, or would like to talk to someone to help you cope with what you've experienced, Bigfoot Crossroads can help. I have compiled a nation-wide network of active field researchers and witnesses that understand what you are going through.

Also, if you or someone you know is wanting to share their own bigfoot story on the podcast, feel free to contact me.