Why The Government Will Never Acknowledge Bigfoot

The following is a guest post by "Suzy" an animal behaviorist specializing in predatory species of North America.

Experience Dictates Strength Of Bigfoot Claims

It happens all the time within the bigfoot research community. People make incredible claims. Depending on your own beliefs and position on the subject, some of these claims seem outrageous, while others seem perfectly acceptable. It varies from individual to individual on what is "acceptable" and what isn't. What a lot of us tend to forget, is that to the rest of the world, making the claim that bigfoot might actually exist is considered outrageous.
Many of us have had the pleasure of being around someone, a friend, family member, possibly a co-worker, and the subject comes up. Maybe someone else close to you calls it to their attention;
 "You know Matt, he believes in bigfoot." 
Instantly we get that gaping maw stare, the edges of their mouth start to curl upward in a condescending grin, and our blood pressure raises. We start fumbling for an explanation, a way to explain ourselves and defend our position;
"No, I don't BELIEVE IN bigfoot, I actually…

Top Secret Bigfoot Habituation Area Exposed: Invasion Of The Bigfoot Skeptics

Like shooting a game winning buzzer beater, or tossing up a Hail Mary for a touchdown win as the clock counts down to zero, the end of 2015 went out with a bang in the bigfoot community. For what seems like several years now, there has been an ongoing feud within the community between certain individuals and Dr. Matthew Johnson. The "certain individuals" namely being Steven Streufert, Jamie Wayne, and various other skeptics that frequent the facebook group known as the "Coalition". The full name being the Coalition for Critical Thinking in Bigfoot Research.
This group prides itself on taking a rational and skeptical approach to any and all bigfoot evidence and claims made in the bigfoot community. Sort of a self-imposed peer review. It's no wonder that a feud arose between the two factions. Johnson is known for making bold and extraordinary claims about his research area and findings. Things such as "cloaking" bigfoot, telepathic inter-species commun…

Bizarro World Bigfoot

There's a few reasons I don't write much anymore. The main reason being I stay pretty busy with my other work. There's also the lack of content when it comes to things I enjoy writing about. New information, new ideas, things that can further the field of bigfoot research and investigation. Another big reason is I'm just kind of fed up with what the bigfoot subculture has become. The "Bigfoot Community", whatever you want to call it, has changed, and in my opinion it has changed for the worse.

The much worse.

It's to be expected that things would change in a field of study such as this. New people come along. New evidence is found. New ideas and theories are brought to the table for discussion. I understand and welcome that sort of change. What I didn't expect, was that the bigfoot world would slide backwards. Actually it more than slid, it was more of a complete collapse. A fall from a cliff edge only to smash on the rocks below. But it didn't d…

Missouri News Anchor Has Possible Bigfoot Encounter While Camping

Maria Neider is an award winning, well respected news anchor from KY3 news in Springfield, Missouri.

You can imagine the surprise of many when she posted a video on her personal Facebook page, discussing a possible bigfoot encounter her and her family had during a recent camping trip in the Ozarks.

Bigfoot Sightings And Investigations On The Navajo Reservation

When you think of New MExico and the Four Corners region of the United States, bigfoot probably doesn't come to mind. We're used to associating sasquatch with the Pacific Northwest, the forested mountains, and the swampy bottomlands of the South. But the Four Corners region has an extremely long history of reported sightings. The area actually has plenty of habitat to support these creatures, and while it may seem foreign to a lot of us outsiders, the locals certainly know the bigfoot are there.

Sightings and encounters take place on and around the Navajo Reservation on a constant basis. Whenever these events happen, the go to person to contact is Brenda Harris. Brenda is a Native American bigfooter with decades of experience.

Brenda recently joined Bigfoot Outlaw Radio to share some of her stories and findings over the years from investigations she's led on the Navajo Reservation, and the surrounding areas. This is an episode you definitely want to hear. Have a listen: