Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Follow Up: Evaluation of the Critical Examination of Todd Standing Bigfoot Videos

This is a follow up evaluation written by Daniel Dover in response to the paper, co-authored by Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling, "A Critical Examination of the Todd Standing Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos" which was published here.

Daniel Falconer is a professional special effects and design artist who has worked on such films as Peter Jackson's "King Kong" and the "Lord of the Rings" franchise. You can view his IMDB bio by clicking here.

His co-author on the paper, Phil Poling, is a retired police detective, and is well known for his video analysis and photography expertise. You can view his YouTube channel, ParaBreakdown, by clicking here.

Regardless of their professional backgrounds or expertise, still not everyone agrees with their published analysis of the Sylvanic Bigfoot videos produced by Todd Standing. One such individual is Daniel Dover, who wrote his own paper in which he evaluates the Falconer/Poling paper.

Mr. Dover contacted me recently asking if I would be willing to post his evaluation here, in which I agreed to do so. I encourage those interested to read both papers and form their own opinions/conclusions, without letting personal opinions of the individuals to cloud their assessments. All individuals involved spent a lot of time to write their papers, conduct their own studies of the videos in question, and deserve an equal opportunity to present their case.

Daniel Dover's evaluation can be read in full at the following link.

Evaluation of the Critical Examination of Todd Standing's Bigfoot Videos