Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New TV Special Killing Bigfoot Premieres in October!

Bobby Hamilton and Jim Lansdale, founders of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Organization (GCBRO) take their team and hit the woods in a bigfoot television special like no other. Their mission, to kill a bigfoot. The GCBRO is one of the oldest bigfoot groups around, and has always maintained a pro-kill agenda, and now they bring their efforts to the public in the new OLN special "Killing Bigfoot". The show premieres October 29th at 9pm ET on OLN Canada.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Bigfoot Pareidolia Do You See What I see?

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In this fine episode of Bigfoot Revolution, Matt and Phil discuss the wacky world of bigfoot pareidolia. We also talk about a few other things, and we read some fan mail from secret agent Stephanie. That's right, we have fans.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Great Bigfoot Debate - Kill or No Kill, Why Argue?

See that image up there? That is Justin Smeja, a man who claims to have shot two bigfoot, and fatally wounding one of them. A small juvenile in fact. In the image he is posing for a reenactment of the event.

And for some, that image absolutely infuriates them.

Why is the subject so heavily argued? It seems on the outside a simple difference in opinion. Either you feel that science requires a body as proof, or you feel a body is unnecessary. 

The reason for the on-going argument doesn't actually have much to do with the topic itself however. It goes deeper than that, to a personal level. It goes back to what most debates within this field are about, personal motives. What drives the individual. Why they have a particular interest in the subject of bigfoot.

On one side it is fairly simple and straight forward. They want answers. They want proof. They want the mystery solved. Science has made it clear that the best way to accomplish that is with a specimen. No one can argue against a body laid out in front of them to study. Nothing else offers substantial proof the way a physical specimen does. One could argue with the modern day methods of DNA analysis, that perhaps a body is not needed. With the right sample, DNA could be all the proof we need. That is however a two-sided coin. While yes, it could prove that something out there has DNA never seen before, that would just be the beginning. Science would still require a specimen. There isn't a living creature on the planet that doesn't have a specimen on record somewhere. So we are clear, by specimen I mean there's a dead one sitting somewhere for study.

Another thing to keep in mind that is if a body were to be brought in, that would by no means be the end of it. A single specimen would not be enough. The scientific community would want a male and a female to study I'm sure, and just because the Smithsonian has one doesn't mean Germany or China doesn't want their own to study as well. That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

On the no kill side one could simply argue that they don't need nor want to prove their existence to anybody. My response to that is then why are you in this community? Why do you research them? For your own personal benefit? How could you possibly learn more about them than what science could do with a specimen? By observing them in the wild? Good luck with that. Not to discredit the works of absolute legends such as Jane Goodall, but chimps didn't care if they were observed by humans. Chimps didn't go out of their way to remain hidden. Goodall and others were able to gain their trust, and truly habituate them, as in the chimps eventually ignored the fact that she was there. That is what habituation is. Not the incorrect definition individuals in the bigfoot community use to support their seemingly endless and special knowledge of these creatures.  
Another red flag reason that some proponents of the no kill philosophy use is that they want to protect the creatures by keeping them a secret. They do not want the bigfoot to be discovered. While this seems at times as a noble and respectable reason, you then notice that these same individuals constantly put out information about these creatures and talk about them openly on a daily basis. They post images of supposed evidence, even images of supposed bigfoot (although there's usually nothing in the image that is bigfoot related). They talk about their almost daily interactions with these wonderful and peaceful race of misunderstood giants. If you truly want to keep them protected and a secret from the world, then why are you constantly talking about them and exposing their supposed behaviors to anyone who will bother to listen? The best way to protect them and keep them undiscovered would be to never talk about them, and act like you don't even believe they exist. Not by doing the exact opposite.

Which brings me to my point. There's always an excuse as to why they don't have photographs. Why they don't have video. Why they don't have any samples of hair or tissue to submit for DNA analysis. It has nothing to do with protection of the species, or keeping them hidden. It's because they are most likely lying about their relationships and interactions with these creatures.

But if they are being untruthful about this, why do they care if someone else is pro kill? Or pro specimen as I prefer to say. This is where those personal motives kick in. The reason they are so against the possibility of someone killing one, or their existence being proven, is because then their fantasy world would come crumbling down. 

The reason these type people are in the bigfoot community has nothing to do with the creature, it's so they have a place to socialize. It's so they have a place to be someone important, someone special, an escape from their real life. Without this fantastical delusion to live within, they would no longer serve any purpose in the bigfoot community. They would no longer be "special". The fairy tale would come to an end, and the book would be closed. By grouping together, supporting one another's stories, following the guidelines they have set of what these creatures are, and what they do, sticking with the script so to speak, they can keep the fairy tale going, and remain the Kings and Queens of this fantasy world they have built up around them. They feed off the attention and admiration they receive from their peers, like ticks growing fat on a dog, remaining just out of reach of it's teeth and paws. In this case, the teeth and paws being reality.

If the truth was ever known about these creatures, years and years of continued lies and false information would be exposed. Who would have the most to lose? Who would want to prevent the truth from being known? The person who just wants answers, regardless of what they are, the person who may be right or wrong in their theories, or the person who has been telling lie after lie to give themselves a false sense of self-importance?
I do of course realize that not every individual falls within these categories. There are some out there who do not believe killing one for the sake of proof is justified. However, those individuals usually have no argument against the pro specimen idea. They would just prefer a body be found, or DNA providing the answer as opposed to killing one in cold blood. There are also some individuals who truly do not care if it is proven or not, they still find it interesting. None of these individuals however occupy the sides of the majority. That is why the reasons stated above, are in my opinion the true reasons fueling the debate between kill or no kill.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Meldrum Requests Bigfoot Hairs For Testing; Will Todd Standing Submit Samples?

Following the recent release of the DNA results of the Bryan Sykes study into the phenomenon of bigfoot, Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put out a request for the submission of possible bigfoot hairs to be tested. So far the bigfoot world is 0 for 2 when it comes to scientific inquiries into bigfoot DNA. The absolute circus of the Ketchum study, and the well publicized Sykes study where the media was more interested in pointing out the lack of bigfoot DNA results than they were that a major discovery had possibly occurred.

From Don Jeffrey Meldrum
"I HAVE A VERY SPECIFIC REQUEST TO MAKE AT THIS TIME. An opportunity has arisen to conduct morphological and DNA analysis of SELECTED hair samples attributed to sasquatch. I am looking for reliable samples, by that I mean with a known chain of custody, having been collected in association with a visual encounter or documented footprints. Respond only if you have such a sample in your possession, stored in paper envelope, having been collected under reasonably sterile conditions, i.e. minimal or no direct handling. RESPOND TO MY EMAIL ADDRESS ONLY: meldd@isu.edu. ALL OTHER POSTS OR RESPONSES REGARDING THIS REQUEST WILL BE PROMPTLY DELETED FROM MY TIMELINE. Thanks for your assistance."

At this point it is too early to try and guess at what Meldrum is up to, or who is behind the upcoming study. Meldrum is well respected in the community and among his peers, so this may be the study we've been waiting for. Meldrum is taking part in the 2015 World Conference on Relict Hominoids in South Africa next year, so this may have something to do with that. Which of course is nothing more than speculation on my part.

But I have a different question...

Is Todd Standing going to submit samples to this inquiry? Dr. Meldrum took a lot of heat for partnering with and supporting Standing this year, and in the past Standing has claimed to be in possession of various physical bigfoot evidence for DNA testing, including hair. One would only conclude that if Todd were on the up and up as he claims, that he would most certainly be submitting some samples to Dr. Meldrum since it is obvious he has nothing but the utmost respect and trust in the good doctor.

This may be just the opportunity for Todd Standing to once and for all quiet the naysayers and obtain that "protection" for the sasquatch species he claims to be so desperately wanting. Standing has made the claims, now it's time to support them with facts. Put up or shut up Todd.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Sykes Yeti DNA Findings Result in Media Insults, Ignorance, and Disinformation

The newly published, but already known, DNA results from inquiry by geneticist Bryan Sykes into the "yeti" and "bigfoot" phenomenon has produced more than just DNA results. It has also resulted in numerous headlines and articles being written that are misleading, condescending, ignorant, false, and overall insulting.