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My First Bigfoot Sighting

In the fall of 2002, Matt Knapp was a greenhorn in the world of Bigfoot. Granted, I had been in the "community" for awhile, I even had a couple outings under my belt, but as far as any real Bigfoot experience, I had nothing. I knew by this time that something seemed to be out there. I had seen tracks, heard sounds, met people I considered credible, even experienced rocks thrown by phantom strangers lurking within the darkened treeline. So yeah, I knew something was out there. I even thought at that point in time I knew Bigfoot was real. On the night of September 21, 2002 I would have my little world come crashing down around me. Due to the events of that night, I would realize that previously I didn't actually know anything, I just thought I did.

I had joined up with a small group of researchers known as The Monkey Chasers. There's no grand story about why I ended up with that group. They had members in Oklahoma, where I'm from, and they would all hangout on the …