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My First Bigfoot Sighting

In the fall of 2002, Matt Knapp was a greenhorn in the world of Bigfoot. Granted, I had been in the "community" for awhile, I even had a couple outings under my belt, but as far as any real Bigfoot experience, I had nothing. I knew by this time that something seemed to be out there. I had seen tracks, heard sounds, met people I considered credible, even experienced rocks thrown by phantom strangers lurking within the darkened treeline. So yeah, I knew something was out there. I even thought at that point in time I knew Bigfoot was real. On the night of September 21, 2002 I would have my little world come crashing down around me. Due to the events of that night, I would realize that previously I didn't actually know anything, I just thought I did.

I had joined up with a small group of researchers known as The Monkey Chasers. There's no grand story about why I ended up with that group. They had members in Oklahoma, where I'm from, and they would all hangout on the …

Will the Real Minnesota Iceman Please Stand Up

As much mystery surrounds the Minnesota Iceman as does ice. The famous Frank Hansen exhibit of the 60's has been talked about and argued throughout Bigfoot circles since the frozen creature first started making its rounds in shopping malls and county fairs across America. Speculation, hearsay, and rumors abound, the creature seemingly vanished like its Bigfoot counterpart, forever leaving the question of "Was it real?"

Several researchers had the opportunity to see the exhibit first hand as it was paraded across the country, while a select few even had the chance to inspect the creature first hand. Although it was encapsulated within its icy tomb at the time, two very notable researchers who had inspected the corpse believed the creature to be real. Was it the smell of decaying flesh they smelled through melted areas of ice? Or was it simply part of the attraction, perhaps some road kill or rotted meat hidden within the exhibit?
After vanishing, the Iceman stayed hidden,…