Why The Government Will Never Acknowledge Bigfoot

The following is a guest post by "Suzy" an animal behaviorist specializing in predatory species of North America.

Three reasons why (Sasquatch) will never be acknowledged by Government, or taken seriously by Science?

The overwhelming evidence supporting the existence of Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Boogers, Yeti, Dogman Wendigo, Gugwe or any other name you may use for Unidentified Hominids from around the world, but most importantly the Continent of North America. Indicate strongly, through Photographic evidence, Audio recordings, Anecdotal and witness sightings by reputable people in responsible positions from across the United States of America and Canada. Further Supported by Native Cultural wisdom and historical accounts of sightings and encounters by early explorers and notable personalities. Are not only intriguing but are also strong evidence supporting the existence of these Creatures.

Reason One: Why Sasquatch will never be excepted as a real Creature?

The evidence already accumulated would in most cases be more then enough to provoke serious scientific inquiry. How ever it has not played out that way, or at least not in way that would illicit public awareness of the government study. Many other discoveries have been made due to inquiry by the science and zoological disciplines based on far less supporting evidence. Animals all over the world have been acknowledged and studied by accredited zoological teams in the last 150 years.

A serious gap in the study of unacknowledged hominids is evident, That gap has been filled by private citizens that have continued to accumulate new evidence supporting their existence.
How ever this in it's self has created new problems for those who truly believe that Unacknowledged Hominids roam all over North America.
While some of the research being presented by amateur researchers is very good, and conducted with high standards. Other researchers present evidence that is sheer speculation and indeed often seems fantastical. These people put forth volumes of unsupportable information. Such as the Psychic Sasquatch, Bigfoot and Aliens, Dimensional doorways and time space shifts that allow creatures to travel vast distances through time and space. Other even less supportable researchers publish documents claiming deep personal relationships with these unacknowledged creatures via habituation practices claiming verbal communication in English or direct mind talk where they discuss all manner of problems created by humanity and so forth.
This has created a vicious circle, that effectively gives Government, Science and Media the opportunity to discredit all evidence that has been accumulated over the years. Effectively making a laughing stock of all research of unacknowledged Hominids.

I have no doubt that at this point some of the readers of this will be upset by my statements. But none the less, what I have said here is true and beyond doubt. Once again some individuals need to embellish they're findings with sheer fantasy or even make up fantastical stories to gain attention for personal reasons. This activity has cast a dark shadow of doubt on the subject matter.

(This is the biggest reason that unacknowledged Hominids will not be acknowledged.)

Reason Two: Why Sasquatch will never be excepted as a real Creature?

Mass media attention via syndicated news and television networks make a fortune by exploiting the Bigfoot phenomena, major networks make allot of money. This is done by spamming the public who want to see Bigfoot captured. Networks create TV series such as Finding Bigfoot or Hunting Bigfoot keeping the public wanting more. This is a steady income for these networks. So actually proving unacknowledged hominids exist would be counter productive and would reduce the income of the networks. Therefor any real news or breakthroughs in research is suppressed by the networks. Finding Bigfoot is big business but actually finding Bigfoot is not the plan!

Reason Three: Why Sasquatch will never be excepted as a real Creature?

Human reactions to acknowledgment of Bigfoot would have several effects based on human nature. One of the those effects would be panic but the second would be far worse. Masses of people would take to the woods each weekend and vacation, Flooding nature with human presence, all hoping to catch a glimpse of the beast. This would have so many negative effects on nature and on the creatures them selves. Acknowledgment of Bigfoot would be a ecological disaster. We would also see a great number of trophy hunters out there to bag them selves a trophy before laws could be made to protect Bigfoot. Another side effect would be greater land management and animal management problems, more enforcement would be required as well as large expanses of now publicly available lands would be closed to the public. Lumber, Mining and Oil production would be effected and rich powerful men would lose money. The money they would loose would impact research grants and funding for scientific investigation so the science community would also lose out by acknowledging Bigfoot is real.

In Closing:
Other reasons do exist and are just as important as the three listed above, but these are the 3 major reasons. It can be safely assumed that the government already knows about unacknowledged animals roaming the wilderness and are actively researching them and sometimes under extraordinary circumstances destroy one of them because it has had a violent interaction with a humans. But we will never read or see Bigfoot acknowledged unless a cataclysmic event happens that leaves the Government no option but to acknowledge them.

Suzy. Animal Behaviorist-Predatory Species, somewhere in North America.


  1. Very poorly written. Poor grammar, poor spelling, poor logic... redundant...obvious... amateur article. Reads a lot like "Empirical evidence for the existence of Sasquatch" written by one Todd Standing, in the early 2000's. Waste of time, and falls under her own category #1. At best, this is a bad post on a forum somewhere.

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