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Experience Dictates Strength Of Bigfoot Claims

It happens all the time within the bigfoot research community. People make incredible claims. Depending on your own beliefs and position on the subject, some of these claims seem outrageous, while others seem perfectly acceptable. It varies from individual to individual on what is "acceptable" and what isn't. What a lot of us tend to forget, is that to the rest of the world, making the claim that bigfoot might actually exist is considered outrageous.
Many of us have had the pleasure of being around someone, a friend, family member, possibly a co-worker, and the subject comes up. Maybe someone else close to you calls it to their attention;
 "You know Matt, he believes in bigfoot." 
Instantly we get that gaping maw stare, the edges of their mouth start to curl upward in a condescending grin, and our blood pressure raises. We start fumbling for an explanation, a way to explain ourselves and defend our position;
"No, I don't BELIEVE IN bigfoot, I actually…