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There's a few reasons I don't write much anymore. The main reason being I stay pretty busy with my other work. There's also the lack of content when it comes to things I enjoy writing about. New information, new ideas, things that can further the field of bigfoot research and investigation. Another big reason is I'm just kind of fed up with what the bigfoot subculture has become. The "Bigfoot Community", whatever you want to call it, has changed, and in my opinion it has changed for the worse.

The much worse.

It's to be expected that things would change in a field of study such as this. New people come along. New evidence is found. New ideas and theories are brought to the table for discussion. I understand and welcome that sort of change. What I didn't expect, was that the bigfoot world would slide backwards. Actually it more than slid, it was more of a complete collapse. A fall from a cliff edge only to smash on the rocks below. But it didn't die. Now it just lays there in this delusional state.

So, like the title of my blog implies, I find myself at a Bigfoot Crossroads. I'm angry. I want things to change. I want this field that means so much to me to move forward. I want to be validated in the eyes of the rest of the world. I know what I've seen and experienced. As do many others. But long gone are the days of the bigfoot witness vs. the general public. Long gone are the days of the bigfoot researchers vs. mainstream science. Now our own worst enemy is from within our own ranks.

But has it always been that way? Were we just too near sighted to see what lie in wait on the horizon? How can we blame the monster that we created? I don't even know how this happened, or what could have been done to prevent it. It's a simple concept here in the south; If you leave the door open, you're going to let some flies in. I just never thought the flies would take over the house.

What flies am I talking about? Let me describe a few of them:

There's a psychologist who is licensed to help and treat people with mental disorders, and provide counseling to those who need it, who claims he has witnessed and can open portals to other dimensions at will. This doctor also claims he has spoken with bigfoot telepathically, and has been chosen by them for a special purpose. This person also claims that these creatures have the ability to turn themselves invisible, and can actually change their molecular structure which allows them to "phase" through solid objects. Forget about proving bigfoot is real for a moment, and take a moment to soak in the fact that none of these items have been even remotely proven to be possible. Yet this doctor, this psychologist that others depend on for mental stability, claims they are all part of bigfoot's existence. Of course he refuses to take any videos to support any of these claims.

His biggest fan and supporter is a man with a neurological disorder. A man who has spent the past several years telling anyone who was willing to listen how intelligent he is, and how everyone should be sticking to strict scientific standards when it comes to bigfoot. A man who didn't believe in bigfoot, joined the community to make fun of the subject, and only became a "believer" after being cast in a reality television series about trying to prove bigfoot's existence. Guess he lost because all the bigfoot were cloaking at the time. Now in a complete 180 degree turn, he jumps on the bandwagon of bigfoot being paranormal and having powers and abilities beyond scientific understanding. All because the psychologist says so. The guy with the neurological disorder, yeah, he refers to that as following the scientific method. He's just forgetting one part, the repeatable and provable observations and conclusions by peers.

The other day I read a post by a nice woman who instantly attacked me for disagreeing with her about some audio that was recorded which she believed to be from a bigfoot. To me it clearly sounded like a coyote. Neither one of us can prove either opinion, but of course, my opinion was the wrong one. But I digress. In this post she claimed that a bigfoot had left her a stick formation of the Asian symbol for "big man". I don't believe she stated which Asian culture or language of origin it was, or how she was able to even recognize what it was, but the claim was made none the less. Could someone explain to me why a bigfoot in North America would try and communicate with an English speaking human using an Asian form of writing laid out in twigs? Why would they communicate with an Asian dialect? Why would they refer to their self as a "big man"? If you did find some sticks laid out like that, would you believe it to be a form of communication from a bigfoot creature, or just a coincidence in a random pattern of sticks?

The part that bothers me is that there are a large number of people, who have come from virtually nowhere over the past several years, that make claims similar to those and not only jump to conclusions, but more like catapult themselves to them, with absolutely nothing to base it on.

Remember that horrible bigfoot show I mentioned earlier? The winner of that show, which let me tell you, is in every sense of the word a real winner, has publicly stated numerous times that everyone in the bigfoot field are glorified campers, and that he is the only real bigfoot researcher. That sort of trash talk sounds vaguely familiar... where have I heard that before?

Oh yeah, Freezer Boy aka Rick Dyer.

But this isn't Dyer making these claims. This is the winner of not only the worst bigfoot show in history, but the worst reality show in history as well. The show was so bad they eventually doubled up episodes just to get it over with. It ruined the career of the celebrity host who's career was already over. But back to what I was saying. This expert, best there is, bigfoot hunter (his words, not mine) insists on talking trash. I have to assume he's just one of those backwoods, swamp rat hillbillies that does that sort of thing all in good fun, because there is NO way he's serious. The guy has brought nothing to the table, ever, to substantiate a claim or a belief that any of that could be true. Yeah, he won the crappy reality show, kind of, with the help of a partner who he forgets to mention in every interview, but even the things they did on the show had been tried numerous times over the years by lots of other researchers. Nobody even knew who the guy was until he was on the TV show. He's produced a thermal video of what he claims is a skunk ape, but that's been debunked several times, and he just keeps pretending that it hasn't. He failed to produce any type of follow up comparison video for people to review, and he falls back on the excuse that his dear old dad is the one who captured it on thermal, and he doesn't have time to defend it or explain things. Busy guy. His other claim to fame was trying to pass off an alligator leg as a bigfoot arm. Yeah. He does have a successful band, on reverb nation. He's also been busy starring in a movie, done by a low-budget media company that he helped start. So see, this guy kind of tells the truth, sometimes.

That's pretty much the "bigfoot community" at this point. Shades of grey in between extremes of ridiculous proportions. Nothing is getting accomplished, but nobody is doing anything. There's maybe 3 or 4 groups actually trying, and most of those attempts are sophomoric at best.

To change things it would require people working together. Forming standards and guidelines, and adhering to them. Nobody is willing to do that. I would love to see it happen, but in a system where everyone wants to be the boss or tv star, I just don't see it happening. In a field where there is no right or wrong way, everyone is expected to be accepted regardless of what they claim or say, nothing has been proven therefore nothing is impossible, all it does is create chaos. The fact that these kinds of people and claims are not only allowed, but actually followed and supported by numerous individuals, turns my freaking stomach. If you make a claim, you should at least be able to support it with something. At least an acceptable theory, or basis somewhere else in nature.

The inmates are running the asylum, literally.


  1. Matt, if greed and egos were removed from the equation, folks might be able to work together, problem solve and solve this mystery once and for all. The biggest problem however, IMO ... seems to be all of the sensationalism that makes educating folks with the facts that much bigger of a hurdle. What a game-changer this will be once the species is finally scientifically documented. And once this happens, all of the chiggers will have no hosts to feed upon. Don't give up, the truth is still out there ... and some of us appreciate what-all you do, and what you have to say. P.S., There ain't enough alcohol in the bottle to keep some of them the chiggers down ... it's just part of doin' what we do.


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