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Bizarro World Bigfoot

There's a few reasons I don't write much anymore. The main reason being I stay pretty busy with my other work. There's also the lack of content when it comes to things I enjoy writing about. New information, new ideas, things that can further the field of bigfoot research and investigation. Another big reason is I'm just kind of fed up with what the bigfoot subculture has become. The "Bigfoot Community", whatever you want to call it, has changed, and in my opinion it has changed for the worse.

The much worse.

It's to be expected that things would change in a field of study such as this. New people come along. New evidence is found. New ideas and theories are brought to the table for discussion. I understand and welcome that sort of change. What I didn't expect, was that the bigfoot world would slide backwards. Actually it more than slid, it was more of a complete collapse. A fall from a cliff edge only to smash on the rocks below. But it didn't d…