Why I Don't Believe In Bigfoot Portals

If you're reading this you must want to know why I don't believe in bigfoot portals. Or perhaps you're here to try and shoot my beliefs down or discredit what I say. Maybe you're just here to troll. Your reason for being here doesn't really matter. What matters the most is why I'm writing this.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought I'd ever write an article about bigfoot portals, I would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the question. Which is probably what I should be doing now. But alas, I find myself in a time where bigfoot portals are an actual topic of conversation. In fact I have been somewhat challenged by various individuals when expressing my disbelief in the alleged phenomenon.

What the hell happened to the bigfoot community?

Just like parenting, there is no prerequisite for joining the bigfoot community. Therefore the door is wide open to any and all individuals, including the flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky and annoying parasites that decide to make it their home. But I digress.

First we must define a bigfoot portal. A bigfoot portal, according to my understanding, is some sort of opening to another world or dimension, in which bigfoot use to travel to and fro. To being primarily the Pacific Northwest, and fro being nobody knows for sure. Very similar in purpose to a Stargate, which was featured in the 1994 movie under the same name, starring Kurt Russel, and a subsequent television series starring Richard Dean Anderson of MacGyver fame.

This is the part where you should get comfortable because we're going for quite the ride.

So we have Matthew Johnson, a man who claims to have seen a bigfoot while on a hiking trip with his family in the Oregon Caves National Park in 2000. This encounter peaked his curiosity, and Johnson became a bigfoot enthusiast. This in turn led him to carry out his own bigfoot investigations in the area of his sighting, and possibly somewhere near his home as well. To be honest I'm not exactly sure what all he was doing at this time. I'm just unaware of any expeditions he went on, or any guidance he had from other researchers in the field. It has always seemed as though he ventured out on his own, making it up as he went along, with no real guidance or direction from anyone with actual experience in bigfooting. Regardless, due to his profession at the time, I do know he received a lot of attention for his sighting. I also know that his own personal research, at least in those first formative years, produced absolutely nothing. I'm sure having a sighting, and realizing for the first time these creatures actually do exist, then being thrown into the spotlight because of your profession, and then believing yourself to be an intelligent and capable person, but completely failing at producing any type of evidence, would weigh greatly on one's conscience. Some would probably find it embarrassing.

In my opinion Johnson reached a point of desperation, as do many other bigfooters, when their search for evidence and proof ultimately fails. To rationalize this failure, and to avoid blaming their lack of ability or knowledge, they fill in the blanks for themselves. Instead of saying "Hey, I must really suck at this" they instead make up reasons as to why they aren't producing results. Now that those reasons have become established as "acceptable" in some circles of bigfooting, it is very easy to follow that path for certain psychological types of people. If they allow the bigfoot to have paranormal or supernatural abilities, then that gives them an excuse, and at the same time allows them to become part of an elite club that is superior to other bigfooters. They after all are the "special" and "chosen" ones who have all this secret knowledge.

Which is exactly what happened for Johnson. Once he started claiming bigfoot had abilities such as mindspeaking, (which is actually known as telepathy, but bigfooters like to use the term mindspeak) cloaking, changing the density and principles of their very own matter, Johnson suddenly had "evidence" to present to the world, and once again he was relevant. At least in terms of actually producing something, even if it was selfies with red circles in the background.

The best thing about being a paranormal bigfooter is that you don't actually have to prove any of your claims to be cheered and patted on the back by your peers. It's that whole new age everybody wins philosophy. The only problem is, after years and years of mindspeak and cloaking, you have to come up with something new. You have to start a new trend. Enter the bigfoot portal.

So first we have "portalgate". The incident where Johnson, months after the fact, claimed that he and two other individuals saw a portal. A portal that was guarded by two small entities, and opened up to a world unlike our own, with a red atmosphere and black plant life. To close said portal, one must point a flashlight, or any light source directly at it. The guardians, which apparently chased away the two individuals that were there, were considered demonic or evil in nature. Rest assured however, Johnson was able to simply go back to sleep, unaffected by the sudden discovery of this interdimensional portal, because a bigfoot mindspoke to him and told him it was ok and no big deal.

Portal Guardian?

Since that time, Johnson has claimed he now possesses the knowledge to open the portals at will, and has done so several times. Apparently there's some sort of "Hokey Pokey" dance one must do to open the portal, and requires much more to open one than it does to close one by simply shining a light on it.

However, there is a catch. Remember the original portal opened up to a sinister and evil red planet, guarded by demonic entities that retreated upon hearing Christian prayers. Matthew Johnson is friends with the bigfoot though, so the bigfoot can't be evil, even though he associated them directly with the portal. So how does one overcome this obstacle? Well it seems, according to Johnson, all the portals he has opened and viewed since then have opened to dimensions of positivity and light. No more of those evil red planets. Must have been a fluke., Problem solved.

What was the question? Oh yes, why do I not believe in bigfoot portals.

The main points for the bigfoot portals being real, along with my responses, are as follows:

There were other witnesses to the event.
Yes, in fact there were. There were also multiple witnesses that claimed they saw the dead bigfoot Rick Dyer shot. That did not make it true however. One of the witnesses to the portal was already predisposed to support Johnson's claim. The witness even stated that they had PREVIOUSLY witnessed these demonic guardian entities when they were a child, and had written about it on their own paranormal blog. I'd say that takes them out of the equation for being fair and unbiased. The other witness has not stated anything publicly other than their intentions of filing a lawsuit against Johnson in response to the claims he has made involving them. I would be very open to hearing the statements of a unbiased and skeptical observer, but Johnson won't allow any of those at his research location. I have a theory about that one as well.

We have not observed data to verify that it did not happen.
I disagree. The data we have observed is Johnson's past claims and inability to provide any tangible evidence that has held up to scrutiny. We've also observed data in the form of a lack of data in regards to portals. In other words, nobody has ever recorded anything like this occurring in the history of man kind. The data is the fact it has never been observed before. That stacks the odds against it considerably. There's also data that has been collected by numerous scientists that says according to physics, what he has described is not possible. While I will be fair and say that does not make it impossible, it once again requires much more explanation and verification than Johnson just saying it happened.

Johnson recorded the original event on audio.
True. Just like Orson Welles had audio of an alien invasion on Earth. It's audio of Johnson mumbling into the recording device, and very mundane audio of the other individuals being recorded. Nothing is said by the others of an interdimensional portal and being chased around by demons. There is no indication on the audio to support the claims Johnson is making. Even in the follow up video of the two witnesses that was posted on the Internet, neither one of them mention anything even remotely hinting at this event having taken place, nor do they appear as though a life-altering event had been witnessed by either one of them.

Johnson has photographs of so said portals.
Once again, we have Johnson's claims as the bulk of the evidence. The actual photographs show nothing that would be considered a "portal" by anyone viewing them without the story to go along with them. The photos can not stand on their own as evidence. They look like nothing more than photographs of flashlights in the dark.

This is not one of Johnson's photographs.
There has been no attempts to contact any type of media outlet or scientific organization about this. Johnson has threatened to pursue legal action against anyone who might try and jeopardize his career by speaking out against him or contacting certain people in regards to his career. Yet if he's telling the truth, what is he afraid of? If he can open a portal for just one person in the right position and allow them to verify it, he and his family would be financially taken care of forever. The book deals and move rights alone would allow this to happen, let alone being the person responsible for the greatest scientific discovery in the history of man kind. The amount of information and knowledge we could gain in the field of physics alone would be mind blowing. There would more than likely be a Nobel prize in this for Johnson. He would have chapters dedicated to him in text books from here on out. Students would be required to read about him in school. If he chose to still pursue his profession, he would be sought after by people all over the world. If he's telling the truth, his career would skyrocket, so what is he worried about? Are bigfoot more important to him than the financial security of him and his family? Doesn't he want to guarantee that his grandchildren will be able to attend any University they want to?

What about the flip side, the evil, red planet aspect? If that happened once before, actually they claim it happened two nights in a row, then who's to say it wouldn't happen again. What if it occurred while a family was out there camping? What if a small child wandered aimlessly into the portal, or was injured by one of these demonic guardians? Shouldn't the public be made aware of this for their own safety? Is that something Johnson would want his own child to endure? This could be very dangerous.

But instead, all Johnson does is share the information with his own private group of bigfoot followers on Facebook, and the little bit of traffic his blog site receives from the same group of people. Even then the information he is providing is no more than a trickle. He seems to be far more concerned with what other people say. One would think a discovery of this magnitude would consume his thoughts and actions. Instead he seems far more distracted by how many "likes" his posts get.

In summary, a man who claims bigfoot speak to him telepathically, can change the make up of their own matter, have the ability to turn themselves invisible, and have various other psychic abilities, also have the technology, knowledge, and ability to create portals to travel through multiple dimensions of space and time, which they use to come to southern Oregon and eat peanut butter sandwiches from a doggie bowl in the woods.

The question shouldn't be why do I not believe in bigfoot portals. The question should be, why would anyone?


  1. I love this, it's Time we need more in the community to wake up and get a brain cell with LOGICAL sense.
    I SPEAK up against this often.
    YouTube channel ECBRO98

  2. Well, Facebook will soon apparently be adding a dislike button to a post. If you like a post, click like, If you don't like a post, click don't like. Do either and you also can explain why you like it or don't like it. There's times you want to just express dislike of some comment, but you don't want to write a treatise as to why you think the post is full of shite. Maybe this will cool down some of the idiocy by allowing people to just yea or nay, without getting all technical about it.

  3. I have to agree with you Matt, it's ridiculous this subject needs any attention.

  4. I entered the whole bigfoot sideshow in 2005 at the request of a certain individual who I later had legal dealings with. I was working out my remaining contracts as a freelance photographer and videographer and was retiring early to go into documentary video. The 2005 entry into bigfoot was an accident...one from which I am still recovering. I spent 6 years, more than $20K and wasted much energy on what I found to be largely a thankless, arrogant and bat s__t crazy group of people, with the exception of a few who have remained friends to this day. I made 5 films in the genre (Keeping the Watch, Keeping the Watch Vol. II, Spotlight on the Patterson Gimlin Film, Hunt the Dogman and Hoax of the century). But early on, in my first film released in 2006, I encountered the "mind speak" and portal mentality. I also ran into a very dedicated few individuals who believed in the bigfoot / UFO connection. What the boiled down to for me was "I can't prove it, so let's make some s__t up". In the 6 years I spent looking for evidence, supporting the community both morally and financially, I saw absolutely nothing that I considered proof. I was also rewarded by elaborate hoaxes and people who lied to me with the very first words they spoke.

    Now, having said that, I have at least one of those I met I still consider a friend, who ardently believes in the portal/dimension thing. He is sincere. When I worked with Barton Nunnelly during the making of Hunt the Dogman in 2007 in Kentucky I did an interview with a guy that sat there in his chair as I interviewed him and said straight to my face he had seen a bigfoot walk into and out of portals. He said the portals resembled the heat mirages one sees over hot highways. He also had had a near death experience after he had a heart attack and "died", laying on a gurney for 20 some odd minutes before he "awoke", and he then became a preacher (no known church affiliation). But here was a grown man about my age, sitting in his home and telling me he had not only seen bigfoot, but that he had seen bigfoot cross through portals and "mind spoke" with him.

    Fact or Faked, as some would say?

    My last film on the topic was Hoax of the Century. In it I slammed the PG Film for what it was with interviews of Bob Hieronymus and Philip Morris, as well as others who were eye witnesses to Patterson's trickery. Then I quietly slipped into my next project, a feature film, and turned my back on a community that shoots their wounded and barbecues them in public. It is a community that has no ethics, no prerequisite for researcher status (how about Common Sense 101?) and no working as a team with rabid infighting taking place even in the tightest of groups. During the course of my association with these lunatics I went from hopeful skeptic, to skeptical believer to hardened anti-bigfooter.

    A recent occurrence has given rise to new interest and through this I might, MIGHT, be willing to take another look at this thing. But I will bolt at the first hint of deception and scream the participants' names to the world.

  5. Johnson has devolved into shouting from the treetops anything that will get him back into the spotlight again. Unfortunately, he has created some ridiculous tall tales, purposely aimed at the fringe Bigfoot/UFO group. His claims have no proof. He has been trying to provide what he is calling evidence in the form of unclear audio recordings, second hand testimonies from questionable people (just like Dyer did) and videos that are worse than blobsquatch photos. This man is delusional and a huxter of ill-repute. Everyone in the community should consider it an obligation to run this liar out of town for good.

  6. anyone into this research, solo as I mostly do, has many un-explainable things happen in the woods during this research, that is if you're "in tune " with your research. I've been "through" a portal, of which I can't explain where it was exactly, but that I exited the woods about 2 miles away from where I should have been. ( & no, I wasn't lost ). Bigfoot can communicate telepathically ( mind speak ) & they can "read" your thoughts as well. They also can do the invisible to our eyes too. No, I don't know how they do these things, but I do have a few theories, but until I can show proof of my theories, I'll keep them to myself. it's like the title of a movie, I know what I saw, but I can't explain what I saw to the public ! I'm 73roadrunner1 on youtube.

  7. All he has to do is use a trail camera on the feeding bowls, and his cell phone at the so-called portal. EASY!


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