Bigfoot Sightings And Investigations On The Navajo Reservation

When you think of New MExico and the Four Corners region of the United States, bigfoot probably doesn't come to mind. We're used to associating sasquatch with the Pacific Northwest, the forested mountains, and the swampy bottomlands of the South. But the Four Corners region has an extremely long history of reported sightings. The area actually has plenty of habitat to support these creatures, and while it may seem foreign to a lot of us outsiders, the locals certainly know the bigfoot are there.

Sightings and encounters take place on and around the Navajo Reservation on a constant basis. Whenever these events happen, the go to person to contact is Brenda Harris. Brenda is a Native American bigfooter with decades of experience.

Brenda recently joined Bigfoot Outlaw Radio to share some of her stories and findings over the years from investigations she's led on the Navajo Reservation, and the surrounding areas. This is an episode you definitely want to hear. Have a listen:


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