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Bigfoot Sightings And Investigations On The Navajo Reservation

When you think of New MExico and the Four Corners region of the United States, bigfoot probably doesn't come to mind. We're used to associating sasquatch with the Pacific Northwest, the forested mountains, and the swampy bottomlands of the South. But the Four Corners region has an extremely long history of reported sightings. The area actually has plenty of habitat to support these creatures, and while it may seem foreign to a lot of us outsiders, the locals certainly know the bigfoot are there.

Sightings and encounters take place on and around the Navajo Reservation on a constant basis. Whenever these events happen, the go to person to contact is Brenda Harris. Brenda is a Native American bigfooter with decades of experience.

Brenda recently joined Bigfoot Outlaw Radio to share some of her stories and findings over the years from investigations she's led on the Navajo Reservation, and the surrounding areas. This is an episode you definitely want to hear. Have a listen:

Why I Don't Believe In Bigfoot Portals

If you're reading this you must want to know why I don't believe in bigfoot portals. Or perhaps you're here to try and shoot my beliefs down or discredit what I say. Maybe you're just here to troll. Your reason for being here doesn't really matter. What matters the most is why I'm writing this.

If you had asked me 10 years ago if I thought I'd ever write an article about bigfoot portals, I would have laughed at the ridiculousness of the question. Which is probably what I should be doing now. But alas, I find myself in a time where bigfoot portals are an actual topic of conversation. In fact I have been somewhat challenged by various individuals when expressing my disbelief in the alleged phenomenon.

What the hell happened to the bigfoot community?

Just like parenting, there is no prerequisite for joining the bigfoot community. Therefore the door is wide open to any and all individuals, including the flies, mosquitoes, and other pesky and annoying parasites…

Update! Woman Shares Her Terrifying Bigfoot Encounters On Podcast

I recently shared a write up by Pamela Vasko of one of her bigfoot encounters here.

Pamela also went on the Bigfoot Outlaws Podcast and shared her incredible stories in a two part episode.

These encounters Pamela had in the 1980's as a single mother living on her own with virtually nothing but a roof over her head, sculpted her for the rest of her life in a negative way. She lived most of her life absolutely terrified that she would have another encounter with one of these creatures. She was even nervous just to be around wooded areas.

Now, that she has found others who have had encounters with these creatures, Pamela has begun the healing process.

Woman Shares Her Amazing Encounter With A White Bigfoot

A largely overlooked aspect of bigfoot encounters is the psychological effect it can have on a person. While many of us have the desire to see one of these incredible creatures, not everyone feels that way. Some individuals are terrified by the thought that these things even exist, let alone possessing the desire to see one in person.

But what if the situation was different all together? What if the person had no idea what a bigfoot was? What if the person wasn't out looking for one, and had no idea what was happening to them?

That was the case for Pamela Stewart Vasko. Pam was an expecting mother, taken from her life in the city, and placed into the secluded backwoods of Indiana by her boyfriend at the time. It was a bad relationship, he was hardly ever home, and most of the time Pamela was left to fend for herself in a house that didn't have running water or electricity. For most of us this seems hard to imagine, a situation so horrible, and for Pamela it was a reality.

As …

The Bigfoot Outlaws Talk Bigfoot In Alabama Part 2

In this continuation of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio, Episode 3, Bear, Coonbo, and special guest "Bubba Gump" discuss some of their many adventures into the 'Roll Tide' state.

They also discuss several of the behaviors they have observed from bigfoot over the years.

Bigfoot In Bama and Other Outlaw Tales

Brand new episode of Bigfoot Outlaw Radio! Episode 3 focuses on some of the bigfoot adventures the Outlaws have experienced in Alabama. With special guest "Bubba Gump"!

Bubba Gump is old friends with Coonbo and has been a cohort on many bigfoot adventures.