Newly Released Unedited Complete Footage Of The Patterson Film!

Steven Streufert, owner of Bigfoot Books and member of the Bluff Creek Project, just posted this rarely seen unedited footage of the Patterson Film.

This is the complete film roll Roger Patterson had in his camera on the day he captured the most famous footage in bigfoot history.

The footage has been stabilized and color enhanced, but otherwise is untouched.

Most people have never seen this footage before.


  1. everyone knows that film was a hoax oh iam sure you wont want to explain that to real big footers, but ai sure have no issues doing so. lol.

    1. Words are cheap. Prove it's a fake oh wait no one has been able to no matter how hard they have tried..

  2. Everyone knows this film was a hoax? According to who? You?

    Unless you can't offer any constructive criticism on whether something is authentic or not, then it's probably best to not comment at all, otherwise you'll look like a troll, or a fool... or both. Currently, the Patterson film hasn't been proven either way, and that's a fact, so put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  3. It walks like a man with a weird gaite almost like a gangster lol I don't think its a real animal there but a hoax :(


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