Sasquatch Confessions: I Was Zapped By Bigfoot!

Angelina National Forest
Angelina County, Texas
Date Unknown
Time Unknown

Myself with several other individuals were on an outing searching for the elusive Texas bigfoot. We were in an area we had visited numerous times, and had produced some solid activity.

That particular night we had more people in our group than we normally would have. In total I believe there were at least 8 of us, if not more.

I remember the air felt very heavy.

That night we decided to go completely dark. No lights. We had several pieces of audio and video equipment set up, but other than the illuminating glow of viewfinders and power indication lights, it was completely black.

The area itself is the end of a long and winding road where it dead ends after its final turn. One way in, one way out, and you are surrounded by miles and miles of forest in every direction. On any night it feels like a creepy place. You feel alone and isolated among the towering pines, and the tree frogs and insects can be deafening in the summer. I had been there enough times that I had grown accustomed to these conditions.

I waited for my eyes and ears to adjust to the darkness and the sounds of my surroundings, and then I just wandered around the area. Stayed close to the treeline, away from the recording equipment, and just paid attention for anything unusual. We had been there for a while, and I kept having my attention drawn to the woods on the north side of the road. Every now and then I would think I'd see a silhouette that was darker than its surroundings moving between the trees, but nothing enough where I thought it was anything more than the dark playing tricks with me.

As I stood there at the SUV focusing on that patch of woods, I started feeling a little light headed. Nothing too bad. But it seemed the longer I stood there, the more intense it became. Then I started feeling a bit of  nausea. It too worsened as I stood there. My knees started to wobble a bit, and I felt like I was going to pass out. It got to the point I had to lay down in the SUV. I just couldn't shake it. The sensations kept growing more and more. I eventually, and reluctantly, had to ask everyone to pack up and take me back to where we were staying so I could lay down.

The portion of road we were parked on where the dead end is at is only about 50 yards or so long before the road makes a turn and heads back out of the area. I remember laying my head back, with my eyes closed as we pulled off. I was miserable. We got to the turn, and as soon as the road straightened up coming out of the turn, I instantly started feeling better. By the time we reached the next turn in the road which was about a half mile away, I felt completely fine. Like nothing had ever been wrong.

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