Guest Post: The Commercialization of Bigfoot

This is a guest post sent to me by Daniel Dover. Daniel's article, titled "The Commercialization of Bigfoot" discusses his views on how various people are using different methods to cash-in on the subject of Bigfoot. The good, the bad, the harmful, and the harmless. Check it out, it's a good read.

The Commercialization of Bigfoot
By Daniel Dover

When Al Gore first invented the Internet (not) many instantly tried to think of ways to make the Internet profitable, and look at what we have today. Along with the bigfoot phenomenon are those who seek ways to profit from that as well, and the Internet is one avenue relished by both the hoaxer and the legitimate entrepreneur alike.

One way to profit is to have a commercial youtube account that garners revenue from ads posted to the side and within the video itself. One can become wealthy if a video goes viral. The more visits to the site the more potential for a windfall; thus, those earnestly seeking revenue must work hard at getting the viewing public to help bestow upon them their hoped for reward.

This push for greater wealth is not always an honest one though. Take the self ascribed Squatchmaster for example. Jeff Patterson creates hoaxes and photos blobsquatches. One of his hoaxes is claiming to get bigfoot speech on a recorder he left out, but as it turns out it was human speech played backwards.

And if that’s not enough, he doesn’t even believe bigfoot is real according to this statement he made on social media, “truth be told, the bigfoot is nothing but legend. It is a mythical creature of old Indian legend. Anyone that believes in such a creature is only lying to themselves.” Thus, he peddles fraudulent wares he doesn’t even believe exists, reminiscent of a drug dealer who doesn’t use. Special thanks goes to Randy Filipovic at the following link for his article on the Squatchmaster. It includes the audio of sasquatch speech (played forward and backwards exposing Patterson). Bigfoot Anarchy: The Squatchmaster is Busted

The Squatchmaster could receive the insensitivity award if ever such an award is given. When well known researcher Mitchell Waite died there was an outpouring of sympathy all across the bigfoot community. Even before Waite’s remains were put to rest the Squatchmaster, perhaps taking note of the outpouring for Waite, attempted to garner his own sympathy, splashing the web with images of himself in a hospital bed declaring his days of sasquatch research had come to an end. Patterson sent out a video to various outlets of himself in a hospital bed announcing he was quitting, and accompanying the video the poor thing sent this depressing photo of himself gazing toward his eternal reward.

To read more, head on over to Bigfoot Junction by clicking here.


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