Deer Hunter Has Up Close And Personal Encounter With Bigfoot

Jim King is known around the bigfoot community as "Bear". He's a native Mississippian, and a person I am proud to call a friend and a brother. I have been out in the woods with this man many times, and while he tells some amazing stories and makes incredible claims in regards to these creatures, he's one of the few people I have ever met that can back up what they say.

The following is an encounter Bear had with a bigfoot while he was out deer hunting. This encounter would shake him to his very core, and ignite a desire within him to learn as much as he could about these creatures.

This story is told in Bear's own words.

"I was deer hunting a location bordering a swamp with numerous creeks flowing into the basin. I had noticed that a large buck was using a thick cane-infested area as a day time bedding area. Within this thicket I could see a large Red Oak tree that grew right along the bank of one of these creeks. This area was THICK! So thick, that the trails that were leading into the thicket was very tight and low toward the ground with honey-suckle vines and brairs infested and entwined all around leaving a tunnel-like effect. I decided to check out that oak as a great place to set up a tree-stand in order to ambush that buck, as I was only seeing him at night feeding in the surrounding fields. Naturally the only way into this thicket was by "bellying" or crawling. It ain't fun crawling around with a rifle but I was determined! The first weird thing that I noticed was that the path into this thicket kept inverting back upon itself. A deer will, most of the time, use a direct route unlike this zig-zagging. After navigating through the different turns upon my knees I broke out into an area within this thicket that was trampled down in a rough oval-type circumference.

Now remember two things: (1) I was hunting and thinking deer at the time. (2) I was upon my knees looking at cane that was thrashed which cause it to leave "mounded" type spots within this clearing. I started panning my view from the right side toward the oak back toward the left. One thing that I have forgot to mention, the wind was blowing into my face as I always try to hunt into the wind.
On the left-hand side of this clearing I immediately saw a large dark object with its buttocks sticking up, it's knees and arms curled up under itself, and it's head facing toward the only opening that I could determine was within this thicket. Back toward me!
Holy S&%t! I was looking at a sleeping Sasquatch! Only it's eyes just then decided to open!
Upon seeing me it sprang itself up into an up-right position clearly pissed that I had disturbed its nap! It started "working" itself up into a fit-type frenzy walking upon all-four limbs, occasionally reaching into and behind itself grabbing handfulls of cane and ripping it up, throwing it into the surrounding air! It was clearly working up it's courage as I had it hemmed up! Until then, I had not noticed any scent except a wild animal musk-like odor that is very similar to a male deer but when it started working itself up into a "mad fit" that is when I was hit with a skunk, eye-watering, sulfer-type smell that threatened to make me sick!
It was pacing in a back and forth motion, never taking it's eyes off of me without actually ever seeming to directly look at me! Sort of like out of the corner of it's given eye depending on which side was directed toward me. It was getting louder and more rapid in it's movement! The only thing that I can compare it too was the ape in the movie, "Greystoke, The Legend of Tarzan", which was men costumed and trained to protray great apes in their natural movements when working theirselves up into a mad!
It did not take me long to figure out that I had better stand up to protect myself! I was shaking so hard that my knees felt like jello and my rifle was rapidily moving up and down keeping time with the rest of my quaking body!
I have no idea how long it was between when I first saw it open it's eyes and when it decided to charge me but it seemed like forever! It started after it's back and forth movement back towards it's right, my left, when it then charged straight toward me upon four legs, then stood as tall as it's semi-erect knees would allow it too, into an biped position screaming and raising hell for all it was worth!
I've thought back upon it and have spent a many a sleepless night wondering just how close I was gonna allow it to get to me before I pulled the trigger as I had already knocked off the safety and was just before ready to bust his ass (it was a male as it was equipped that way), when just as it became biped it shot off to my right into the tangle of the thicket tearing into it as if it was paper!
I have the scars upon my arms to show that what I had crawled into, I walked backwards out, keeping an eye upon this creature that was pacing me out. It paced me all the way back to where I had parked my truck. I like to have never got my legs to start working as they were numb! I was still shaking so bad that I like to have never got my keys from my pocket!
I was white in the face and that was when I believe I started showing grey in my beard. It was a horrifying moment in my life! I cannot imagine what I would have felt if I had been a person that was not fimilar with these creatures. Makes me understand why people never go back into the woods again as I thought about just giving up hunting cause these things were in the woods too!
Then I got mad! Ain't no way in hell these animals were going to take away the thing that I love to do the most. I was then determined to learn as much about these creatures as I could so I would be the one with the edge! 
One other note: I have seen this creature several times over a 36 year span and this was the second time I was able to clearly see it's eyes. Both times I got the impression of fear from this creature. You could see the fear because they have a more oval-type shape to their eyes, whereas us humans have a tear-shape pattern to ours. I believe this is for nocturnal vision ability."


  1. it's = it is
    its = possessive

    Spine-tingling account, though!!!

  2. I call BS. Coonboy's butt buddy, no wonder.

  3. Sorry to disappoint u anonymous, but Bear is real and so is this story, 100%.

  4. Intense personal testimony + no physical evidence = mass hysteria

  5. New theory: missing 411 cases and Rh negative blood


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