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Deer Hunter Has Up Close And Personal Encounter With Bigfoot

Jim King is known around the bigfoot community as "Bear". He's a native Mississippian, and a person I am proud to call a friend and a brother. I have been out in the woods with this man many times, and while he tells some amazing stories and makes incredible claims in regards to these creatures, he's one of the few people I have ever met that can back up what they say.

The following is an encounter Bear had with a bigfoot while he was out deer hunting. This encounter would shake him to his very core, and ignite a desire within him to learn as much as he could about these creatures.

This story is told in Bear's own words.

"I was deer hunting a location bordering a swamp with numerous creeks flowing into the basin. I had noticed that a large buck was using a thick cane-infested area as a day time bedding area. Within this thicket I could see a large Red Oak tree that grew right along the bank of one of these creeks. This area was THICK! So thick, that the trai…

Do You Know The Differences Between These Look-A-Like Snakes?

The dog days of summer are in full swing, and that means we're in the middle of snake season. The warmer the weather, the more active snakes are, and people too.

With people enjoying outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and swimming, your bound to come across a snake at some point.

Can you tell the differences between these common venomous snakes, and their non-venomous look-a-likes?

While your best bet is to leave any snake alone and give them their space, it's still a good idea to be able to tell the differences between a harmless snake, and one that could cause serious injury and possibly death. This chart is an excellent resource to study and learn.

Camp Hack: Easy Way To Avoid Water Contamination

The Sierra Trading Post has some great videos on Youtube with helpful camping tips and tricks.

In this particular video, they talk about water contamination, and how often times you might think you're being cautious when it comes to the water inside the bottle, but what about the water on the outside?

It only takes a tiny bit of contaminated water to ruin your trip.

With this simple trick you can easily avoid water contamination.

Camp Hack: Inexpensive Perimeter Alarm System

Whether you're worried about someone coming into camp and stealing your stuff, or you're trying to catch a bigfoot sneaking into your camp while you're asleep, a perimeter alarm can add security and peace of mind to a campsite.

Perimeter alarms can be expensive though, and often times not very practical for the weekend bigfooter.

Here's an inexpensive and simple DIY perimeter alarm system that can solve both of those problems.

Remember, you can always make changes and additions to fit it to your specific needs.

Guest Post: The Commercialization of Bigfoot

This is a guest post sent to me by Daniel Dover. Daniel's article, titled "The Commercialization of Bigfoot" discusses his views on how various people are using different methods to cash-in on the subject of Bigfoot. The good, the bad, the harmful, and the harmless. Check it out, it's a good read.

Putting Together The Bigfoot Puzzle And Dealing With Unknowns

When you put a puzzle together, what is your method? Where do you start?

Most people organize the pieces, make sure they are all flipped over the correct way, and look at the picture on the box.

The majority of you probably start with the corners and the edge pieces. Why is that? Because we know where those pieces go. You wouldn't start with some random piece in the middle would you? What if it was even more difficult, and you didn't have a picture to look at. You didn't know what the end result was supposed to look like. In fact, you don't even know if all the pieces are there.

If this were the case, we would definitely want to start with the corners and edges. Again, the pieces we know. If we start with the pieces we know, we can at least start to put the overall picture together. It gives us a starting point, and a foundation to build on.

So when it comes to the bigfoot puzzle, why are so many people trying to start with the unknown pieces?

In a recent article I wr…

Sasquatch Confessions: I Was Zapped By Bigfoot!

Angelina National Forest
Angelina County, Texas
Date Unknown
Time Unknown

Myself with several other individuals were on an outing searching for the elusive Texas bigfoot. We were in an area we had visited numerous times, and had produced some solid activity.

That particular night we had more people in our group than we normally would have. In total I believe there were at least 8 of us, if not more.

I remember the air felt very heavy.

That night we decided to go completely dark. No lights. We had several pieces of audio and video equipment set up, but other than the illuminating glow of viewfinders and power indication lights, it was completely black.

The area itself is the end of a long and winding road where it dead ends after its final turn. One way in, one way out, and you are surrounded by miles and miles of forest in every direction. On any night it feels like a creepy place. You feel alone and isolated among the towering pines, and the tree frogs and insects can be deafening i…

My Thoughts On Being Zapped By Bigfoot

There's a lot of talk, or should I say whispers, about bigfoot "zapping" people. It is something that has happened in one form or the other to several, if not quite a few, people in the bigfoot community.

So what is "zapping" exactly? Why is it a taboo subject? If we're really seeking the truth about these creatures, shouldn't we be open minded to any and all possibilities.

Well, no, not exactly. But I'll get to that later. Right now our focus is zapping. What is it, and is it something to be concerned with? I guess it would all depend on who you ask.

There are no experts on zapping, but since I have experienced the phenomenon myself,(which you can read about by clicking here) I feel I can adequately speak on the subject.

First thing is first. When speaking about "zapping" we must first learn what is considered as being "zapped". The true definition in my opinion is being in an area where you believe there may be bigfoot in clos…

Welcome To Bigfoot High School

As a bigfoot researcher, I feel lost. Confused like I've woken up suddenly from a dream, and I'm not sure what is real and what isn't. I look around at what was once a community of individuals and groups all headed in the same direction. All sharing a somewhat common goal, even if their opinions on how to accomplish that goal differed.

Now I realize this dream state I'm stuck in is that one dream. You know, the one where you find yourself back in high school wearing nothing but your underwear, and you can't find any of your classes. You rush around the familiar setting confused, scared, and alone.

Yeah, that one.

You're forced to run down the hallways, trying to make heads or tails of it all until your alarm clock goes off and jerks you back into reality.

Apparently, I forgot to set my alarm before I went to bed.

In Bigfoot High School we are caught in a perpetual first day. People rushing around, trying to find their way to where they're supposed to be wh…