Bigfoot Is Not Paranormal

Bigfoot is not paranormal.

But how do you know? Nobody knows anything about bigfoot. It's all theory and speculation!

I repeat, bigfoot is not paranormal.

Unfortunately, as with many aspects of life, the field of bigfoot research is not regulated. There are no tests, screenings, or applications to become a researcher. It is the same as being a cryptozoologist, one just merely has to claim being such and they are. To make matters even more convoluted, one does not even have to consider them self, or be considered by others, to be a bigfoot researcher before they are allowed to publicly throw out their own beliefs and ideas about the subject as though they are truths that are based on many, many years of tried and true research and investigation into the subject.

This would be the ugly truth about "everyone has the right to their opinion."

The problem with having a field of study where there are no experts, is that it also creates a field where everyone is an expert. There is so much ridiculousness going on with our current system that people can make whatever claim they want, and defend it by using the "nobody is an expert" card against anyone that challenges their claim or disagrees with them. Do they not realize this applies to their claims as well?

So if everyone is entitled to an opinion regardless of how worthless those opinions are, no standards are in place to filter who can and can't be a part of the "research community", and everyone/no one is an expert,  what does that leave us with?

Experience and education.

Those two things allow me to make definite claims such as bigfoot are not paranormal with confidence.

Oh, there's also things like common sense and logical reasoning that allows one to reach similar conclusions. Sadly, those items are also severely lacking from this field. But I digress.

There is nothing about bigfoot in its appearance or behavior that would lead anyone with any of the aforementioned tributes to reach the conclusion that bigfoot is paranormal in nature. In fact, that conclusion could only be reached by lacking all of the previously mentioned qualities. Experience, education, common sense, logical reasoning.

I'm sure you've heard the term "ignorance of the law is no excuse". Well that little quote applies to a lot more than the actual law. Just because you are ignorant of something, such as facts, does not make your claim or opinion true. Just as illogical reasoning does not make your conclusions correct.

For instance, let's say you and a friend go fishing. You go to a lake where you have caught fish before. For whatever reason, neither of you catch any fish that day. What is the most likely explanation: the fish weren't biting that day, or the fish have all disappeared from the lake?

Another example. You go to a cemetery late at night looking for ghosts. You see what seems like a misty figure drifting among the headstones in the distance. When you try to approach it, it seems to vanish in thin air. Just then you see a strange light streak across the sky. You are certain it is unlike any meteor or airplane you have seen before.

What factual information can be determined from the above scenario? You don't know what the mist was, nor do you know what the light in the sky was. Does this mean that you saw a ghost and a UFO? Furthermore does it prove to you that ghosts are somehow connected to UFO's?

The sad truth is there are a number of people in the bigfoot field that would answer "yes" to those questions.

For the longest time we didn't know how bees were physically able to fly. It seemed to defy the very laws of physics. Did that make them magical, or paranormal in nature? No, of course not. Eventually we figured it out with the advancement of knowledge and technology. Just because we don't know the answer to something, doesn't mean there isn't one to be had.

People who believe bigfoot is paranormal are lacking answers. They do not possess the knowledge to explain what they observe. They do not have the discernment to tell the difference between someone who is making up a story and someone who isn't. They live in a world that allows them to reach conclusions and find explanations for things that are outside their knowledge base. The reason they only find a track or two isn't because they lack the knowledge of proper tracking, it's because bigfoot can disappear. They don't understand how night vision and light waves work, therefore bigfoot produces light with its own eyes. Bigfoot can see into the infrared spectrum or is psychic because there are no clear game cam images that have been released publicly. It can't be due to their intelligence, game cam placement, the fact that you would have a better chance getting a fish to swim directly into your hand in the middle of the ocean. Just as it's not because they actually don't know what they're doing in the field when it comes to finding a bigfoot, or that bigfoot are rare, intelligent, and have the ability to plan and problem solve like other primates. It's because bigfoot can turn invisible, travel to other dimensions, fly away in UFO's, or change their physical appearance to blend in with their surroundings. You know, "cloaking".

Which all of these things can be taught, but that's no fun. That isn't exciting. It doesn't allow for instant advancement in our pursuit. It also allows us to point the finger elsewhere when it comes to our own failures in this endeavor. It's not because you're inexperienced or uneducated, or that you lack the comprehension skills to understand these things, it's because bigfoot is a paranormal entity that has magical abilities that will never be understood by science.

Yeah, that makes sense.

I say again, bigfoot is not paranormal.


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