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Bigfoot Is Not Paranormal

Bigfoot is not paranormal.
But how do you know? Nobody knows anything about bigfoot. It's all theory and speculation!
I repeat, bigfoot is not paranormal.
Unfortunately, as with many aspects of life, the field of bigfoot research is not regulated. There are no tests, screenings, or applications to become a researcher. It is the same as being a cryptozoologist, one just merely has to claim being such and they are. To make matters even more convoluted, one does not even have to consider them self, or be considered by others, to be a bigfoot researcher before they are allowed to publicly throw out their own beliefs and ideas about the subject as though they are truths that are based on many, many years of tried and true research and investigation into the subject.
This would be the ugly truth about "everyone has the right to their opinion."
The problem with having a field of study where there are no experts, is that it also creates a field where everyone is an expert. There…