Bigfoot North Radio: An Honest Review

As I'm sure many others did, I just tuned in for the first episode of Bigfoot North Radio, hosted by Todd Standing and Jeff Meldrum. This will be a weekly program, streaming live Wednesday nights at 5PM PST, via the website and found in the "variety" section. 

With myself being skeptical of Todd Standing and his work, I was interested in finding out more about why Jeff Meldrum has aligned himself with this project, and what the project was really about. Regardless of my own personal opinions of Standing, I will do my best to give a fair review of the show.
First off the show was done well. They more or less talked about themselves, and their history together of how they became involved with one another in the bigfoot world. This was obviously just an introduction of the show and some small mentions of the future of the Bigfoot North project. Standing did take the time to address the "haters" on a couple of topics, how the name "sylvanic" was conceived, and his pseudonym "Todd Rockwell". His reasons were somewhat prepared sounding, but they did address the issues. However, he did not talk about the controversy surrounding his videos. In fact his videos were only mentioned in passing, to the regard that he acknowledged having them. One thing that did bother me was a point where Standing had spent the entire show asking Meldrum about his thoughts and experiences in his area, but when it came to the point of Jeff Meldrum asking if it would be alright for him to relate his story of what he actually saw, Standing told him "no". In my opinion, a personal account of something belongs to that person, and they are free to tell it as they wish. I would assume that some sort of NDA has been involved. I'm not a big fan of NDA's in the bigfoot world, but for some reason people use them, and even worse people abide by them.

Now on to the meat and potatoes of it. According to Standing he has been backed by a partner financially, and has been doing bigfoot research for the past 3 years full time. In the works are more videos Todd has acquired, the weekly radio show, and a "Theatrical Feature Film". Standing also mentioned that if they did get the proper distribution and the feature film actually happened, that he would be able to pay Meldrum, and Stroud, as well as others, full time to research bigfoot and document their existence. According to Todd any money they would make would be put back into the Bigfoot North project. Another item I heard mentioned was a possible "series". I would assume this meant some sort of television series, possibly involving Stroud, who is an apparent core team member of Bigfoot North, and will be on next week's show.

Another member of the team briefly mentioned was a woman referred to as "Sonja" on the Bigfoot North website. Standing has titled her an "animal attractor". This mystery woman is Sonya Zohar, and you can see her video at the bottom of the page. She's from California, seems to be the new-age surfer type with some intelligence, and will offer something other than a bunch of manly mugs to look at. I'm not saying she won't have more to bring to the table than that, I'm sure she will. I just know to successfully promote something you need an attractive woman, and she seems to fill the niche.

Overall the show seems decent. It will be interesting to hear Jeff Meldrum and Les Stroud talk bigfoot, regardless of how you feel about Todd Standing. Of course between the professional-grade radio commercials for Todd's videos and websites during the breaks, the constant salesmanship, and the future potential money-earning projects, Bigfoot North has the potential of becoming a bigfoot media and money making giant.


  1. rumferlife [vilified]April 3, 2014 at 3:50 PM

    Todd does indeed have a financial backer and that movies coming

  2. Jeff b careful he doesn't pull you down! so many people in the bigfoot world respect ur credibility! ur our grover krantzs!! a fan of only urs!!Ariana

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