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MIT Eulerian Video Software Could Help Verify Real Bigfoot Videos

Scientists at MIT have developed a program that detects slight changes in individual pixels, and then magnifies the changed to where they are clearly visible to the human eye. These slight variations are so small that they are virtually invisible to humans in real time. For instance if you stare at someone, you most likely won't notice the slight changes in their face as their heart pumps blood into it, slightly swelling it and giving it a touch more color with each beat of their pulse. This software not only magnifies the color where it is visibly apparent, but can also detect and amplify the slightest movements.

So how can this be applied to bigfoot research? The EVM (Eulerian Video Magnification) software can detect the slightest of movements. Movements that go unnoticed due to our spatial vision. The movement of the eye as it constantly adjusts and focuses for instance, or the up and down drumming of our pulse going through the vein in our wrist. It can see blood pumping bene…

Why I don't Believe Todd Standing

Todd Standing is one of the most controversial people involved with bigfoot research. Famous for his "Sylvanic" research and videos, it comes at no surprise that he is considered controversial. The footage he has acquired is amazing in the realm of bigfoot. Clear, up-close shots of bigfoot peeking at the camera from behind boulders and tree limbs, it's the kind of footage no one else seems to be able to achieve. Of course to really view the footage you have to pay a fee, but I have no issue with that. I have been very clear in my opinion that I don't see anything wrong with people making money off what they love to do, with one exception. As long as the individual isn't intentionally defrauding people with fake evidence. While some individuals believe Todd Standing's videos and work 100% authentic and groundbreaking, I come from a different opinion. I reside on the side of the fence that many others have positioned themselves as well, where it is the overall…