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Bigfoot DNA: Are we on the wrong track?

For years bigfoot research has been driven by a handful of items. Sightings, vocalizations, strange limb formations, and tracks. By far bigfoot prints have been the bread and butter of our evidence. It would be interesting to see just how much plaster and other casting materials have been purchased and used over the years by bigfoot researchers. We all look for those perfect tracks. Large in size, clear toes, dermal ridges, but rarely do we find them. Plaster footprints fill boxes and drawers in our homes, get put on shelves for display, and toured around from conference to conference. Sometimes we even pay for duplicates of other casts of these large mysterious footprints. Bigfoot tracks have always been our closest connection with these hair-covered giants.
Even the science world has taken an interest in some of these tracks. Or at least a few scientists have. Certainly no one of this era would discuss bigfoot tracks without at least mentioning Dr. Jeff Meldrum. 
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