Spike TV Bigfoot Bounty Review

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers. If you have not seen Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty Episode 1, and intend to, you may not want to read this article. (But do it anyway.)

Tonight was the premiere of Spike TV's new reality show, Bigfoot Bounty. As a bigfoot researcher, I've been waiting quite some time to check this series out, and was glad the wait was finally over. Once the show started, I could see that this series has the possibility of being a major success. It does an excellent job of blending entertaining television, and educational television, into one series. This should not only appeal to the bigfoot fans around the world, but the general viewers as well.

Right from the beginning you can tell that while some people may find the thought of bigfoot actually existing ridiculous, the individuals on the show take the idea very seriously. It's a good thing too. Bigfoot Bounty judges Todd Disotell and Natalia Reagan are holding all of the contestants to true scientific standards when presenting evidence. The two scientists know their reputation is on the line, and they aren't going to cut anyone slack. Why should they? Spike provided Dr. Todd with a state of the art lab to conduct DNA extraction and analysis work.

Now on with the show. The show seems to be comprised of several stages or rounds for each episode. In the first round the teams compete in a challenge that results in the winners gaining some sort of advantage or award. In the first episode this involved the contestants shooting DNA darts at whatever animals they could locate. The first team to return to Dr. Todd with a solid DNA sample won. In this case, a two hour head start on the other contestants in the second phase, the hunt.

The hunt is an overnight trip into the wilderness with the ultimate goal of finding a bigfoot. The secondary, and seemingly more important goal, is to collect whatever possible bigfoot evidence they can. During the hunt phase we really start to get a view of the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Some seemed to walk around aimlessly, while others tried to apply tracking and hunting techniques. Still others applied somewhat of a more unique approach, such as wielding lightsabers, or rubbing elk scat (that's poop for those following at home) on their hair to mask their scent. The action really picks up when everyone starts hearing some strange vocalizations.

The third stage takes place the following day when the teams meet up and deliver whatever evidence they collected from the night before. The evidence ranges from anything such as scat and food items to tracks, bones, and even some moss mistaken for possible bigfoot hair. Once the judges have an opportunity to inspect and analyze the contestants evidence, the teams are then allowed to defend their evidence to the scientists. This was really the eye-opening moment as to how strict the judges were going to be when it came to evidence. In the premiere episode they basically told everyone their evidence was worthless, and pointed out the mistakes made by the teams. Such as mistaking moss for hair, not bringing enough evidence back to really analyze, or collecting the wrong stool sample from the pile. Remember what Dr. Todd Disotell says, it's the bottom of the pile, not the top that counts.

Once the contestants have had their opportunity to defend their evidence, the judges decide on which teams did the worst. Those teams are then asked to grab their gear and join host Dean Cain at the judging area. Here they are told why they have been chosen for possible elimination, and given the opportunity to say who they think deserves to go home the most. In the case of episode one, the team that is eliminated is...
Well, you'll just have to watch to find out.

You can keep up with all the latest Bigfoot Bounty news, behind the scenes highlights, and more at the official Spike TV website: www.spike.com/shows/bigfoot-bounty


  1. this show and format is a fresh change of pace compared to finding bigfoot's style. It's only one show I know but the bummer of this show for me is the hard ass scientist guy Todd Disotell. he's been in a lot of monster quest episodes and he was a tool bag then too! almost like the "I'm a scientist" so I'm clearly more intellectual than you could ever be. plays the ivy leaguer type to a tee. but and everyone knows everything before but is bullshit but I like it so far!

  2. this show sucks, looks like a high school production. And the people they picked are homeless, yeah this show really make fun of bigfoot!

  3. the show does more to hurt bigfoot research. It is flat horrible!

  4. God awful would be an understatement. It's a crying shame all these twits couldn't be taken out by a drone while they're all in the same location.

  5. Horrible show! These teams of misfits are 100% confused...... then the team that doesn't want to turn in fake evidence gets bounced? What kind of sense does that make? Does Superman and Mohawk Joe think anyone should bring back valid evidence any and every time?
    This show makes Finding Bigfoot look like Nat Geo. Show is a joke.
    You can sprinkle science on a bear turd and it is still just that........ a turd.

  6. Shameful and amateurish!! What a shame...with the show's $ millions in funding a REAL investigation could have been mounted instead of this made for TV charade. For example, combing the Pac N.W. over the summer could have been teams of graduate anthropology students and wildlife science students and the mobile lab, trackers and hunters, and wildlife personnel as well as professional anthropologists with specialties in primates. In a concerted and systematic effort to find and report sightings and obtain evidence scientists could have gotten closer to the mystery of what is bigfoot, if there is one to be revealed.. Missed opportunity for scientists, viewers alike.

  7. I understand you've joined the Bigfoot Evidence world. It's my hope you'll leave his 13 year old commenters on his site where they can fling poop at each other to their hearts content and allow us adults to have a place to come to for real discussions. Come to think of it, perhaps you could leave his cast of 13 year old "bigfooters" over there as well. The Fasanos, Lindseys and Merchants of the world are taking up to much oxygen on this subject as it is. Please don't encourage these idiots by wasting bandwidth on them here. Thanks for your time.

  8. I think that Bigfoot Bounty is light years more entertaining than Finding Bigfoot. Why? Because you can empathize with the frustration of uninformed amateurs trying to find evidence on demand, when they have no idea that they are chasing a mostly invisible, paranormal being that can silently float right by them, or follow them around without being noticed. If it was as easy to find evidence as the show implies, Bigfoot would have been proven decades ago to the public. I qualify that because the Federal government already knows everything that there is to know about the subject matter, and have since the 70's before the Federal Bigfoot studies were essentially made secret. By not talking, the Federal government enables shows like this to exist, people's comfort boundaries to be tested, a little extra excitement in everybodies lives, and the squatchers to help support sporting goods businesses that could use the extra business. Bigfooting is a growing wave, that will sweep the country. Consequently, Federal silence is a win-win situation. Just forget about any Federal grants to study Bigfoot in your lifetime. It just ain't gonna happen.

  9. Unfortunately nobody else knows that bigfoot scat is actually oily diareahh that is full of flukes and stinks so bad it brought tears to my glass eye! Plus is too acidic to test for DNA. They also have no idea that the hominids are not solitary. Have scouts ,foragers and females with children all working as a team all over a small area. Worst of all when shown a REAL photo of Bigfoot they either can't see it or think it is a human in costume like all the ones we have all seen before. The difference between a real photo and a fake is in the facial features. Honestly folks none of the dozens out there are real, not a single one! Not because they don't exist but because the people that get all the ink and tv slots are terrible at learning from their mistakes. I have a real photo that shows them but the citified morons can't see the forest for the trees much less Bigfoot with one leaf in front 't's face and little one with a brush tangle covering it's midsection but not it's face and legs Spike has refrained from showing it as well. Again, more city its .Bigfoot has been found and photoed but will remain banned from your eyes I suppose! I am the Woodswalker!

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