Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hunter

So 2014 has kicked off with a bang in the world of bigfoot. Some might say that "bang" is the report of Rick Dyer's rifle that fired the fatal shot heard around the world, thus proving bigfoot's existence once and for all.
But it isn't.

No, the banging you're hearing is the sound of Rick Dyer's drum. And he's beating it furiously.
In case you've been living under the proverbial rock, there has been somewhat of a media frenzy surrounding Rick Dyer this week, and even if you have been living under that rock you probably still heard about it.

Rick Dyer Bigfoot Tracker
Whether it be Rick or Rick's people, a hired PR person perhaps, word has spread far and wide of a professional bigfoot hunter by the name of Rick Dyer (reportedly from Texas?) touring around the country with "Hank" the bigfoot which Rick Dyer supposedly shot and killed outside a Home Depot in San Antonio, Texas. Well, not exactly. The body is, according to Dyer, the work of a taxidermist who mounted the bigfoot creature in a flat on the back, eyes closed, autopsied pose. Very common for taxidermist mounts. Note the sarcasm.

As most of us already know, this story has been rambling along for well over a year now, and has been a minor annoyance to the field of bigfoot research. Like that humming mosquito in your ear that you keep slapping at but can't seem to ever kill. Dyer has done an excellent job of preventing his fire to be completely extinguished. Time and time again he has billowed at the flames, changing the story, making excuses, producing nothing substantial, but never wiping that sarcastic grin from his face. And why would he? I mean after all the man is already famous for his 2008 bigfoot hoax where he claimed to have a bigfoot in a deep freezer. Holding onto the lie until the very final second when Steve Kulls finally squashed the hoax once and for all by physically touching and examining the "creature" as it was thawing. Prophetically Dyer announced afterwards that he would do it again.

Now here we are six years later. Rick Dyer, the professional bigfoot tracker, holding on with a death grip to the few "believers" he has left, launches a full scale publicity stunt. His vehicle and trailer adorned with vinyl wrapped graphics, his face being the most prominent of the graphics, makes his pilgrimage through Washington after supposedly retrieving the body from "a major university where all the professional and state of the art testing took place". But wait, I thought it was the work of a taxidermist? Does this university have one on hand or, nevermind. This is just another example of the numerous holes in his story. To start pointing them out would not only be redundant, but would literally be over a year's worth of blog posts, videos, emails, articles, etc. The fact of the matter is this story has never held water. It's actually had more points made against it than it has for it. I've made numerous arguments against it, as have many, many others. Randy Filipovic has an excellent documentation of this story and Rick Dyer's past antics on his website- bigfoottrackernews.blogspot.ca

The media has treated this story as though it's groundbreaking news. I'm fairly certain every state has ran the story, as well as major news outlets such as Fox (surprisingly the same network responsible for allowing Dyer a press conference during his 2008 bigfoot hoax). I've even seen a story on TIME.com and Hollywood gossip blogger Perez Hilton even wrote about it. What saddens me is the fact that apparently none of these media sources did any fact checking or research before running the story. Par for the course when it comes to media these days. Perhaps because the idea of a man hauling around a dead bigfoot and displaying it in parking lots like a sideshow attraction is such a ridiculous concept that they need not bother getting the facts straight, but then why give the story this much attention?

A simple Internet search is all that's required. Dyer isn't even from Texas, yet that's what he said, so that's what they published. Surprisingly enough I was unable to locate a major news source reporting on it in Las Vegas where Dyer resides. Dyer was even kind enough to supply some photos of the bigfoot body on display. Ridiculous photos of a clearly fake bigfoot. Not well sculpted, constructed, nor painted. You would think with all the money he has fleeced off of his followers he would have spent more on the actual body prop. I guess FJ Cruisers wrapped in vinyl don't come cheap.

For publicly released images of "Hank" click HERE

It's by no coincidence that this has all happened now. Bigfoot Bounty premieres this Friday, January 10th, on Spike TV. The show will feature 9 teams of bigfoot researchers and hunters, two of which Rick Dyer has a personal grudge against. Michael Merchant and Justin Smeja. Dyer has attacked both of these men on numerous occasions, especially Justin Smeja. I mean Rick is the self-proclaimed "best bigfoot tracker in the world". A title he gives himself based on his claim of shooting and killing a bigfoot. Smeja claims to have shot two bigfoot as well, and Rick can't stand the idea of someone else taking any of his spotlight. He has done everything to try and convince people that Smeja is lying about his claims, and is a hoaxer. What's that they say about the pot and kettle? In fact Rick Dyer has had a major announcement of some kind each time Bigfoot Bounty has received media attention. I mean they are offering $10,000,000 for the irrefutable proof of bigfoot's existence. Of course this amount is far too small for Rick to bother with. His words, not mine.

Dyer promises of DNA test results, scientific studies done by a major university, documentaries, public appearances, all of which will either be faked or not forthcoming. Rick Dyer will ride this out till the very end, soaking up as much publicity as he can possibly garner from it. Instead of this being the end of it all, I'm afraid the recent rash of publicity has only breathed new life into this dead bigfoot story. Or perhaps this is a grand finale to the worst fireworks display to have ever taken place.


  1. R.D. is a bad jokeJanuary 9, 2014 at 11:43 AM

    NAILED it.

  2. I guess it will be at least six months til the next big Dyer bigfoot story

  3. Thank you, Matt. This is a huckster, NOT a hunter ... and he damn-sure ain't from Texas. I am so sick of hearin' them "presstitutes" in the media statin' otherwise. This boy just needs a good old-fashioned country ass-whippin' ...

    1. RD is a punk and his lil BS prank will get him in deep crap.He couldn't find a bear at the zoo where he belongs.

  4. I don’t have expertise in the field of Cryptozoology, Zoology or Biology.

    But, I do have 35 years of experience as an Engineer specializing in failure analysis. So looking at data and forming an opinion based upon facts, is what I do for a living.

    The claims by RD are absurd on so many levels. The only one’s that appear to buy his line of horseshit is “his people” and the terminally gullible.

    I could spend a lot tearing apart his story. But let’s just hit the major points.

    By RD’s own admission he’s in it for the money. Seems a bit strange that he won’t present evidence that would enable him to collect the $10,000,000 reward for proving BF’s existence.

    A world renound DNA scientist offers to test the alleged BF samples. For some reason RD does not take up the offer.

    The BF body according to RD has already been taxidermied. Why on earth would someone destroy the most important biological specimen of the 21st century?

    Why after having shot the BF would you not have presented the body immediately to the world’s most prestigious institute(s) in order to validate your claim? And if you did it sure wouldn’t take 16 months and counting to know a previously unidentified species does in fact exist.

    There is only one reasonable explanation. He does NOT have a BF body to present to
    The scientific world.

    Anyone who thinks there is even a remote chance that he has a BF is either one of his “people”, or have such a strong belief in BF that anyone making a BF claim must be telling the truth since it validates their deeply held belief, or your just dumb as a box of hammers.

    So here’s my prediction for how this plays out. The 2/9/2014 date where RD is supposed to prove to the world that he really did kill BF will come and go, with no more proof than we have today. He will continue the stalling technique while doing the flea market tour with BF in tow, while charging the dimwitted a few bucks to gawk at a plexiglass encased latex fake.

  5. After some thought, I must give more credit to freezer boy and his hoax. I was thinking he is a complete fool for trying to perpetrate yet another crude hoax. But, I underestimated the stupidity of his believers. So why not just create a controversy, where the profoundly gullible think that there may be a chance he’s telling the truth. That should keep a steady supply of rubes ready to pay a few bucks to gawk at Hank the faux BF.

    A release of real scientific evidence (autopsy etc..) from a credible, independent source like a major university will never happen!!! Since they would not risk their credibility by propping up a half ass hoax. Again, by not presenting any scientific evidence keeps the hopelessly wishful thinking dreams alive.

    So freezer boy will just continue down the stall /delay/excuse route while towing around Hank, doing the flea market tour.

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