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Follow Up: Evaluation of the Critical Examination of Todd Standing Bigfoot Videos

This is a follow up evaluation written by Daniel Dover in response to the paper, co-authored by Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling, "A Critical Examination of the Todd Standing Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos" which was published here.

Daniel Falconer is a professional special effects and design artist who has worked on such films as Peter Jackson's "King Kong" and the "Lord of the Rings" franchise. You can view his IMDB bio by clicking here.

His co-author on the paper, Phil Poling, is a retired police detective, and is well known for his video analysis and photography expertise. You can view his YouTube channel, ParaBreakdown, by clicking here.

Regardless of their professional backgrounds or expertise, still not everyone agrees with their published analysis of the Sylvanic Bigfoot videos produced by Todd Standing. One such individual is Daniel Dover, who wrote his own paper in which he evaluates the Falconer/Poling paper.

Mr. Dover contacted me recently asking …

New TV Special Killing Bigfoot Premieres in October!

Bobby Hamilton and Jim Lansdale, founders of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Organization (GCBRO) take their team and hit the woods in a bigfoot television special like no other. Their mission, to kill a bigfoot. The GCBRO is one of the oldest bigfoot groups around, and has always maintained a pro-kill agenda, and now they bring their efforts to the public in the new OLN special "Killing Bigfoot". The show premieres October 29th at 9pm ET on OLN Canada.

A Critical Examination of the Todd Standing Sylvanic Bigfoot Videos

The following was presented to me by Daniel Falconer and Phil Poling. It is a critical examination of the Sylvanic bigfoot videos released by Todd Standing.

The Great Bigfoot Debate - Kill or No Kill, Why Argue?

See that image up there? That is Justin Smeja, a man who claims to have shot two bigfoot, and fatally wounding one of them. A small juvenile in fact. In the image he is posing for a reenactment of the event.
And for some, that image absolutely infuriates them.
Why is the subject so heavily argued? It seems on the outside a simple difference in opinion. Either you feel that science requires a body as proof, or you feel a body is unnecessary. 
The reason for the on-going argument doesn't actually have much to do with the topic itself however. It goes deeper than that, to a personal level. It goes back to what most debates within this field are about, personal motives. What drives the individual. Why they have a particular interest in the subject of bigfoot.
On one side it is fairly simple and straight forward. They want answers. They want proof. They want the mystery solved. Science has made it clear that the best way to accomplish that is with a specimen. No one can argue against a…

Meldrum Requests Bigfoot Hairs For Testing; Will Todd Standing Submit Samples?

Following the recent release of the DNA results of the Bryan Sykes study into the phenomenon of bigfoot, Dr. Jeff Meldrum has put out a request for the submission of possible bigfoot hairs to be tested. So far the bigfoot world is 0 for 2 when it comes to scientific inquiries into bigfoot DNA. The absolute circus of the Ketchum study, and the well publicized Sykes study where the media was more interested in pointing out the lack of bigfoot DNA results than they were that a major discovery had possibly occurred.

From Don Jeffrey Meldrum
"I HAVE A VERY SPECIFIC REQUEST TO MAKE AT THIS TIME. An opportunity has arisen to conduct morphological and DNA analysis of SELECTED hair samples attributed to sasquatch. I am looking for reliable samples, by that I mean with a known chain of custody, having been collected in association with a visual encounter or documented footprints. Respond only if you have such a sample in your possession, stored in paper envelope, having been coll…

Sykes Yeti DNA Findings Result in Media Insults, Ignorance, and Disinformation

The newly published, but already known, DNA results from inquiry by geneticist Bryan Sykes into the "yeti" and "bigfoot" phenomenon has produced more than just DNA results. It has also resulted in numerous headlines and articles being written that are misleading, condescending, ignorant, false, and overall insulting.

Bigfoot Research Needs a Reboot

Bigfoot is Broken

The field of bigfoot research is broken. Stuck in a single, repetitive loop like a scratched record. The debates, the evidence, the theories, all re-hashed and regurgitated from a bygone era of pioneers in the field. Individuals who started to blaze a trail that ultimately led nowhere. But why did that trail come to a halt? How did bigfoot research find its way onto this never ending loop, passing the same tree over and over again? Is there anything that can be done to end the cycle?

Recently I've found myself focused on this problem, or at least a problem as I see it. Why are these debates repeated time and time again? The simple answer is because they were never put to rest in the first place. They were never solved. Evidence of these creatures existence has not progressed. At all. Sighting reports, audio recordings, track castings, limb formations, indiscernible photos and video, repeat. After all these years, where's the advancement? What have we truly le…

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting - Part 3

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting
by Cindy Bowers

Part 3-Food

Another unethical practice is the gifting of food, especially food placed in plastic containers or with high sugar content. Animals that live in the wild who become habituated, lose their natural fear of man, and become dependent on the food provided. Not only are these animals becoming dependent on the food sources, but they are eating unnatural foods such as cookies, donuts and peanut butter. These foods are high in sugar and will cause health problems for the animals, such as tooth decay and potentially diabetes. If that isn't bad enough, they are chewing through the plastic lids and containers, inadvertently consuming the plastic.

Studies on wildlife have shown that plastic kills animals as it builds up in their digestive tracts. The California Coastal Commission in their article “The Problem With Marine Debris,” had this to say about the plastic debris: “Birds, fish and mammals can mistake the p…

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting - Part 2

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting
by Cindy Bowers

Part 2-Children

A second area of unethical behavior involves the use of children in the field as a potential attractant through their laughter or through crying. This practice poses a risk to their safety, both physically and mentally. A crying child might attract Bigfoot, but also might attract the previously mentioned predators, and the fear they feel while out in the field may cause physiological damage to the child. Twenty years of therapy for a chance at a photograph simply is not right, and it borders on child abuse. Peter Muris and Andy Field, specialists in children’s psychology, had this to say regarding children’s fears: “Evidence from the literature on adult phobias also shows that fears during childhood should be taken seriously...and noted that specific phobias tend to begin at a fairly young age: animal phobias had an onset age as early as 7 years” ( 130). Children who are watching TV shows or movies th…

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting - Part 1

The following paper was submitted to me by bigfoot investigator Cindy Bowers. In the following article Cindy discusses some of the negative impacts of baiting practices used by bigfoot researchers on a regular basis, as well as offering a few more positive alternatives. I encourage everyone to take the time to read through the entire paper, which I have broken down into three parts for convenience.

The Unethical and Potential Dangers of Bigfoot Baiting
by Cindy Bowers

Part 1-Scent Attractants

Every year hundreds of enthusiastic researchers head to the woods, gear in tow, carrying cameras, tents, and various baiting strategies. They enter the woods with one goal in mind: that of finding Bigfoot. The goal of discovery in and of itself is a self-sacrificing cause, often costing the researcher time and money. What drives some of these men and women to do what they do? For some it is the possibility of a new species being discovered, studied, cataloged, and written about. For others, it is t…

Bigfoot North Radio: An Honest Review

As I'm sure many others did, I just tuned in for the first episode of Bigfoot North Radio, hosted by Todd Standing and Jeff Meldrum. This will be a weekly program, streaming live Wednesday nights at 5PM PST, via the website and found in the "variety" section. 
With myself being skeptical of Todd Standing and his work, I was interested in finding out more about why Jeff Meldrum has aligned himself with this project, and what the project was really about. Regardless of my own personal opinions of Standing, I will do my best to give a fair review of the show. First off the show was done well. They more or less talked about themselves, and their history together of how they became involved with one another in the bigfoot world. This was obviously just an introduction of the show and some small mentions of the future of the Bigfoot North project. Standing did take the time to address the "haters" on a couple of topics, how the name "sylvanic&quo…

MIT Eulerian Video Software Could Help Verify Real Bigfoot Videos

Scientists at MIT have developed a program that detects slight changes in individual pixels, and then magnifies the changed to where they are clearly visible to the human eye. These slight variations are so small that they are virtually invisible to humans in real time. For instance if you stare at someone, you most likely won't notice the slight changes in their face as their heart pumps blood into it, slightly swelling it and giving it a touch more color with each beat of their pulse. This software not only magnifies the color where it is visibly apparent, but can also detect and amplify the slightest movements.

So how can this be applied to bigfoot research? The EVM (Eulerian Video Magnification) software can detect the slightest of movements. Movements that go unnoticed due to our spatial vision. The movement of the eye as it constantly adjusts and focuses for instance, or the up and down drumming of our pulse going through the vein in our wrist. It can see blood pumping bene…

Why I don't Believe Todd Standing

Todd Standing is one of the most controversial people involved with bigfoot research. Famous for his "Sylvanic" research and videos, it comes at no surprise that he is considered controversial. The footage he has acquired is amazing in the realm of bigfoot. Clear, up-close shots of bigfoot peeking at the camera from behind boulders and tree limbs, it's the kind of footage no one else seems to be able to achieve. Of course to really view the footage you have to pay a fee, but I have no issue with that. I have been very clear in my opinion that I don't see anything wrong with people making money off what they love to do, with one exception. As long as the individual isn't intentionally defrauding people with fake evidence. While some individuals believe Todd Standing's videos and work 100% authentic and groundbreaking, I come from a different opinion. I reside on the side of the fence that many others have positioned themselves as well, where it is the overall…

Bigfoot DNA: Are we on the wrong track?

For years bigfoot research has been driven by a handful of items. Sightings, vocalizations, strange limb formations, and tracks. By far bigfoot prints have been the bread and butter of our evidence. It would be interesting to see just how much plaster and other casting materials have been purchased and used over the years by bigfoot researchers. We all look for those perfect tracks. Large in size, clear toes, dermal ridges, but rarely do we find them. Plaster footprints fill boxes and drawers in our homes, get put on shelves for display, and toured around from conference to conference. Sometimes we even pay for duplicates of other casts of these large mysterious footprints. Bigfoot tracks have always been our closest connection with these hair-covered giants.
Even the science world has taken an interest in some of these tracks. Or at least a few scientists have. Certainly no one of this era would discuss bigfoot tracks without at least mentioning Dr. Jeff Meldrum. 
You can read about …

New Bigfoot Projects - Stay Tuned

Oh, hello. I haven't spoken with you in awhile. I thought I would make an "update" post to keep all my loyal followers in the loop. Both of you. In case you haven't heard, I've been kind of busy lately, trying to keep up with the frantic pace of Bigfoot Evidence. I've graciously partnered up with Shawn over on his website, the famous to help with the posting duties and general upkeep of the site. Now that I'm behind the scenes, I have to say I respect Shawn a lot for all the hard work he has put into it. 
I'm also working on a few other upcoming projects, as well as co-hosting the Fortean Slip podcast with Christopher York and Steve Alcorn. Which you can listen to at the following link: The Fortean Slip Keep in mind, it is COMPLETELY uncensored. If you're easily offended by cussing, all around crude language, negativity, and honest opinions, then you may want to find a different podcast to listen to. But either way, ha…

Spike TV Bigfoot Bounty Review

WARNING: This article may contain spoilers. If you have not seen Spike TV's Bigfoot Bounty Episode 1, and intend to, you may not want to read this article. (But do it anyway.)

Tonight was the premiere of Spike TV's new reality show, Bigfoot Bounty. As a bigfoot researcher, I've been waiting quite some time to check this series out, and was glad the wait was finally over. Once the show started, I could see that this series has the possibility of being a major success. It does an excellent job of blending entertaining television, and educational television, into one series. This should not only appeal to the bigfoot fans around the world, but the general viewers as well.

Right from the beginning you can tell that while some people may find the thought of bigfoot actually existing ridiculous, the individuals on the show take the idea very seriously. It's a good thing too. Bigfoot Bounty judges Todd Disotell and Natalia Reagan are holding all of the contestants to true sci…

Rick Dyer Bigfoot Hunter

So 2014 has kicked off with a bang in the world of bigfoot. Some might say that "bang" is the report of Rick Dyer's rifle that fired the fatal shot heard around the world, thus proving bigfoot's existence once and for all.
But it isn't.

No, the banging you're hearing is the sound of Rick Dyer's drum. And he's beating it furiously.
In case you've been living under the proverbial rock, there has been somewhat of a media frenzy surrounding Rick Dyer this week, and even if you have been living under that rock you probably still heard about it.

Whether it be Rick or Rick's people, a hired PR person perhaps, word has spread far and wide of a professional bigfoot hunter by the name of Rick Dyer (reportedly from Texas?) touring around the country with "Hank" the bigfoot which Rick Dyer supposedly shot and killed outside a Home Depot in San Antonio, Texas. Well, not exactly. The body is, according to Dyer, the work of a taxidermist who mounte…