NEW Bigfoot Photo Surfaces

In the 1960's a young man and some friends had a frightening experience while out fishing. A creature lurked in the nearby woods, throwing trees and debris into the water like it was nothing. Although an experience they would never forget, the creature remained unseen.

Summer of 2013 - That "young man" never able to shake the ordeal of what had taken place that day returns to the location to capture some photographs of the area where they had their hair-raising encounter decades before. Now a veteran paranormal investigator, he had decided the story of his possible bigfoot encounter would add a nice touch to the book he had been authoring about his experiences with the strange and unknown. He had no idea what he was going to encounter that night as he drove into the area. Expecting nothing, he returned with what could possibly be the clearest photo of a bigfoot face ever captured.

Steve Alcorn has conducted a full length, exclusive interview with the witness which will be released at a later time. As investigators, Steve and myself make no claims as to the authenticity of this photo, nor are we saying it is in fact a photo of a bigfoot. We don't really know what to make of it, we just agree that it is very interesting, and unlike anything we have ever seen before.

For more information be sure to visit and be sure to check back for updates both on Steve Alcorn's site and his youtube channel, as well as right here on

The Glasser Photo - All images copyrighted. If sharing, please link back to source.


  1. Hi there,
    the first impression I have is of an individual that has suffered severe burns to his face. The skin around his eyes seems to be terribly scarred and he has no eye lashes or eye brows. The eyes are spread very wide apart also which is strange in an anatomical sense. Have a look at some photos of burns victims and see what you think about this hypothesis. I he/she were all white or grey haired they may be an albino.

    1. Hi Grant,

      Thanks for sharing your clueless diatribe. Try getting smarter prior to the next obvious hoax. I'm surprised you can breathe by yourself.��������

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