The photo we posted less than 24 hours ago from Paranormalist Norm Glasser has been proven to be a hoax. Thanks to investigator Adam Bird for making this discovery.

The Original Photo

The actual source of the photo-The Sugar Flats Road Creature

Notice the markings on the face, beneath the eyes, and the position of the eyes.

Dead ringer.

Notice it is behind glass, just as shown in the photo, only it doesn't seem to be a car window, and it is in fact covered in white hair, just as Norm Glasser described.

I'll admit, this one had me stumped, but in less than 24 hours the power of the Internet prevails.
Thanks again to Adam Bird, and the many others who looked into this.

And to Norm Glasser, you've been busted.

Contact Norman Glasser Here!


  1. trying to make sense of it allDecember 17, 2013 at 4:35 AM

    wow, another idiot who thinks he can pull a fast one on some intelligent people. what amazes me is the willingness of people to just plain lie about things that they shouldn't have to lie about. is it really that important to think you can jive others? liars suck!

  2. Great follow up! This one had a speedy conclusion.

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  4. Hats off to Adam Bird. I think that either there is a government cover up of real encounters and photos. Plus maybe a government campaign to purposely encourage all these fake photos and videos. Or just a lot of non woods walkers trying to get some press coverage via fake photos and yarns . Having spent countless hours in the woods and in the foraging areas of several Bigfoot HOMINIDS!!! In reality the methods of search for all the televised versions of Bigfoot research are almost completely opposite of what these not so rare beings really do, the micro climates that they prefer and almost hilariously stupid search for hard poop DNA from a being infested with stomach flukes. The flukes come from eating raw fish and the highly acidic diareahh puddles that actually is Bigfoot poop! If you want to know more and actually have a chance at a real photo and real info e mail me back.

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