Plan on being in Northern California this weekend, and looking for something to do? How about checking out the world premiere of "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story", a bigfoot documentary unlike any other?

Dead Bigfoot: A True Story

Dead Bigfoot chronicles the story of Justin Smeja, an avid outdoorsman and hunter who claims to have shot an adult and juvenile bigfoot in the Sierras region of California, and the afterward  ongoing investigation of the Sierras kill site led by lead investigator Bart Cutino.

Justin and Bart on location
Justin's story first hit the bigfoot scene in June of 2011, starting out as a usual rumor. The story quickly spread and became the subject of many heated debates. Now, over two years later, Ro Sahebi is releasing his documentary "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story" shedding new light and uncovering details about this story that no one has been privy to before now.

Ro started this journey with the video "I Killed Bigfoot". An intimately shot documentation taking place in Ro's home kitchen, where he and Justin sat detailing the events for the first time in Justin's own words. For myself, this is where the rumor became somewhat of a reality. It's always better to hear a story directly from the person as opposed to some second or third hand source, such as often the case with blogs. Yes, including my own.

Ro Sahebi
I joined the panel of the Squatcher's Lounge Podcast last night for "Dead Bigfoot Palooza", an episode dedicated to the release of the new documentary. Check it out by clicking here. During the podcast, Ro Sahebi eluded to many things, including in depth information and a surprise ending that will leave the world talking. Will "Dead Bigfoot" finally answer the question once and for all? Did Justin Smeja really shoot an adult bigfoot, and fatally wound a juvenile? Well, I guess we'll just have to wait and see. For more information about the movie and how to get tickets to the premiere, click the link below or go to


Justin Smeja

Over the past two years, Justin has become both friend and foe in the bigfoot community. A community he never intended or anticipated on becoming a part of. He has formed some friendships, but what bothers me is the number of individuals who have not only verbally attacked him both in private and public, but the fact that it has even gone as far as Justin receiving death threats.

This is ridiculous. I consider myself passionate when it comes to the subject of bigfoot, as well are many others in this field. However, taking it to the realm of hatred, or willing to make physical threats towards someone for stating something you don't approve of or disagree with is not the signs of a sane and rational person. The fact that these type people exist in the bigfoot community is not only appalling, but another fine example of why the subject of bigfoot is treated the way it is.

Ask yourself this, do you believe Justin Smeja's story? If the answer is "no" then why would you feel the need to attack him? Because he told an unbelievable story in your opinion? Is that reason for violence? If your answer is "yes" then once again, why such hatred? Because you feel he did something unjust or horrific? Because he made a decision in a situation most are never faced with that you disagree with? If that's the case, lashing out or wishing to do the man harm is hypocritical and goes against your supposed nature. Quite frankly, a lot of people in the world of bigfoot need to get a grip, and perhaps join the rest of us in the real world.

Food for thought-

Since my initial interest in this story, I have remained open minded. I have certain theories or ideas, but the fact of the matter is this; I have no reason not to believe Justin. I certainly have not seen any evidence to prove he is lying. I know bigfoot exist, I have seen them. Therefore it is entirely possible that someone could shoot one, or perhaps already has. Regardless, without proof one way or the other, it remains another story. In my opinion, a good story. I simply do not understand the hostility people have shown towards Smeja, Ro, and others involved.

Let's look at some simple truths.

Justin Smeja is by no means the first person to make this claim. And no, I don't mean that buffoon Rick Dyer either. Nearly everyone knows the famous "Bugs" story from Texas, where a man claimed to have shot and killed two bigfoot, a male and female, and buried them somewhere in the Texas panhandle. He even included that they had 6 toes. "Bugs" appeared on Coast to Coast with Art Bell several times, and there was even a supposed map leading to the buried bodies. Famed and respected researcher Robert W. Morgan even publicly supported the story as being true in his opinion. Where's the outrage towards "Bugs"?

Then there is one of my personal favorites which I still believe true to this day, the infamous "Siege at Honobia" from right here in my home state of Oklahoma. I know one of the two brothers involved personally, and have spoken with him numerous times about this event. The story has appeared in more than one documentary and received national media attention, and was somewhat investigated by the BFRO. Although it was a horrific excuse for an investigation. Their claim was that bigfoot were harassing and terrorizing them and their family at home. One night one of the brothers hid in wait with an assault rifle, and shot the bigfoot as it approached the back of the house. They then had a standoff with an entire group of bigfoot at the back of the property until the wounded creature was eventually carried off by the others. This person is still an active member of the community, and remains respected as a researcher and an honest man.

Which brings us back to the Sierras kill story. Justin Smeja did not approach the bigfoot world, the bigfoot world approached him. He has been open about his story, which has never changed. He has taken numerous individuals to the exact location where the shootings took place. He has worked with researchers extensively and transparently. He has opened himself to criticism, done interviews when asked, even allowed his story to be made into a documentary for everyone to pick apart. He even agreed to a polygraph test which he passed with flying colors.

Justin Smeja taking polygraph test

Am I asking you to believe him? Absolutely not. That is for you to decide on your own. I am just suggesting that perhaps you wait until you see the documentary, see what the information is entirely, and approach this with an open mind. If you are not convinced, fine. If it turns out to be some sort of hoax, so be it. The parties involved will have to deal with that. But there is no reason for anyone to become hostile towards anyone else over it. As of right now there is no proof either way, and in a community that has individuals committing fraudulent financial scams against others, and still others making claims of bigfoot turning invisible at will and mind speaking with humans, perhaps Justin Smeja deserves to be cut a little slack.

Besides, it is a really good story.


  1. Great Article...well written... When is the movie going to be available for view on the east coast?

    1. I asked Ro Sahebi, and he said it would be available for streaming on the website shortly after the actual premiere. I want to say maybe this coming week. DVD's will also eventually be available on Amazon at a somewhat later date.

    2. Cool.. Can't wait to see it. I made everyone at work watch the interview he did with Justin Smeja. Thanks for the info.

  2. Great article. Do you know if it can be downloaded to a Kindle and watched in that format? As usual, you've put forth a great article with your usual no BS attitude and I for one, really like that.

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