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Bigfoot Mapped in North America

Joshua Stevens, a PhD candidate at Penn State, has just released a data map of Bigfoot sightings in North America. The data contained on the map is based off of sighting reports collected by Matt Moneymaker's group the BFRO, and covers a time span of 92 years with 3,313 individual sightings.

The visual aid is a fair representation, to a certain degree at least, of what most Bigfoot researchers already know. However, it does help paint a picture to the general public. A statement I found interesting in Stevens article was that he was surprised to find that sighting reports do not always follow population density. That one would expect the majority of sightings to take place in areas with more people. Of course that is not true. Why would it be? I would expect that a rarely seen creature living in the wilderness throughout North America would most likely be seen in its own environment, not downtown Manhattan. But what this does tell us is that people are actually seeing something th…

Is It Bigfoot?

Take a look at this video as I discuss bigfoot sounds and identification.

Is it bigfoot?

Cast of Finding Bigfoot Called "Clowns"

An entertainment reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of the cast from Animal Planet's hit television series "Finding Bigfoot". In a recent article, (it's actually just a glorified upcoming television program guide) the reporter from down under refers to Moneymaker and crew as "clowns". The article continues the trip down condescension lane with remarks about Cliff Barackman.

"Bigfoot hunter Cliff Barackman explains that back in the US: ''Wherever we see a large concentration of protein we find sasquatches.'' The glaring problem with this assertion is the fact that Cliff and his pals have never actually found a sasquatch." 

 Ok, so you don't care for the show, or maybe you just aren't interested in the subject, but why all the bitterness? Is the object of the article to get people to NOT tune in to watch the show?

The article reminds me of the time New Zealander Leigh Hart infil…

Bigfoot Rocks!

Check out my first ever "mini-vlog" as I give my two cents on the mysterious bigfoot rock stackings.Bigfoot Rock Stacking

Also be sure to check out my new series "The Bigfoot Case Files" over on the Bigfoot Evidence YouTube channel. The Bigfoot Case Files - Episode 1