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Bigfoot Researcher Sues YouTube User Over False Copyright Claim - The Aftermath

In my recent blog post, I talked about how arguments in the field of bigfoot research have reached the point of legal actions. A case I outlined in specific was Melissa Hovey vs. Phil Poling, a lawsuit in which Hovey sued Poling over copyright infringement. That post can be found here: Bigfoot in the Courtroom

Here is the information via

Plaintiff:Melissa M Hovey 
Defendant:Phil Poling
Case Number:3:2013cv00615
Filed:March 21, 2013
Court:Ohio Northern District Court
Office:Toledo Office
ii,:James R. Knepp
Presiding Judge:Jack Zouhary
Nature of Suit:Intellectual Property - Copyrights
Cause:17:101 Copyright Infringement
Jurisdiction:Federal Question        
Jury Demanded By:Plaintiff

Since the results of this lawsuit have become public, many people seemed to have missed the point. Granted, there have been numerous attempts to spin or misdirect the masses from the truth. The truth being that the subject of the hoaxed photograph produced by Melissa Hovey is not the issue. Th…

Bigfoot in the Courtroom

I apologize in advance for the length of this article. My intentions are to put the truth out there. I realize this will anger certain individuals, but these are my honest opinions and views on the subject. The recent lawsuits in the bigfoot community have struck a cord with me. My line of work involves me in copyrights on nearly a daily basis. I'm sure some will think this is just another short-lived blemish and everyone should get back to bigfooting. Those individuals are partially correct, however these lawsuits, one in particular, are very serious and should impact everyone. Possibly even the future of the field of research. In a field where evidence should be shared freely to reach the common goal of the TRUTH, we now must face the facts that anyone at anytime could become the victim of a fraudulent lawsuit over the sharing of that information, or the expression of our opinions.
While most rational people stick to looking for bigfoot in the wooded areas of the world, it seem…

Bigfoot Video Creates Buzz for Mission, BC

It seems everywhere you look a certain bigfoot video has taken the world by storm. The Mission, BC video. In case you've been living under a rock, here it is.

Twenty seven seconds of something dark and walking around on two legs on a distant hill top. In the short amount of time the video has been out, it has already received well over a million views, and media attention from around the world. The bigfoot community has been debating back and forth about the authenticity of the video since its release. My question is "Why?"

The video itself is certainly nothing to write home about. There have been many other similar videos in regards to clarity that are thrown in the bone pile after first glance. There is no real way to discern if it is a bigfoot or a person in a suit from the video itself, and we are left with the usual questions that surround these type videos that are typically labeled as "hoax".

The background information is this: "A couple were hiking…