The Truth is out THERE

I'm sure some of the people reading this have children who are currently in school, and those children bring home assignments from time to time that require research. I for one have noticed often times that in the directions and guidelines for those research papers, the teacher has included that the student is NOT to use Wikipedia as one of their sources. The reason for this is fairly simple, Wikipedia is written by various individuals, and those individuals don't always get their facts right. Don't get me wrong, Wikipedia is a great source of information, but sometimes that information isn't accurate. As much information as it contains, it is difficult to cross-reference every piece of information added to the site. So while a student may see it as a one stop shop for their research on a particular subject, the inaccuracies cause teachers to frown upon using it as a tool for education.

The Internet Bigfoot community is like Wikipedia, only way worse.

The Internet has become the standard source for the sharing and distribution of information in the modern world. Everyone's connected. Either through a home PC, laptop, tablet, cell phone, and probably some other gadgets that I don't even know about (I've actually had hits on this very blog from video game systems) people all over the world can instantly upload information in any form they wish. Remote cameras can transfer images and video directly to you as they happen, regardless of where you're at. The Internet and computer technology has changed the game. Revolutionized what the common user can accomplish on their own with even very limited resources or tech savvy knowledge. When we get up in the mornings, we no longer walk outside in our robes and slippers to search for the newspaper with cup of coffee in hand. We just push a button, flip something open, slide our finger across something, and PRESTO, all the world's information is right there for us.

If you're reading this, then the odds are this is information you already know. So what exactly am I getting at? We have forgotten a couple of important points to all of this. With this ease of access we have, it allows ANYONE, regardless of their background or factual knowledge, to add anything they wish to the stream of information. It doesn't have to be true, it doesn't have to be supported by facts, it doesn't even have to be convincing. It just has to be there, and because it is there, certain people will believe it. There aren't pop-ups that appear on our screens to inform us that what we are reading, seeing, listening to, or being told is not true or factual. We have to discern that for ourselves. The problem in this little niche of cyberspace is that when you take the time to fact check, you come up empty handed, or even more confused than before. You'll find multiple sources both supporting and opposing. You find yourself with a decision to make. Which direction in the maze do I go? More often than not, the direction someone chooses to go is dictated by what they WANT the truth to be, and thus eventually adding to the problem.

The Bigfoot community is filled with copy-cats. People associate with a person because of where they live, or having had a few email exchanges or friendly chats online. Perhaps they have something in common, or it is as simple as this particular person happened to be the first person to actually take the time and talk to them. This person, who they don't really know but seems really nice and genuine, becomes their go-to source for information. They tell them who to avoid, who is full of it, where and where not to post, and eventually give them their version of what Bigfoot is, or tell them about their own (supposed) experiences with the creature. This person now moves forward in their Bigfoot journey with their gospel they have been presented with, and before long becomes a duplicate of their mentor. Very seldom does a new-comer question the person or group they fall in with first. Very seldom do people fact check the people they associate with. But as I previously stated, it is very difficult to fact check when you have so many varied opinions, evidence, information, etc. especially in a field where NOTHING has been proven factually. So how does one fact check in this community? This brings me to the other important point people are missing.

The truth is out there. No not here, out THERE! In the woods. In nature. That's the only place to find it. Out there is where you find factual information, information that is true. Information that hasn't been tainted by beliefs, agendas, wishes, insanity, egos, opinions, human nature. Out there is where the learning happens. Where knowledge is gained. Knowledge that will allow you to discern the truth. Sure it will take a long time. Sure it will push you both physically and mentally. Sure it will cost you time and money with very little immediate pay off, if you're lucky enough to have any at all. But it will be honest. It will be true.

To be continued...


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