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Bigfoot Bickering

Lately I have found myself in quite the conundrum. It seems that most Internet Bigfoot forums I visit, I end up arguing. I've also noticed that it isn't just myself, but lots of Bigfooters seem to argue. Yes, I know it's always been that way. People vary in opinions and personalities, and at times those individualistic differences will clash with one another. We're human, it happens. What I'm talking about is different. People are entitled to opinions. Everyone. I don't know anyone who would argue that. What that means however, is that if you state your own opinion, people are allowed to state theirs as well, even if it conflicts with your own. Conflicting opinions are not arguments, or at least they don't have to be as long as both parties are respectful of one another. So why all the arguments? Is there a lack of respect among researchers? Well, yes, there is. It is difficult to respect others who offer no respect to you, and most of us would agree respec…

Bobbie Short - The Pioneer Woman of Bigfoot

People come and go in our lives. Death is an absolute. We all know it will eventually happen to us, and we all know it will happen to others we know. It is the natural order of our existence. But for some reason there are those certain times, regardless of the fact that we KNOW it is going to happen, where it seems to come as an absolute shock. Your heart sinks inside you and your mind races with confusion and disbelief. A deep wanting for it not to be true. But you know it is.

In this crazy world we call the Bigfoot community certain things happen to all of us. Regardless of how hard we fight it, what our beliefs are, or what we pretend to be like on the outside, humanity and emotion works its way into the foreground. Certain aspects of this field no longer reside in the realm of the elusive subject we are all seeking answers, but instead becomes about the people. The personalities we grow to know with time. It should come as no surprise, I mean most of us have our day to day normal …

Oklahoma: Life in Tornado Alley

Tornado producing storms have ravaged parts of Oklahoma over the period of the past two days. The most likely worst one of the group was the tornado that hit the Moore area just south of Oklahoma City. Moore has been hit numerous times with large and violent tornadoes. The one today was no exception. At times nearly a mile wide, it ripped the earth as it tore through without prejudice. At least one elementary school was destroyed in it's wake. A school that was still in session. The young children had practiced their tornado drill many times, and knew just what to do. Luckily all the children were accounted for and walked out of the disaster alive. I can only imagine what it must have been like for the parents before they knew if their child was safe. Seeing the wreckage of the building on the news, I wouldn't have imagined anyone survived.

Unfortunately not all were as lucky. Lives have been lost. I'm sure there will be more to come. There are numerous injuries ranging fr…

The Truth is out THERE

I'm sure some of the people reading this have children who are currently in school, and those children bring home assignments from time to time that require research. I for one have noticed often times that in the directions and guidelines for those research papers, the teacher has included that the student is NOT to use Wikipedia as one of their sources. The reason for this is fairly simple, Wikipedia is written by various individuals, and those individuals don't always get their facts right. Don't get me wrong, Wikipedia is a great source of information, but sometimes that information isn't accurate. As much information as it contains, it is difficult to cross-reference every piece of information added to the site. So while a student may see it as a one stop shop for their research on a particular subject, the inaccuracies cause teachers to frown upon using it as a tool for education.

The Internet Bigfoot community is like Wikipedia, only way worse.

The Internet has …