Early Review of "Shooting Bigfoot"

The Project Sasquatch Facebook page just recently posted this:


Which appears to be an early review of the long awaited Morgan Matthews documentary "Shooting Bigfoot".

It's no secret that this film has been surrounded with rumor, controversy, and speculation, as Rick Dyer has been making claims of the film documenting his history making achievement of shooting and killing a Bigfoot, thus once and for all proving their existence. The film which officially premiers on April 30th at the Hot Docs film festival, has been the key ingredient in this recipe of validation for Dyer and his millions, and millions, of cult like followers. Ok, maybe "millions and millions" is a slight exaggeration. If you haven't already read the review by now, go ahead and do so, I'll wait.

Oh, you're back. Did you notice anything, I don't know, missing from the review? Something like the mentioning of a historical event, perhaps something along the lines of, oh I don't know, a dead Bigfoot? One would think that if the film contained such events that the reviewer might have mentioned such. Instead the author paints a picture of a captivating look into the whimsical and insane world of Bigfoot researchers. In fact the author even states in the title that the film is scoring LAUGHS. Is laughter what comes to mind when you think ground-breaking scientific discovery? Me either. But wait...

Rick Dyer has already mentioned recently that there will be critics of the film that will refuse to accept it for what it shows. Or apparently doesn't. This is also known as "exit strategy" or "covering one's ass". Which apparently is an area Dyer has problems with if you read Steve Kull's blog about "Tighty Whitey".


You'll notice the following stated in the film review:

"Shooting Bigfoot has a non-ending that feels as if the director’s patience wore too thin and eventually threw his hands up in the air and gave up. Once you see what happens in the surprisingly creepy last third, you’ll understand why Matthews feels resentment. However, the ending still feels too abrupt and doesn’t end the way moviegoers will want it to."

Ok, we all see where this leads don't we? I'm guessing the trailer for the film gives it away. Rick running into the darkness, the sound of a gun shot, fade to black.

Next will come posts by Dyer explaining it all away, and how the body is still going to be revealed at a later date, or it will eventually and mysteriously vanish.

The bottom line is this. For Rick Dyer the clock is winding down rapidly. You can say what you want. His followers and fence riders can sway back and forth, or hang on his every word. Words, explanations, excuses, attacking those who oppose one belief or another, none of that stuff matters any longer. It is time to put up or shut up. The curtains are closing on the circus act.

Luke 8:17


  1. This is from a colleague who is following this story closely and the claims the body will be released at the film festival: "I received an email from the Department of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness (which is the Canadian Ministry of Home Affairs ) ....it was signed as the Office of Public Safety - Minister Vic Towes. It was initialed by a 'GS' (probably a clerk) and stated that a body of any human or animal would not be allowed to enter Canadian territory without documentation from the Minister. As far as Dyer, I haven't received any confirmation back on his entry status." So another BS claim by Dyer that the body will be presented at the film festival This guy is so full of $h*t it isnt funny and the people who are buying into this are either extremely gullible or have no common sense.

  2. There was a brilliant post on FB/FB which I thought would make a nice addendum to this post.l It is by Jimmy Conway

    Jimmy Conway: OK. Enough. Many of you will know that I have said the Dyer Bigfoot story was a hoax (as have many others here) from the moment I found out that a) it was him involved but, more importantly, b) that a British documentary maker i.e. Morgan Matthews and Minnow Films were involved. This latest review pretty much confirms that the doc is a social commentary piece on some of the characters in the Bigfoot community. Any talk of it confirming there was a Bigfoot shot dead, there is a body and that Morgan Matthews ended up in hospital because of a "real" Sasquatch is an appalling example of why this community is a laughing stock: the lack of objectivity and just plain common sense makes this community a prime target for hoaxers. It's nothing new. People are so desperate to believe the creature is real that when a story like this come through the door, objective thinking flies out of the window.

    Many of you will have read my posts and seen that I have been very vocal about this story, and I have provided information - facts -about the companies involved and the people from the UK. The more astute of you will have realised that this wasn't guess-work. You will have realised that I'm not a "hater" . I'm here for the truth. I believe Bigfoot is likely real. What it is - I don't know. But something is out there.

    So why am I so sure it's a hoax? For the last 20 years I have worked in media in the UK. I have worked with pretty much every single major media outlet there is. In national press. Radio. TV. Film. Including the BFI. Including the BBC. On a regular basis. All it took was a couple of phone calls to establish what the documentary was actually about. You have to understand that Bigfoot is alongside Father Christmas and The Loch Ness Monster in the UK. People interested in it are few and far between. There are not that many who shout from the rooftops that they think it's real. I certainly don't. You can imagine the reaction I got when I asked if the story of a Bigfoot body was real.

    Morgan Matthews ended up in a hospital bed as a result of an altercation, but it wasn't with a Sasquatch. That's all I am prepared to say about the content of the film, aside from telling you previously the premise of the whole thing. I must be clear, I have NOT seen the film.

    Rick Dyer is taking full advantage of this film and full advantage of the people in this community who are all too willing to believe. I don't blame Rick. I don't hate him at all. I think he is a funny guy but I don't agree with some of the things he does but so what.

    I'm not asking anyone to believe me. There are many people here who made their minds up months ago and they won't even change it once the truth is revealed. They'll say "The body was taken", "It's s cover-up" etc'. Fine. That happens.

    I have absolutely no axe to grind with Rick Dyer or Musky Allen. It just so happens that, in what is a big coincidence, someone in the UK media industry has a genuine interest in Bigfoot and was able to ascertain with relative ease the truth to this whole thing.

    If I am wrong on this, I won't hide. I'll be here to apologise to every single person and will be prepared to take the verbal beating of my life off anyone who wants a go. If I'm wrong, it will mean that a UK documentary maker and a hoaxer really are the people responsible for the greatest scientific discovery in our lifetime. I won't be ashamed to come back here to face the music, because we've got validation of what we all want.

    But when the truth is revealed, there will be casualties here. The biggest one being the Bigfoot community itself. However, there are those with so called reputations that will not recover either.

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