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EXCLUSIVE: Rick Dyer Responds to Fans!

Come on guys, what did you expect to happen? Here's the only dead body anyone needs to be concerned with.

Early Review of "Shooting Bigfoot"

The Project Sasquatch Facebook page just recently posted this:

Which appears to be an early review of the long awaited Morgan Matthews documentary "Shooting Bigfoot".

It's no secret that this film has been surrounded with rumor, controversy, and speculation, as Rick Dyer has been making claims of the film documenting his history making achievement of shooting and killing a Bigfoot, thus once and for all proving their existence. The film which officially premiers on April 30th at the Hot Docs film festival, has been the key ingredient in this recipe of validation for Dyer and his millions, and millions, of cult like followers. Ok, maybe "millions and millions" is a slight exaggeration. If you haven't already read the review by now, go ahead and do so, I'll wait.

Oh, you're back. Did you notice anything, I don't know, missing from the review? Something li…