Ketchum, The Urantia, and Lemurs - Oh My!

The Urantia is a collection of papers surrounded by mystery. Originating from Chicago sometime between 1924 and 1955, the Urantia combines philosophy, science, and religion, as it unlocks in detail the secrets of the Universe itself, and how everything came to be here on Earth, or according to the book the planet's true name "Urantia". The authors of the book are unknown, although according to the followers of the Urantia and the individuals who produced it, it is the work of "celestial beings". According to the group of individuals directly involved with collecting the works, the papers physically materialized in a way that even they did not understand. In 1950 a non-profit group was formed called the Urantia Foundation, who later on published the book in 1955.

An interesting note about the Urantia book is that in 1999 a U.S. court decided that since the Conduit had deceased previous to 1983, the copyright year of expiration, only the Conduit's heirs would be eligible to renew the copyright. Since they had not done so, the copyright had expired, and therefore the book was passed into the public domain. Much more detailed information on the history of the book can be found here:

2008 edition of The Urantia Book
published by The Urantia Foundation.

And of course, The Urantia Foundation:

So what does this book have to do with Melba Ketchum, Bigfoot DNA, or Lemurs?

Recently during an interview, a question was posed to Dr. Ketchum in regard to the "Father" of the modern day Bigfoot hybrid species. As we all know by now, according to Ketchum's conclusions drawn from her DNA study, Bigfoot is a hybrid species offspring resulting from a modern human female, and an as of yet unknown male species. Something that isn't modern human. In her response, Ketchum stated that according to the DNA study the "father" was not an ape, and was actually more closely related to lemurs. Yes, lemurs. You can hear her response here:

"It's headed a little more towards the lemur line, oddly enough. It is definitely NOT an ape. And it's interesting that we found out that there is an extinct lemur that weighed 400 or 500 pounds. Also, they had opposable thumbs and hooded noses. It really freaked me out that we had lemur. I did not expect that (laughs)." - Dr. Melba Ketchum

Bigfoot's Grandfather?
What I find interesting about this isn't the reference to lemurs. It's interesting to me that Dr. Ketchum, who claims to be qualified enough to lead a study into Bigfoot DNA, and conducting extensive and exhaustive genetic sequencing work, wasn't aware of the lemur being considered a major part of the evolution of primates, and modern man itself. Lemurs are nothing new when it comes to genetic lineage and evolution in the primate family. Many articles have been published on the web about the subject throughout the years. For example:

And although it has been argued since its publishing that the following theory is incorrect, I found this interesting since it was originally published in 2009, just before the Ketchum study was completed.

But there's an even more interesting twist to this story. Another source of information about lemurs in regard to primate and human ancestry is, you guessed it, the Urantia. Directly from the psychic minds of celestial beings:

The Urantia Book

Paper 62

The Dawn Races of Early Man

(703.1) 62:0.1 ABOUT one million years ago the immediate ancestors of mankind made their appearance by three successive and sudden mutations stemming from early stock of the lemur type of placental mammal. The dominant factors of these early lemurs were derived from the western or later American group of the evolving life plasm.
But before establishing the direct line of human ancestry, this strain was reinforced by contributions from the central life implantation evolved in Africa. The eastern life group contributed little or nothing to the actual production of the human species.

1. The Early Lemur Types

(703.2) 62:1.1 The early lemurs concerned in the ancestry of the human species were not directly related to the pre-existent tribes of gibbons and apes then living in Eurasia and northern Africa, whose progeny have survived to the present time. Neither were they the offspring of the modern type of lemur, though springing from an ancestor common to both but long since extinct.
(703.3) 62:1.2 While these early lemurs evolved in the Western Hemisphere, the establishment of the direct mammalian ancestry of mankind took place in southwestern Asia, in the original area of the central life implantation but on the borders of the eastern regions. Several million years ago the North American type lemurs had migrated westward over the Bering land bridge and had slowly made their way southwestward along the Asiatic coast. These migrating tribes finally reached the salubrious region lying between the then expanded Mediterranean Sea and the elevating mountainous regions of the Indian peninsula. In these lands to the west of India they united with other and favorable strains, thus establishing the ancestry of the human race.
(703.4) 62:1.3 With the passing of time the seacoast of India southwest of the mountains gradually submerged, completely isolating the life of this region. There was no avenue of approach to, or escape from, this Mesopotamian or Persian peninsula except to the north, and that was repeatedly cut off by the southern invasions of the glaciers. And it was in this then almost paradisiacal area, and from the superior descendants of this lemur type of mammal, that there sprang two great groups, the simian tribes of modern times and the present-day human species.

Notice the usage of the word "tribes" and the corresponding similarities between the above, and the conclusions Dr. Ketchum has reached according to her Bigfoot DNA study.
Were the conclusions reached by Ketchum the results of the "Bigfoot Genome Project" she conducted, or were they inspired by the words of celestial beings printed years ago? Is Dr. Ketchum a follower of the Urantia? Did she perhaps take a note from a previously published paper? Or is it all just coincidental?
Only one person knows for sure...


  1. There is something very wrong with this lemur business brought up by Dr. Ketchum.

    Didn't she say at some point that the female tested 100% human (Homo sapien sapiens)???

    "IF" I heard that right, then the unknown male progenitor cannot be lemur. Why? Because Homo sapien sapiens can only reproduce with other H. sapiens. Human females are capable of reproducing viable offspring with other beings that are human or human enough.

    The 100% human female was then and is now incapable of reproducing viable offspring with
    animals, including non-human primates (lemurs) or any male that is not also human enough in its DNA likeness.

    The male progenitor must be "human enough" in his DNA to closely match the female Sasquatch.
    Our Human DNA may be very much like the apes, but our human DNA is selective and there are markers that clearly set us apart from any non-human primate.

    So my question would be, is Ketchum wrong in her studies that the female Sasquatch was 100% Homo sapien sapiens or is she wildly guessing and laughing about the lemur connection??

  2. Bobbie, we must not forget, Ketchum is an expert geneticist who's work is infallible. There is an answer for every piece of information, and every action taken, that might possibly cause any sort of doubt, confusion, or suspicion in her study and the results thereof. If science has proven it impossible for modern humans to cross-breed with other species, then science is obviously wrong, and the entire "book" on genetics needs to be rewritten. A veterinarian from Nacogdoches, Texas says so.

  3. Matt K, to call someone's work infallible is incorrect. Even Einstein produced theories that were later proven incorrect. The origin of Sasquatch falls into two camps; either it is an evolution of gigantopithecus (an extinct ape,) or it is a separate branch of the genus homo perhaps closer to homo heidelbergenisis, florensiensis, or ergaster. It is interesting I find that multiple versions oh genus homo occurred simultaneously through out the fossil record. So, there is no reason to believe evolution was so satisfied with homo sapiens it abruptly stopped. Dr. Ketchum's work has so many doubts and questions particularly how it was published that I personally am not willing to accept it until a corpse is laying on a table being dissected by reputable scientists. Unfortunately it will take a body to prove Sasquatch exists and even though I totally believe this I'm not the one who will ever provide even if I had the opportunity.

    1. Alan, I agree with what you are saying. I'm afraid you misunderstood my comment to Bobbie. It was meant as sarcasm.

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