An open letter tot he loyal followers of Rick Dyer Straits and "Stink Bait" Musky Allen

"Money for Bluffing, and Bigfoot Chicks for Free"

Main Entry:   blind faith
Part of Speech:   n
Definition:   belief without true understanding, perception, or discrimination

Blind faith. That is the best way I can describe the individuals believing that Rick Dyer has in fact shot and killed a sasquatch. Take a look at the above definition. 

"Belief without true understanding."
The vast majority of these individuals were not active members of the bigfoot community in 2008. They did not witness the daily taunts and tirades of Rick Dyer not only claiming he had the corpse of a bigfoot, but making fun of the entire bigfoot community on a regular basis. Anytime someone would question him, or point out a lie he had told, his response would be a tirade followed with "but I still have a dead bigfoot". After the truth was exposed that it had all been a lie, what did Rick do then? He made fun of the people that believed him.

The vast majority of these individuals do not have any, let alone extensive, experience in the field. They have not had a sighting. An encounter. Anything. They do not have the experience to see all the flaws in the story. They believe that's a bigfoot in that video because they don't actually know what one looks like. They don't realize that bigfoot would not approach a camp filled with people in broad daylight. A bigfoot would not return later that night (as the story changed to explain why the video was shot in daytime) after being busted by the people there earlier that day. A bigfoot would run for cover, not circle the camp aimlessly. A bigfoot moves almost supernaturally fast when running. As soon as it heard someone coming from the tent, it would have been gone. Why would it be living behind a store in San Antonio? Why would it be regularly visiting a homeless camp? Where's its water supply? Food sources? Territory? No tracks? No DNA test? No hair samples? No vocalizations? Nothing? 

The vast majority of these individuals do not know what all Steve Kulls has gone through in the past with Rick Dyer. They do not know that the first time around, Steve literally left his job to go verify the body. It was Steve Kulls that ultimately exposed the hoax. It was Steve Kulls that took the heat and the back lash from the event. It was Steve Kulls that gave Rick a fair chance the first time around. It was Steve Kulls who gave Rick the platform to "set the record straight". And people don't understand why Steve is so set on exposing Dyer this time around. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, well, that just won't happen to Steve Kulls.

It is this lack of understanding, this ignorance, that allows people to believe what Rick is saying.

Perception easily clouds judgement. On the outside, Rick Dyer is a slightly zany, but likable person. If he wasn't making a mockery out of a subject I happen to take seriously, I would probably get along with the guy. That's what con-men do. They are good at getting people to like and trust them. The no-nonsense "I just don't care what people think" is another way of saying "I don't have any defense against their claims". Rick appears to be just a good ol' boy trying to get a second chance. Someone who unexpectedly found themselves in a position to do what no one else has been able to. Heck, he even has a video to back it up. Kinda. But he has a story to go along with it, and everyone loves a good story. But wait, he also has audio from the homeless guy who heard the shots and saw the film crew. Of course that could have been anyone with their audio dubbed over some video footage since they were never actually shown on video. Even if they had been shown on the video, how would that prove anything? I could say I was at the grassy knoll and heard a gun shot. It's not hard to believe Rick. I mean who wouldn't want to be buddies with the guy who proved Bigfoot's existence? And who doesn't love the underdog? A guy who made some mistakes in his past, but has turned his life around and just tried to find acceptance in the community he had betrayed years ago. Now he triumphantly slays the dragon and becomes the hero. But this is real life, not a children's novel.

This is the most ironic one of all. Dyer's followers do not discriminate against Rick for his past. Whether it be a choice they have made, or the fact that they did not witness the first go around, for whatever reason they choose not to hold it against him. And by "it" I mean the most deceitful hoax ever in the bigfoot community. The "Georgia Hoax". The one where Rick Dyer claimed to have shot and killed a bigfoot. Wouldn't let anyone see it other than Tom Biscardi, never provided any sort of evidence other than random photos of things such as "the freezer" "the garden hose we used to fill the freezer with water" "Us and Tom Biscardi during his visit". 

Kind of like "The tent" "the camera used by Minnow" "Me and Musky Allen during his visit".

Yet it is those same individuals that refuse to discriminate against Rick for his actions, that regularly refuse to look at or accept any evidence posted that comes from the opposing camp of non-believers. They have no problems name calling, harassing, or discriminating against people who do not believe as they do. They consider people like Steve Kulls and "Racer X" bullies for posting documented proof supporting their claims, and applaud Rick for name calling and declaring "war" on people who refuse to apologize for posting proof of his lies. Really?

Let's take a quick look at some of the current "truths" being presented by Dyer's camp.

Rick was with Minnow Films. True
But it was in 2011, not late 2012. This was confirmed by Dyer himself when he sent photos of him and Morgan Matthews together.

The name of the film was changed to "Shooting Bigfoot". True
Of course Rick would know that, he is in the film. But the film is not about him as he claimed.

"Shooting Bigfoot" is premiering at a film festival. True
But not Tribeca as Rick claimed it would be.

A person who has seen the film stated there was some fairly dramatic footage. True
Fairly dramatic is not "shooting a bigfoot" or "proving bigfoot's existence". The show Finding Bigfoot is fairly dramatic.

Rick was hunting sasquatch in the area he claimed at the time he claimed, and shots were heard. True
At least true according to the mystery voice on the video who could have been anyone. Just because someone says something doesn't make it true, nor does it mean he killed a bigfoot.

The film is not a mockumentary. True
At least in the true sense of a mockumentary. This still does not mean Rick killed a bigfoot. It simply implies he was in a documentary with the likes of Tom Biscardi and Dallas Gilbert. Both of which are considered controversial at best. Nice group to be a part of there Rickster.

What about the description of the film by Justin Mah, which was confirmed had seen the entire film. Does his description seem that of someone who has witnessed a bigfoot being shot and killed irrefutably on film? Not in my opinion.

What about the refusal to tell what happens during the last 3 minutes of the film? Those eerie mysterious 3 minutes. Of course they aren't going to tell you what's on the film. They are trying to sell tickets to the event. They won't tell you what's in the first 3 minutes either. Or anything contained in any of the films. I mean honestly people, you're grasping.

The main point being, regardless of what Rick Dyer has told the truth about, told half truths, or opinions on how to interpret things that have been said, WHAT DOES ANY OF IT HAVE TO DO WITH RICK DYER SHOOTING AND KILLING A REAL SASQUATCH?

Any evidence supporting it at all? Anything? Even if the tent video was 100% authentic, it does not show the killing of a bigfoot. It's not even the right time of day for it to have happened.

The truth is simple. People believe Rick Dyer because they want to. They believe Musky Allen because his claims support what they want to be true. None of the evidence on either side means squat. It's all a matter of people choosing to believe something because they want it to be true.

A special side note to "Musky" Allen Asslip.
It was called to my attention recently that you posted a picture of Steve Kulls' home in an attempt to try and make fun of him based on your opinion of how the exterior of the property looks, and the fact that it's an apartment, or multiple tenant property.

That's pretty low, even for a bottom feeder such as yourself. It's New York. The majority of people in New York live in an apartment type property. The monthly rent for a place like that could easily be more than what you make in a month or more. Not to mention, I'm sure there are a number of individuals in this community who live in places like that, and even worse. The place didn't look bad to me honestly, but apparently someone of such high social status as yourself deems it unacceptable. The mentioning of Steve having a hard time making it, eluding to him not making very much money, give me a break. You have no idea where he works or what he does. Let alone how much he makes. Regardless, Steve makes an honest living and earns his money. Since when is that something to look down upon in this country? These jabs coming from a washed up used car salesman who pulls bigfoot pranks for attention, and an ex-felon who has a record longer than Charlie Sheen's. What prestigious job title do you hold Mr. Asslip? How much do you bring home in a year? Do you own your home or rent? Or live with Ma? I'm sure you have an excellent, high paying career seeing that you're an ex-convict with a record of domestic violence, alcohol, and drug abuse. What are you, the CEO of Deadbeat Loser Inc.? I've got a new hybrid theory for Dr. Ketchum. I say Allen Asslip looks like the hybrid child of Jay Leno and a bloated drunk Josh Brolin. 

"Musky" Allen Asslip
You're nothing more than a stale odor in the bigfoot community Allen, and we have plenty of Febreeze.


  1. you might retract and look up more info on the 2008 Hoax, you have several things that are not fact, starting with the shooting of the bigfoot. First rul in journalism, if you are going to report the facts then get them right before you go spreading info about someone other than yourself.. I'm not one here to support or tear down Rick Dyer, im merely stating the facts which you failed to do.

    1. Dear Mr. or Mrs. Anonymous. Thank you for checking me on my rules of journalism. Perhaps you would like to fact check me specifically and tell me which facts I got wrong. I'm not sure what info I need to look up about the 2008 hoax, as I was an active member of the community then, and knew more about the story than most people. Perhaps you should go back and do some research by listening to some old Internet radio shows I was on. Since you mentioned the shooting of the bigfoot as being incorrect, perhaps you could set the record straight for me. See, according to what I know, Rick and Matt stated that a colleague of theirs who was a "felon" had shot and killed the bigfoot with a 30-06 rifle. Of course the identity of this person was never revealed, and since it turned out to be a hoax, the shooting of the bigfoot was part of Rick's story. Did Rick say he was the trigger man. He might have at some point. But it was all BS anyway so who really cares. The FACT is that yes, he did say the bigfoot in 2008 had been shot. Remember, their friend shot it, they went out and carried it out, while fending off other bigfoot. It took them a day and a half to carry it out of the woods it was so heavy. I mean after all the thing was what, 8'8" tall. Would look just like a man if you shaved all his hair off. Remember all those details Rick gave? All of them being lies. But hey, maybe the "felon" he mentioned was good ol' Musky.

    2. You sure are hating a lot, considering everyone will apparently know in less than a month. And if it's a hoax again, then Dyer will indefinitely lose any and all credibility in anything he decides to pursue in his life henceforth. I am choosing to reserve judgement till that day.

      Just tell me, you really think the tent video was a Bigfoot costume? The shoulder muscles were massive and could see them move, please recreate that video with a costume then.

    3. kfb, thank you for your comments. To "hate" on someone means that you are jealous or envious of them for whatever reason, so you put out false information about them to turn others against them. You speak negatively about someone, based solely on your own personal agenda to take something away from them. If someone were to say "Man, that ol' Rick Dyer has a fresh ride" and I were to say "That isn't even his car, he rented it to look cool" THAT would be hating. All I'm doing is voicing a personal opinion based on the information I have. In this case, it happens to be a negative opinion. Everyone has the right to agree or disagree with me. It doesn't bother me. I commend you for choosing to reserve your judgement until the film is released. However, according to your comment,it seems as though that isn't really true.

      As for recreating the tent video, I do not have the means to do so. Just as I do not have the means to recreate Harry and the Hendersons. Since I can't recreate that film, and it too shows physical movement in a costume, is it authentic as well? What about Ivan Marx's work? I can't recreate that either, does that make his work genuine? What about the Gable film? A Jack Link's commercial?

      Let me pose some questions to you. I often see individuals from the Dyer camp bring up Justin Smeja, questioning as to why people aren't focusing on his claims as much as Dyer's. I've also seen those individuals ask for proof of Smeja's claims. So it's ok to demand proof from him, but when someone asks for Dyer's proof it's considered "hating"? Do you know why people aren't focusing on Smeja as much? I'll tell you. Because Smeja wasn't involved in one of the largest, most wide spread hoaxes of all time in the bigfoot community, and because Smeja has never claimed to be in possession of a body. It's not rocket science. I don't have a problem believing that it's possible that Dyer shot a bigfoot. They aren't immortal, it could happen. But Dyer has produced ZERO physical evidence to confirm his claim. All he has done is provided his own word that he did it. Well, he did the same thing in 2008. Where's the 3rd party DNA testing of a tissue sample? Smeja and his partner at least took a polygraph test. Why hasn't Dyer and Musky? If you want to use the reasoning of a non-disclosure agreement as the excuse that's fine. That just tells me you know very little about how legal binding contracts work. You can't hold someone to an NDA when it involves their own personal property. Minnow films didn't shoot a bigfoot. They can't hold you to an NDA not to discuss it or parade it down main street. All they could do is make you sign an NDA to not discuss their film, which they do own the rights to. An NDA in this case would be worthless, and would never hold up in court. That's like saying if I shot and killed a turkey, and a TV show about hunting had filmed the event, I wouldn't be allowed to show anyone the turkey or release my own photos and video of it. They would have no legal rights to prevent it, regardless of what I signed. In fact, Dyer would be the one to have them sign an NDA, not the other way around.

      When the film comes out, you will not see a dead bigfoot. Not a real one at least. Rick will have a bunch of excuses and reasons behind it, and will play this out as long as he can. He's making good money off of this. I can't "hate" on that.

  2. Brilliant! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was wondering if I am the only sane person left in the field of Bigfoot research. I can see that Dyer is hoping that with hoaxing a second time, he can cover up the $50K dollar profit he made on the first hoax and that he is a criminal and be able to tell everyone "haha, you stupid believers in bigfoot bought my BS twice!" He hopes to come out looking like he planned both incidents to make a point that Bigfoot does not exist. I am glad to hear a voice of reason in the insanity.

  3. Brilliant work!

    No, Sharon, there are plenty of us around.

    Personally I have been going at Dyer tooth and nail, and have taken fire from it, but that is fire I am happy to take. The truth is worth it to me.

    I can see that this blog writer feels the same way.

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