Rick Dyer Straits: Something smells "Musky"!

Shenanigans. Snake Oil Salesman. Starving Con Artist. Tom Foolery. Boy Who Cried Wolf. Rick Dyer.

I recently heard the name "Musky Allen" for the first time. But when I heard the name, it was in conjunction with Rick Dyer, so I immediately dismissed it. Why? Well, other than the obvious, I knew that if Rick was allowing someone to view the elephant in his clenched hand, they were obviously in on it. Did I ever believe there was a remote possibility of Rick having "another" bigfoot body? Absolutely not. So why would someone believe that a "respected skeptic" that NOBODY has ever heard of before, would all of a sudden be invited to see it, and of course verify it being true? Wishful thinking, perhaps. Benefit of the doubt, maybe. Ignorance, most likely.

But not this guy.

Let's take a moment to review Rick Dyer's track record. None of his claims have ever turned out to be true, and he was involved in what will possibly go down in history as the largest hoax ever pulled in the Bigfoot community. I mean this guy really missed his calling in politics, but that's neither here nor there. The guy has been exposed more times than tan lines at a nudist colony. More times than boobs at Mardi Gras. More times than an exhibitionist's ... well, you get the gist.

So who is Musky Allen and how does he fit into all of this? The truth is, I really don't know who he is. I'm sure others do, and that information will probably be presented. But looking at Rick's past, he rarely works alone when it comes to his "really good ideas". Such as claiming to have a Bigfoot body. For the second time. With no proof. What I do know is that Musky Allen, Allen Musky, whoever he is, has had a Facebook page since 2008. The same year as the Georgia hoax. I also know in 2009, he joined the Searching for Bigfoot Facebook page. I know that's who I would be associating with if I were a well respected skeptic.

To be honest, most of this is just a waste of time. Let's cut right to the chase. The smoking gun if you will. I think if anyone could say it best, it would be Rick Dyer himself.


Sunday, November 25, 2012

Another great Bigfoot hoax planned soon

I've recently moved to Las Vegas so I can live closer to my mentor Tom Biscardi. When we get together its fireworks, he makes me feel like a teenager stealing a car for the first time. I'm so excited with my new team about the future. This really is sin city, and I will be famous here, bigfooter will never see it coming.

Joining worlds greatest hoaxer, just wait for next year

There are a few good men out there helping to further the cause.


Oldies But Goodies


  1. I never heard of Musky Allen either and tried to find info on him and google just pop's up his association with Rick. I think it's another hoax as well. Especially after listening to the interview with Musky by FB/FB Jeff and Jack. They said they are going to go down there after Musky did to see for themselves. I wish they would and do. That would be interesting.

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