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Clearing the Air

For those that don't know, my name is Matthew Knapp, and I'm a Bigfoot researcher from Oklahoma. I've had a life-long interest in the subject, and joined the research community in late 1999/early 2000. In 2001 I started actively going into the field, and in September 2002 I was fortunate enough to have my first official sighting during a group outing. Over the years I've had several more sightings, various encounters with what I believe were Sasquatch, found numerous tracks, formations, hand prints, had rocks thrown at me, heard vocalizations of all types, experienced tree knocks, and have had a few experiences that I just can't quite explain. I've had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know various individuals within the community, some good, some bad, and some I have grown to consider family. I've collaborated and discussed the subject with some of the most well known and respected researchers in the field, as well as people who's names you will …

Geneticists Chime in on Bigfoot DNA Paper

The following was extracted from Eric Berger's Science Blog, which can be found here:

"First up is Richard Gibbs, one of the key scientists behind the Human Genome Project and director of the Human Genome Sequencing Center at Baylor College of Medicine: “As a scientist I would consider anything.The currency of scientific advance is keeping your skepticism at bay. You have to approach these things incredibly agnostically. As I read the paper I asked, is the evidence here compelling? I don’t know. Is there clear evidence of fraud? That’s not apparent. It’s an intriguing hypothesis. One would need to view more sequencing information before supporting the conclusions.” Specifically, Gibbs said, it’s standard protocol to upload the raw sequencing data which can then be analyzed to determine whether this is a new species, or simply an amalgam of existing species. Only a text file, which is …

Melba Ketchum Publishes Bigfoot DNA Study

"BUCKLE UP!!!!" As bigfoot news has been breaking left and right, word has traveled fast that the long awaited bigfoot DNA study conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum has finally been published. As per the norm, controversy still surrounds the paper. It was soon discovered once news initially broke, that the journal publishing Dr. Ketchum's paper, the DeNovo Journal, was created just a few days prior. In fact the journal was apparently created just so the paper would be published as it had been rejected many times over for apparent various reasons.
Is it common practice for scientists to self-publish their own works? Is that very scientific? Does it tamper with the scientific process of peer review? These and many other questions come to mind, that I honestly do not have the answers to. In my personal opinion, I would consider the rejection from the numerous other journals as a failure, and move on. I find it difficult to believe that the scientific community would be complete…



After much anticipation, and a wait that seemed infinite...

Will Bigfoot be a scientific realization?

The Ketchum DNA Study has been published in an American Scientific Journal.

The DeNovo Journal.

2/12/2013 Dr. Melba Ketchum posts a Facebook status update that exuberantly states:

"BUCKLE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Now that we're buckled up, perhaps someone would like to explain why this "DeNovo Scientific Journal" website was registered through just this month. Surely the good doctor isn't attempting to pull a fast one and self-publish her own paper. Was that the hold up? Were we all left in suspense long enough for a new scientific journal to be established just so her paper would get published? This all seems extremely suspicious.

According to whois:

 Registered through:, LLC (

Domain Name: DENOVOJOURNAL.COM Created on: 04-Feb-13 Expires on: 04-Feb-14 Last Updated on: 04-Feb-13

Rick Dyer Straits: Something smells "Musky"!

Shenanigans. Snake Oil Salesman. Starving Con Artist. Tom Foolery. Boy Who Cried Wolf. Rick Dyer.

I recently heard the name "Musky Allen" for the first time. But when I heard the name, it was in conjunction with Rick Dyer, so I immediately dismissed it. Why? Well, other than the obvious, I knew that if Rick was allowing someone to view the elephant in his clenched hand, they were obviously in on it. Did I ever believe there was a remote possibility of Rick having "another" bigfoot body? Absolutely not. So why would someone believe that a "respected skeptic" that NOBODY has ever heard of before, would all of a sudden be invited to see it, and of course verify it being true? Wishful thinking, perhaps. Benefit of the doubt, maybe. Ignorance, most likely.

But not this guy.

Let's take a moment to review Rick Dyer's track record. None of his claims have ever turned out to be true, and he was involved in what will possibly go down in history as the large…