Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Truth, Lies, and Video Tape: The "MK Davis Videos"

Over the past decade MK Davis has been known throughout the Bigfoot community for his extensive work on the Patterson film. MK has been met with fierce criticism and opposition for the conclusions he has reached based on his own interpretations of what he has seen on the famous film throughout the years. While his opinions are extremely difficult to swallow at times, and to others are found outright offensive, the actual work he has put forth towards the film itself deserves recognition. I don't know of anyone who has put more time and study into the Patterson film than MK Davis.

The Patterson film, or more politically correct, Patterson-Gimlin film (much respect to Mr. Bob Gimlin) is not the only piece of footage that has caught the attention of Mr. Davis. Individuals throughout the years have sought after MK's expertise to take a look at various pieces of footage here and there. Most recently MK has been working on a collection of video clips, which he has been posting on his Youtube account. Not much is known to the general viewership of these videos, but what MK has shown so far has been very interesting compared to the usual video clips we see of Bigfoot posted on Youtube on a regular basis.

You can also find links to his videos and various topics posted concerning them on the GCBRO forum. MK Davis is a long time member of the Gulf Coast Bigfoot Research Organization, and does the majority of his posting on their site. The members of the group have always been very supportive of MK's work, and have even backed him on his various claims and theories that many others attacked. In fact it was the GCBRO forum where the infamous "Massacre Theory" came about. That's one of the things about the GCBRO, they are known for their "no-nonsense" and "down to earth" approach. They are mostly made up of individuals from the Southern United States, and have always been outspoken about their pro-kill stance and calling "BS" when they see it.

Well, they aren't the only ones.


The "MK Davis videos" are more commonly known as the "Paris videos" and were produced by a man named Mike Sells outside of Paris, TX. on his property. Mike lost his battle with cancer several years ago, but there are still quite a few people who know the story behind the videos. Some of us know the story extensively as we were an active part in the history of the on-going investigation that took place at his home. The videos are a collection of clips taken by various security cameras that were placed on the property and would record almost constantly. The video tapes would then be gone through, and any activity that the cameras picked up would be transferred to another tape for easy access and study. This went on for years. The first time I was made aware of this investigation was late 2002, and the first time I saw any of the video footage was mid 2003. I've seen the videos several times over the years, and was even allowed to borrow a 1st gen copy to study on my own in the privacy of my home. The point being, I know all about these videos, and I know many others who have seen the videos as well. Even Tom Biscardi has a copy, and as a side note, MK Davis worked with Biscardi on enhancing the video for Biscardi's own personal agenda several years ago. When I contacted MK and told him Biscardi was lying about the origin of the video clips and his ownership rights to them, MK told me that did not concern him as he did not care about the politics or hearsay surrounding the video, only the video itself. So be it.

The vast majority of individuals who have seen these clips agree that they are hoaxed. While an extremely small number of the clips MIGHT be genuine, the rest of the clips are obviously fake, which in my opinion makes all of them worthless. My reasoning behind that is none of the clips show anything clearly or outside the realm of human ability. Therefore you can not view any of the clips on their own and say for certain what it is or isn't. Since the rest of the clips are obviously fake, one must assume the chances are that all of them are fake. What I personally believe, and what I can state as factual or scientific evidence are two separate things.

Bottom line; these videos have been considered known hoaxes for a very long time by nearly everyone who has seen them. They are by no means anything new or groundbreaking.


My first area of concern is about the actual video clips MK has been showing. Regardless of differing opinions on his own interpretations, Davis has always presented his work in a very methodical, scientific way. Driving home the point that when it comes to evidence, film and video do not lie. Whatever is on the recording is on there. What you see is what you get. I know MK has the videos, so why is he not showing ALL the videos? Why is he only showing the ones where you can't really tell what it is, or better yet the clips that could possibly be a Bigfoot? The "scientific" way to go about it would be to show all of the video clips, not just the cherry-picked versions. Recently a number of people questioned the "fence climber" video, claiming it was a man in a ghillie suit. MK responded accordingly by showing it was just one of the researchers wearing camo who had stepped in front of the camera. Nothing fraudulent about it. I agree. He also went on to say that the reason people couldn't see this was because of the "dark and grainy" poor quality version they had seen. Well I assure you, some of us have seen as clean of a version as you're going to get, and we were still able to see the obvious. Why not show the clip of the "tree peeker" wearing the rain poncho? Or the one wearing jeans and a shirt? Or the one wearing the white over-alls? Or the one running back and forth by the pond in clear view of the road wearing what appears to be a bed sheet? My memory of what all is contained on those videos may be a bit off, but you catch my drift.

You can't just produce part of the evidence that supports your own beliefs. You have to produce all of the evidence and let the cards fall where they may.

My second area of concern is in regard to the GCBRO as well as several others. As I stated previously, these videos, and the events that surround them have been considered a well known hoax by many people. Those people include members of the GCBRO. Not only did they consider it a hoax, they publicly attacked and condemned Jim "Bear" Grant as a hoaxer for sending out a hoaxed photo that he had received from Mike Sells. To some individuals he lied about how the photo came to be in his possession. To others such as myself he did not. His reason for doing so was to protect the source as he had promised to do. When all of this was explained, it still didn't matter. Bear had sent out a hoaxed photo, and that's all they cared about. They had their chance to ruin someone they did not agree with, or disliked for whatever reason. So if Bear was condemned for sending out a hoaxed photo, why is MK being praised for presenting videos coming from the same source as the photo? Why did the GCBRO label Mike Sells as a hoaxer, but now applaud MK Davis for showing Mike Sells' videos? Someone you don't like puts out the same material as someone from your own inner circle, and one is labeled a liar and hoaxer while the other is not.

But that seems to be the growing trend. Many of the GCBRO's top members considered the Patterson-Gimlin film a hoax, until MK Davis started releasing his work on it. Then it was supported and backed by those same people. Over the years the GCBRO has ridiculed people for talking about things such as ghosts, psychic abilities, and paranormal events surrounding Bigfoot. Now it's common place on their forum to discuss these things as acceptable and worthy of merit. How many individuals have been attacked in the past for producing photos of shadows encased in crudely drawn red circles and outlines? These type photos exist all over the GCBRO forum now. The only difference is these things are being produced by their own members, and not by someone else.


There are many details, red flags, and history surrounding these video clips. I will not go into those. As I stated, Mike Sells is no longer with us, and I will respect that. As I will respect his family and the researchers involved in the Paris investigation. There are several others who know quite a bit about the events, and there is more than enough information on the Internet to see for yourself. Even on the archives of the GCBRO forum. I will also state that the evidence and the videos speak for themselves. The Sells family and the researchers involved never once gave me any reason to believe they were involved in any hoaxing. No reasons or motivations for hoaxing were ever shown. Mike was quiet and reserved, avoided the public, and did his best to involve as few people as possible in the investigation. He never sought any financial gain from any of this, and in fact spent many hours and his own dollars on the continued investigation both on and off his property. Regardless there was still obvious hoaxing taking place. I felt that it was time someone put the information, the truth, about these video clips out there now that they have made their way into public view via MK Davis. I'm certain this will more than likely offend several people. That's fine. I have sat back and been offended numerous times over the years by the actions of certain individuals. 

Nobody in this field should be held to higher or lower standards than anyone else. Regardless of who they are or who they are associated with.


  1. The truth is always important and those who continue to perpetuate inaccurate and imaginary information in their "research & analysis" need to be called out. Even if M.K. believes what he is doing is accurate, the fact that he will not acknowledge the source of these video's, despite being informed over and over is highly questionable.

  2. M.K. Davis lost all credibility with me when he started creating his "massacre" theory.
    He added more fake colors into th PG film than Ted Turner has old movies.

    Please keep unearthing the truth, the BF community can use all it can get.

  3. they need to retire and let others like parabreakdown _phil some one that knows what there doing

  4. Bill Munns is the REAL PGF film expert. MK is like a child with crayons compared to Munns.

    1. Couldn't agree more. M.K. Davis has apparently lost his mind with his "massacre" nonsense. He is a Munns wannabe.

  5. Question:

    From what I've seen about the Patty film on the BBC X Creature show, Patty was not more than 6'6". Patty's footprints were faked, according to the depth of the footprints being deeper than those produced by the horses.

    There was another breakdown that shows obvious editing in the film, where a piece of plywood on the ground changes places and angles during the segment where the camera flails about filming the ground. This would lead one to believe there were a few takes done by Patterson.

    Also Morris says he produced a costume for Patterson.

    Is there not a conclusive interpretation of the Patty film as a fake? Does the original film exist somewhere? Would not a frame-by-frame analysis determine whether or not it was edited, and shot in multiple takes? Is there anywhere on the internet where one can view the entire, un-zoomed, unenhanced film? thanks.

    1. Those are good points hoodie, if only the original film was available.

  6. Matt...

    I arranged for M.K. Davis to view and examine some of the Sells VHS tapes, at the request of Dr. Melba Ketchum, about 18 months ago.

    Mrs. Sells allowed M.K. to continue working with the tapes after meeting with him, some of the original researchers also attended that meeting and "blessed" M.K.'s splendid and tedious analysis of over three hundred hours of video. Many folks have taken tapes from the Sells site, always promising to return them, however to my knowledge no one ever returned the tapes or copies thereof, except M.K. Davis.

    In a radio interview last Fall, Jim Lansdale attested to the veracity of the "Whitey" videos, refuting your assertion of hoaxing. We have discussed the chain of custody and analysis of the Sells tapes on at least two BTR radio shows. I too, have seen the compilation DVD proffered by "Bear", in my home literally frame by frame when Bear stayed here, on two separate occasions. I agree many of the clips appeared to be "recreations" for a possible reality series similar to "Bigfootville". While none of the clips had the resolution to be called evidence, many depicted physical actions which appear beyond the realm of human ability.

    M.K., has worked tirelessly to provide these tapes in an enhanced format, while protecting Mrs. Sells copyright. I salute M.K.'s efforts and Mrs. Sells generosity in sharing these VHS tapes with Sasquatchery, the Sells site tapes are a tribute to the late Mike Sells and his unselfish research efforts.

    I am honored to have assisted in this endeavor with M.k.Davis, Sally Ramey, Sharon Day, Karl Sup, and Scott Nelson.

    live and let live...

    Steve Summar

    1. Steve, if I may, I'd like to respond to some of the things you have said. While you may have arranged for MK to view some of the tapes at the request of Melba Ketchum, I am close personal friends with the individual that arranged for MK to meet up with Mrs. Sells and bring him in on reviewing the film clips, per her permission. It's funny that you should mention people not returning their borrowed evidence, since Melba Ketchum is one of the individuals who is guilty of that. I do not know personally of any others. I know that when I borrowed a tape, I returned it. Wouldn't want those late fees.
      I'm glad Jim Lansdale was able to give his expert testimony, I mean after all he has been telling stories for years about his exploits with these creatures. When it comes to Jim Lansdale and his knowledge of the Bigfoot he has encountered on his family's property, I respect his opinion greatly. The difference in this situation is I was actually there. I was invited to the property personally by Mike Sells. I knew Mike Sells. I investigated his property. I consulted with the original researchers of the property on a weekly basis throughout the investigation. I'm glad you discussed things on a couple BTR shows, and I'm sure everyone there gave their own opinions about what they thought about the tapes and the analysis. I'm glad the chain of custody was discussed. Tell me this though, how many people on those shows were actually involved in the physical investigation while it was taking place? How many people there discussed the tapes at length with Mike Sells? Because I have. There were no recreations Steve. There was no possible reality series in the works. That's what I'm trying to explain to people. I know these film clips and the entire investigation intimately. I was directly involved in it. And as I stated, for anyone who cares, the information is out there. None of this stuff is anything new.
      There are many, many details I could go into that I am choosing not to out of respect for Mike Sells and his family. The film clips are copyrighted. MK was given permission to work on them. I know that.

      I'm just simply asking, why did the GCBRO and several other individuals take a stand in the past that all of these film clips and the evidence coming from Mike Sells were fraudulent, but are supporting MK and testifying to their authenticity now that they, or someone from their camp rather, are the ones putting this stuff out there YEARS after the fact?

  7. Another strong blog by Matt Knapp

  8. Nadia Moore and Steven S-------, etc.... you people need to practice what you preach, Moore, you and others wont reveal the actual location of where the supposed Sierra Killings took place, why is MK Davis any different. As for Bill Munns and MK Davis being a "wanna be", that would make every Bigfooter including you and the rest of the people posting on this blog just as guilty, you all have opinions, attack those who may have a theory regardless of what it is, and you are all following in the foot steps of other's, in the real world of tolerance that is referred to as being a hypocrit.

    1. MK Davis' "massacre" theory has no place in serious bigfoot research or conversations. Like I said before, MK added more phony colorizations of the PG video than Ted Turner old movies. Muzzle flash , bloody dog footprints, pools of "red" blood with Sasquatch skins, etc.

      Remember when you make asinine comments get ready for ridicule.
      MK's pathetic attempt to stay in the limelight has rendered him a non important media whore.

    2. Maybe you should think about changing your user name as it clearly does not reflect your very descriptive and unappealing comments. And by the way, there's no place in Bigfoot research or conversations for people that have nothing better to do than attack others for there theories or opinions either, especially on a subject that is still in the process of being verified as fact. And, thank you for your assistance in proving my earlier point., I truly appreciate it!

      Also, could you please provide proof to support your claims that "Mk added more phony colorizations of the PG video (actually a film) than Ted Turner old movies", for verification. And finally to clarify, the term "massacre theory" was introduced by various individuals who have blogs or inject their opinions while commenting. MK Davis is doing nothing more than any other person who delves in to the realm of the Bigfoot world, he is merely sharing his opinions, regardless of whether or not you agree or disagree.

      Wouldn't it be more productive to approach him to discuss his findings than attack or ridicule him? By doing this, discovery moves to the for front instead of the opposite.

    3. Ouch. Your logical fallacies really hurt.

      You surely must know that some things go beyond mere opinion, right? OK, good.

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  10. This is M.K.Davis. I would be happy to discuss any of this with interested people. primateer@gmail.com . M.K.

  11. I have studied M.K. Davis's work and found it lacking in every case, he assumes way to much and it shows. Just like with his Bigfoot massacre theory, it was totally unfounded, there is no evidence to support it. Every video that he has produced so far, leaves a lot to be desired.

  12. I don't have a dog in this race I'm just a guy that had back surgery been laid up for a year watching videos in reading everything can find about it to try not to be bored. but for every person who calls themselves a researcher shouldn't the bottom line B the truth whether it's an ugly truth it's still the truth. a hoax is a lie plain and simple and once you're a liar you can't come back from that very easily.

  13. First off, never, ever take someone's word that an individual is a "known hoaxer". What sophistry! There are so many people with axes to grind in the BF "community" that only a fool would take such an admonition seriously. And Davis most certainly DOES have video material that, while not a "smoking gun", is certainly very unusual and outside the capabilities of a human. The analog-sourced vocalizations are also very interesting. They could NOT have been digitally manipulated; what is recorded on the VHS was there that night. Explain the "Creek Walker" video, too. Or the juvenile in the tree. What did they do, teach a 3 year old to climb like a monkey, violently shake the top, then leap from the bottom branch to the ground? These videos also have some very interesting information in them in the form of relative scales showing size, speed, etc. They cannot be dismissed out of hand, IMO.

    1. Thanks for your input. And you are absolutely correct, there are plenty of people with axes to grind. The difference here is I'm not speaking based off hearsay. I'm not going by someone else's interpretations. I'm going by my own observations as I was not only directly in contact with the individuals who shot the videos, I was also involved in researching the actual property first hand myself. I've stood in the creek bed where the "creek walker" was filmed. I was a guest of the owner's of the property. I was the first person to analyze any of the audio recorded there. The bottom line is there are A LOT of factors involved, A LOT of people not known by the public that were involved, A LOT of things that took place during the investigation that the public doesn't know about, and HOAXING was OBSERVED FIRST HAND. Do I have an explanation for every single video clip or audio recording? Absolutely not. Just the vast majority of them. M.K. is just the most recent person to review the videos. He didn't walk the grounds with Mike Sells. He wasn't involved in coming up with ways to capture video. He didn't meet the other individuals involved. He wasn't a direct consultant while the investigations were taking place. I was. I know more about these videos and the investigation involved than he does. Bottom line.

  14. I truly wish that more people would stand up and talk openly about these videos. I have and have been kicked out of groups and blocked on facebook and YouTube both because I agree that MK needs to be honest with people about not only the source but the real reason that he is doing what he is. If one questions his source for the videos that he posts on YouTube you will immediately be banned from commenting and have your question removed. I know, it happened to me. The bigger problem is the number of new people that are looking at these videos and believing that they are real. Not to mention that certain associates of MK"s will venomously attack you if you dare to question the source of his videos . To me it is nothing more than perpetuating a hoax to continue to put these videos out there.