D.W. Lee's Official Statement on Ed Smith

 Post subject: Darkwing's Public Statement about the Quantra Affair
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The last few weeks has seen perhaps the biggest hoax ever perpetrated has occurred. Ed Smith has stated publicly on the Bigfoot Forums that he has hoaxed the MABRC for the last 4 ½ years. This announcement has led to multiple individuals to begin speculating and assuming that someone in the MABRC had to have known that Ed was hoaxing.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat, the buck stops here with me. Regardless of the speculation and assumptions, no one from the MABRC knew that Ed was hoaxing. Randy “Driveroperator” Harrington and myself spent countless hours on the phone with Ed, attempting to find discrepancies in his stories and information. We would call each other and compare notes, to see if Ed changed even a minor detail, but could not find anything to compromise what Ed was telling us. We went and sat down with him for lunch at the Golden Corral in Muskogee, Oklahoma, and looked at the paperwork in his binder while he talked, unknown to him that we were looking. Land contracts were seen, as well as other papers. I used my background as an IS person to engage Ed in conversation about some of the equipment they used, and he spoke with the knowledge that someone working with high-end technology would know. Neither Randy or I could prove that Ed was a fake, nor could we prove that everything he said was true, but we kept trying as we owed the MABRC Organizational Members that.

I tracked down the names of other members of the so-called “Orig-6” and found that they were real people, whether they were actual friends of Ed or not, we couldn't verify.

Ed also would post information on the forum that supposedly came from the “Orig-6” research, from DNA analysis, footprint trackway measurements and the horizon project. The way the information was written up and done in autocad seem to reinforce that the “Orig-6” was legitimate.

The MABRC also had Ed’s IP addresses from where he logged in from, and posted to the forum, I followed the majority of these back to the Bixby Telephone Company. Ed had told me that the Orig-6 had their communications server there in the backroom of the Telephone Company, because they purchased some space there. This held some truth to it because many smaller telephone companies will lease you space at their office to set up servers. I even called the Bixby Telephone Company and they confirmed that they did do that, but would not discuss which customers they had that were doing that.

The database that I created on Ed contained every thing he had ever told Randy and I, along with his posts, we did this to see if we could find discrepencies, and the stories did not change. We could not crack his stories to prove whether he was making it up or tellin the truth.

Several years ago, Ed began puttin together a summit meeting between the MABRC, Texlaresearch and Orig-6, in Tulsa. It appeared to be going to happen, and we were very much anticipating it. We were treading very lightly to insure that we did not give Ed any excuse to back out, and then the greediness of Bulletmaker came into play and he began demandin presents and money for allowing the Infrasound Experiment to happen at his hidden bean field. Between Bulletmaker and Pete Wilson clashing with Ed, this gave Ed the way out needed why the summit wouldn’t happen. We wanted to see if the summit would happen, but because of the selfishness of two individuals, that gave Ed an easy out.

Since there was an actual excuse given to Ed on a silver platter, we could not state 100% if the summit was just a hoax or not. We knew that we could not let that happen again if Ed came out with anything, we could not give him an easy way out.

When the summit meeting didn’t happen, several turned against Ed and burned their bridges with him, which was their right to do so. Randy and I continued talking to Ed on the phone, and through e-mails, maintaining a friendship with him to see what further we could find out.

During this time, Randy would call Ed at random times, Ed never knew when he was goin to call, and several times that Randy would call, Ed would say he was lookin to lease a hanger to do the Orig-6 documentary, and there would be airplanes taking off and landing in the background. Ed had been talking about this hanger being leased on the MABRC forums several days earlier, so it seemed to back up this incident. One of these phone calls, was early one morning, and another man picked up the phone and answered it, and he got Ed on the phone. Randy knew that Ed always referred to his significant other, but never said wife or girlfriend. So Randy asked Ed is he was gay. Ed confirmed this after some hesitation. SO for the next few years, Randy and I kept this secret, as we thought this could possibly be why Ed did not want his picture put out there, and then be found out he was gay. I am saying this now to show how much effort Randy and I went through with Ed to protect him as a potential witness and the fact that we knew something about Ed that we would not reveal until now.

When Ed announced that the Orig-6 was bought by Quantra, and that he was getting out of Bigfooting, Randy asked Ed that now since he was out of Orig-6, was there anything that Ed could show him that he had personally, that he wasn’t under NDAs to be able to show. Ed hesitated and said yes there was. Randy planned on meeting with Ed to see what he had to show. Unfortunately, somethin happened to disrupt this.

The Quantra Affair

When Ed come forward about the Daisy in the Box story, it was two hours after Ed had posted it on the MABRC Forums that I found out. Ed texted me to let me know he posted it. When I found out, I called Driveroperator and we decided to let it run, see where it went, if it was legitimate, we couldn’t pull the plug and not let everyone know about it. We also knew that if this went down the gutter, we would part ways with Ed.

It was posted on Facebook to avoid the bloggers from breaking the news first, and contorting the story like they usually do. Immediately it took on a life of its own and people began demanding answers, results and to see pics of the monkey in the box.

Ed then went and mentioned that he would like to have Dr. Meldrum and Melissa Hovey involved, and began talking of having them involved in a phone conference call.
That soon evolved into a face to face meeting with the so-called Quantra Team. Ed asked me to assemble a team from the MABRC to attend this meeting and to also recommend others for the independent team. I recommended Kathy Strain, Abe Del Rio, and Steve Kulls to this team. I have tremendous respect for Kathy, and know she would tell it straight up on what she seen. Abe would be able to get the word out on his radio show about what he seen in the meeting, and of course, I knew Steve would investigate this thing to the ends of the earth. I told each one as I talked to them, I do not know if Ed has anything here or not. I am strictly on the fence with this, it would take an actual plane ticket in my hand and getting on the airplane to this meeting before I would start thinking it may be happening. They understood from the start that I did not have much faith in this, but they agreed to be a part of it to find out the truth.

There was no mention of a name for this team until I submitted the names to Ed, and he agreed upon them, and said that Quantras had agreed on the names too.

Most of this communication between Ed and myself was now by text message, as Ed said he wanted to give me a paper trail of what was being said in case things went south. On occasions when I needed to verify something with him, I would call him direct. Sunday January 6th, the first noticeable cracks developed in Ed’s entire story, apparently Quantras was trying to back out, he claimed he was getting on a plane for a face to face meeting to get things settled. This was one of those times I called Ed direct on the phone for clarification, he was overly excited and opinionated about what was going on, getting loud at times as if he was angry that they were backing out on him.

The next day, Monday morning, I talked to Dr. Meldrum and told him the same thing, I couldn't verify if Ed was telling the truth, but that if we were giving plane tickets and on a plane to go to this meeting, then we could start to lean that way. He told me that he would be a part of it if plane tickets were furnished and things fell into place to begin backing it up.

That Monday afternoon, Ed asked if the Bridging Team had been announced yet, when I said it just had, he said that he was still in a meeting with them and that the PR team was causing havoc. About 8 PM that night, he told me by text message that they were calling the meeting for the night and would start back the next morning at 8 am.

The next morning, I received a text message from Ed a little after 6 am saying something was wrong, they met them at the door and said they had to go down the road and wait. He claimed he was trying to call the two main guys, but they wouldn’t answer the phones. By a little after 8, he text me to say that the meeting was put off until 2 pm. At 2:30 pm, he text me and said that they were met at the door and told to leave, that the bridging team wasn’t needed anymore.

He then text me that he would be sending me a statement to post on the forum concerning what had happened, and that he was getting on the plane. I did not post this statement at that time, I wanted to call the individuals that had agreed to be a part of the Bridging team and let them know first. Ed continued texting me, asking when his statement would be posted, but I was not through telling the Bridging team members yet. They deserved to know first, not through a blog post somewhere.

The next morning, a conference call was held by the individuals associated with the Bridging Team and it was decided to release a statement. After this statement was released, several people approached me about the information they were digging up and asked for verification. They used resources that were unavailable to me in the past to dig up things on Ed. What was now being discovered was unsettling, but I confirmed as much as I could, including Ed’s sexual orientation, which was fast becoming apparent to the investigators. When I attempted to get Ed to come clean, he demanded to see what was being collected on him. I told him I would that evening, but got sidetracked with several researchers out in the field. I was out all night, and the next day, came home to find that Ed had posted his hoax comment on the BFF. I texted Ed to ask if it was him that posted it, and he confirmed he did, and that since I didn’t send him the information, he was sure that the information could only have come from me or Randy, and as far as he was concerned, the relationship was over.

Why did Ed post this? A last ditch effort to prevent the MABRC from allowing his personal information from being released? We will perhaps never know, as now he has destroyed himself in the Bigfoot Community.

The MABRC as an organization, followed through this as an investigation, and hoped to see the light at the end of the tunnel. We insured that no one would give Ed an easy way out like during the summit meeting. People claim that we were protecting Ed from criticism during this time, yet we only were trying to eliminate any excuse Ed may have to back out of this conference meeting.

After the smoke has cleared, I now see many of the newer people in the Bigfoot Community being Monday morning arm-chair quarterbacks, proclaiming what should have been done, how it should have been done, and what the MABRC should be doing.

It’s extremely easy to be a Monday morning arm-chair quaterback, when you are not in the trenches like a real quarterback and having to make split-second decisions based on an ever-changing situation. The quarterback is seeing the fluid situation and has to adjust to what he perceives at the moment. Second guessing has to come after the game, when the game film is reviewed.

The situation with the Quantras Affair was continuously changing, including having to give updates that many in the community was demanding was their right to know. Many can criticize me, many can arm-chair quarterback me, but none can legitimately claim they could have handled it perfectly either, many would have choked on how to handle it.

One of those, is MikeakaGanglian on Facebook, someone who is gloating that the MABRC should be held accountable for the Quantras Affair. What the hell? Mike has been banned from every Bigfoot Forum out there, including the MABRC, and each forum then had to remove the multitude of fake accounts that he had created to continue being on the forum. He had even created an account on the MABRC forums where he posed as a Russian Researcher and began claiming that he would be posting information about the Almas on the forum.

Mike has no right to criticize anyone for ethics, when he himself is unethical in the way he conducts himself.

I also seen information that came out about the MABRC that could only have come from two dispicable individuals, John Phillips and Troy Hudson. They used the opportunity to put out their lies in hopes that someone would listen. Robert Lindsay posted a lot of it, and did not attempt to even verify any of it.

John Phillips has had a hatred for years against the MABRC, because I refused to let him into the MABRC Research areas, and that Bulletmaker invited the MABRC onto his property years after Bullet had kicked John off his property. Troy Hudson’s hatred for the MABRC is because we created the Honobia Bigfoot Conference and he could never achieve what we did with it when he took it over. He has made up numerous claims that the MABRC has done, in order to discredit us from the Honobia area.

The Facebook “experts” chimed in too, taking potshots at the MABRC over the handling of this. Some even claiming that Bigfoot was too smart to be captured. Facebook has become the bain of the Bigfoot community as many so-called “experts” are now advertising themselves to the masses. These new people to the Bigfoot Community have no clue who the old-timers are in the Community. What they don’t realize, is that many of the old-timers in the community have stood beside the MABRC, knowing that we had to go the distance with Ed to see where the end result was.

The MABRC Organization has really good researchers in the group, and it irks me to no end when people claim the MABRC should no longer have any credibility over this Ed Smith investigation. The buck stops here with me, if you want to point the finger at anyone, the blame should be on me, I am the leader of the MABRC. The MABRC Researchers put their faith in me to lead them, and they are the only ones outside of the Bridging Group that I owe any apologies to.

No one will ever know what all has transpired in this entire affair, I don’t have the time to sit down and explain everything to people. The MABRC and it’s researchers conducted this like a witness investigation, and the only way to see if it was true, was to go the distance.

If the MABRC had pulled the plug, it would have gave Ed the excuse he needed to make himself look good, he could say “Well, you guys pulled the plug, so I will not set up the meeting now”, but the MABRC and the Independent Researchers asked to verify things pressured him to the point he had to pull the plug himself.

Now that the Quantra Affair has come to an end, Ed seems appalled that everyone is now digging deep into his personal life, and to attempt to throw the investigation of himself into obscurity, he begins claiming he hoaxed the MABRC, hoping to put the heat on the MABRC instead of Ed himself.

I have confirmed the information that the investigators have collected, 75% of it I already knew, but what I did not know, took others with more resources to obtain. I will let them release what they have found, they deserve that for their work in this.

With that, the MABRC is my second family, something my wife has to remind me at times that I do have a first family. The MABRC Researchers are in my opinion, some of the best out there in the woods researching now. We will now get back into the woods and do our research as we have done before Ed Smith appeared and bring in our own evidence.

D.W. Lee
Executive Director


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