Bigfoot 2013: New Beginnings & Operation "Oopsy Daisy"

New Beginnings: SquatchDetective Radio

2013 started off with a bang in the form of an unexpected surprise for myself. Steve Kulls and I have been friends for quite awhile. Not only have I been a guest on his show a few times, I've also worked with him behind the scenes on several occasions. It still came as a surprise when he asked me recently to occupy the third seat on his panel for SquatchDetective Radio. I've been involved with a few Internet Bigfoot shows, most recently being one of the founding members of "Bigfoot Outlaw Radio". I had toyed with the notion of going back on the air, possibly to do an Outlaws reunion show, but when Steve asked me to be a co-host of his show, I said yes with no hesitation. I felt honored that he would ask me, and I'd like to publicly say thank you to Steve for choosing me. There are a lot of other people out there that are much more well known than myself, and would have been excellent choices. I look forward to working with Steve and Chris in the future.

My first night on the show was what I personally consider a huge success. It was very laid back, with a number of great folks coming on air and just having a good time. It's something I felt everyone needed in light of recent events. One of the individuals was Billy Willard. I remember Billy saying years ago that if you aren't having fun doing this, then you shouldn't be doing it. And he was absolutely right. There's nothing wrong with taking the time to laugh at ourselves and recognize the humor in things, so that's exactly what we did. Albeit completely off-the-cuff. We were joined by Billy Willard as mentioned, along with Eric Altman, Henry May, Sean Forker, and against her will, Melissa Hovey. We even had the customary call-in by Bill Green, a staple in Bigfoot radio shows. I think we may have even been joined by the late Steven "Indy" Pickett in spirit. I know he was, and always will be,  missed by all. I found myself surrounded by people I have the utmost respect for, and with which I hadn't spoken with in years. I enjoyed it immensely.

Steve mentioned the show will be moving to a new network in the near future. I encourage everyone to please make the move with us and continue listening to the show. It's been a great show over the years, and I feel the best is yet to come.

Operation: "Oopsy Daisy" Ed Smith exposed. 

There are two things, and two things only that you need to know about Ed Smith.

1. Ed Smith is a real person.

2.Ed Smith is a fraud.

Ed Smith has been around for awhile, and up until recently had been somewhat of a mystery to the majority of the Bigfoot community. He had chosen to align himself with the MABRC, although to my understanding it was never on an official membership basis. According to Ed he was a person of great financial means and had a network of individuals at his disposal that could make things happen. Over the years I had spoken with a few people who had come into contact with Ed Smith, but nobody really knew that much about him. Which he chose to keep it that way, and avoided being a public figure. Only the individuals he chose to associate himself with could really tell you what all claims he made over the years. All of which, in my opinion at least, are details that at this point really don't matter. He probably would have gotten away with a lot more if he had just continued his usual behavior, but he made a fatal mistake. A mistake that honestly doesn't make a lot of sense. Why Ed Smith decided to start a rumor about a Bigfoot being captured defies logic. Did he really think he could play it to the end without providing any proof? Without any evidence to support his claims? Without people questioning his integrity, sources, and the cast of characters he had portrayed in his scheme?

There were several people involved in exposing the truth about Ed Smith. I played a small part by assisting Steve Kulls in finding information about Mr. Smith. While I will not give details, as I feel it is someone else's place to do so if they choose, I will tell you the basics of what I know was uncovered by myself and Steve Kulls. Other individuals had provided Steve with Ed Smith's full name, age, and town of residency. With that information we were able to not only confirm the given information, but uncover quite a bit of information as well. Where he has lived and currently resides, his phone number, the names of various members of his family, some of his family member's work history, Ed Smith's work history, as well as his current place of employment. When all the information was gathered and compared to things Ed Smith had stated in the past, a picture started to form. A picture of a fraud and a con man.

Since Ed has been banned from the MABRC forum and the news of his con being exposed, someone using the name "EdSmith", and presumed to be so, made a post stating that he had been "spooking" the MABRC for several years. In this case "spooking" is being used as a term for basically spying covertly. If this was in fact Mr. Smith, which all indications say it was, it is pretty sad that even once exposed he would continue his fraudulent actions by trying to deflect and defend the reasons for doing so. There is absolutely no excuse or reason for Ed Smith to have done the things he has done.

On a somewhat bittersweet note, it was good to see a group of individuals all working together to uncover the truth about the claims being made. Unfortunately a new trend in the Bigfoot world seems to be that some people are willing to invest their emotions so deeply into a claim that they are willing to believe it no matter what. Even if it's exposed as a hoax. One would think by exposing the truth you would be on the side of good, but by today's standards, you may find yourself in the position of the criminal, being persecuted by those steadfast followers of the hoax you have exposed. At one time the majority of the Bigfoot community wanted and sought after the truth. From time to time someone might come along with a claim of the amazing and nearly impossible to believe, but of course with no evidence let alone proof to support their claims, it was seen as exactly what it was. Unbelievable. After all, these things normally fell well outside of what had been observed by many others, and outside the norm of the biological rules of Earth and the creatures that live here.

Now the growing trend seems to be to dig in with one's claws and refuse to let go as long as the claim supports the truth as you want it to be. The "truth" has become opinion. The only thing that matters is that your "truth" is being supported. Whatever it is that YOU want the "truth" to be. How this paradigm shift started to take place, I have no idea. All I know is it leads us farther and farther from the truth.


  1. Matt it is my honor to have you as a co-host my friend! ---> Steve

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