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Truth, Lies, and Video Tape: The "MK Davis Videos"

Over the past decade MK Davis has been known throughout the Bigfoot community for his extensive work on the Patterson film. MK has been met with fierce criticism and opposition for the conclusions he has reached based on his own interpretations of what he has seen on the famous film throughout the years. While his opinions are extremely difficult to swallow at times, and to others are found outright offensive, the actual work he has put forth towards the film itself deserves recognition. I don't know of anyone who has put more time and study into the Patterson film than MK Davis.

The Patterson film, or more politically correct, Patterson-Gimlin film (much respect to Mr. Bob Gimlin) is not the only piece of footage that has caught the attention of Mr. Davis. Individuals throughout the years have sought after MK's expertise to take a look at various pieces of footage here and there. Most recently MK has been working on a collection of video clips, which he has been posting on hi…

D.W. Lee's Official Statement on Ed Smith

AuthorMessagePost subject: Darkwing's Public Statement about the Quantra Affair Posted: Mon Jan 14, 2013 9:52 am  Chief Forum Administrator/MABRC Executive Director
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Medals: 36 The last few weeks has seen perhaps the biggest hoax ever perpetrated has occurred. Ed Smith has stated publicly on the Bigfoot Forums that he has hoaxed the MABRC for the last 4 ½ years. This announcement has led to multiple individuals to begin speculating and assuming that someone in the MABRC had to have known that Ed was hoaxing.

Let’s get something straight right off the bat, the buck stops here with me. Regardless of the speculation and assumptions, no one from the MABRC knew that Ed was hoaxing. Randy “Driveroperator” Harrington and myself spent countless hours on the phone with Ed, attempting to find discrepancies in his stories and information. We would call each other and compare notes, to see if Ed changed even a minor detail, but could…

Bigfoot 2013: New Beginnings & Operation "Oopsy Daisy"

New Beginnings: SquatchDetective Radio 2013 started off with a bang in the form of an unexpected surprise for myself. Steve Kulls and I have been friends for quite awhile. Not only have I been a guest on his show a few times, I've also worked with him behind the scenes on several occasions. It still came as a surprise when he asked me recently to occupy the third seat on his panel for SquatchDetective Radio. I've been involved with a few Internet Bigfoot shows, most recently being one of the founding members of "Bigfoot Outlaw Radio". I had toyed with the notion of going back on the air, possibly to do an Outlaws reunion show, but when Steve asked me to be a co-host of his show, I said yes with no hesitation. I felt honored that he would ask me, and I'd like to publicly say thank you to Steve for choosing me. There are a lot of other people out there that are much more well known than myself, and would have been excellent choices. I look forward to working with …