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NEW Bigfoot Bounty First Look Video!

Spike TV posted this exclusive first look video on Youtube showing Ro Sahebi and Justin Smeja hard at work, but Dax and Rictor take their own approach! Check it out!

Justin Smeja and Ro Sahebi talk Dead Bigfoot on Coast to Coast AM

Justin Smeja, the hunter who claims to have shot two bigfoot creatures, and Ro Sahebi the director of "Dead Bigfoot - A True Story" are live now on Coast to Coast AM. Be sure to tune in or check out the show in the archives.

You can also check out my past articles concerning "Dead Bigfoot" at the links below.

"Dead Bigfoot" The Review
Dead Bigfoot - A True Story?

Be sure to check out Ro and Justin as they team-up on Spike TV's 10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty.
Airing January 10th on Spike TV.

Twas The Squatch Before Christmas

'Twas the Squatch before Christmas, when all through the woodsNot a Bigfoot was stirring, not even knocking on wood;The DNA traps were hung on tree trunks with care,In hopes that Sasquatch would leave us some hair;The researchers were nestled all snug in their tents;While dreaming of casting some giant footprints;Plaster in the backpack, and staring through FLIR,"Is that one over there? Nope, just some deer",When out in the trees there arose such a clatter,But it was just a barred owl making some chatter.Then all of a sudden the trailcam lit with a flash,But nothing was there, not one single Sas.Looking for tracks in the new-fallen snow,Thought that I found one, but it was missing a toe,When what to my wondering eyes did I see,But a tall hair-covered creature behind an oak tree,With a sagittal crest, and standing over 8 foot,I knew in a moment he must be bigfoot.More hiding in shadows, hide and seek was their game,And they whistled, and shouted, so I called them by name:…

The Origin of The Glasser Bigfoot Photo Hoax

Recently Steve Alcorn of and myself released the "Glasser Bigfoot Photo". The photo was brought to Steve's attention by a person in the bigfoot community who is involved in the paranormal field as well, where they came to know Norm Glasser. The photo itself made its way to several individuals and forums by way of several different individuals, including Norm Glasser. Everyone passing the photo around, other than Norm Glasser, were doing it with the intentions of getting others opinions on what it might be. Norm of course knew what the photo was, so one would assume he was passing it along to try and drum up some attention. Glasser himself stated that he had at one time even sent the photo to Josh Gates of the television show Destination Truth. In hindsight an obvious attempt at garnering publicity for the photo.

It was by way of Steve Alcorn that I received the photo. Steve and I immediately began discussing the photo, pointing out various aspects …


The photo we posted less than 24 hours ago from Paranormalist Norm Glasser has been proven to be a hoax. Thanks to investigator Adam Bird for making this discovery.

The Original Photo

The actual source of the photo-The Sugar Flats Road Creature

Notice the markings on the face, beneath the eyes, and the position of the eyes.

Dead ringer.

Notice it is behind glass, just as shown in the photo, only it doesn't seem to be a car window, and it is in fact covered in white hair, just as Norm Glasser described.

I'll admit, this one had me stumped, but in less than 24 hours the power of the Internet prevails.
Thanks again to Adam Bird, and the many others who looked into this.

And to Norm Glasser, you've been busted.

NEW Bigfoot Photo Surfaces

In the 1960's a young man and some friends had a frightening experience while out fishing. A creature lurked in the nearby woods, throwing trees and debris into the water like it was nothing. Although an experience they would never forget, the creature remained unseen.

Summer of 2013 - That "young man" never able to shake the ordeal of what had taken place that day returns to the location to capture some photographs of the area where they had their hair-raising encounter decades before. Now a veteran paranormal investigator, he had decided the story of his possible bigfoot encounter would add a nice touch to the book he had been authoring about his experiences with the strange and unknown. He had no idea what he was going to encounter that night as he drove into the area. Expecting nothing, he returned with what could possibly be the clearest photo of a bigfoot face ever captured.

Steve Alcorn has conducted a full length, exclusive interview with the witness which will b…

Bigfoot Wars - Behind the Scenes

Bigfoot Wars, a feature film adaptation of Eric S. Brown's novel by the same name is in post production. The movie stars C. Thomas Howell and Judd Nelson, and tells the story of a small town that becomes the center of a war between man and beast. takes you behind the scenes of this latest bigfoot horror film. Be sure to click the link to check it out. Also, be sure to watch the videos, and see the opinions of cast and crew on whether or not bigfoot really exists. Special appearance by head honcho Craig Woolheater.

More videos available at

Dr. Bryan Sykes Cryptozoologist of the Year 2013

Dr. Bryan Sykes has been determined the "Cryptozoologist of the Year" for 2013 by cryptozoonews blogger Loren Coleman.

In Loren Coleman fashion, "You can read more here."

The article is well written, and I do suggest reading it, while I have to politely disagree with the choice.

Loren also mentions that Daniel Perez of the Bigfoot Times has also determined Dr. Sykes as the 2013 "Bigfooter of the Year".



Bigfoot Tattoos


This past weekend was the official screening of Dead Bigfoot: A True Story by Ro Sahebi starring and documenting the story of Justin Smeja, a man who claims to have shot both an adult and juvenile bigfoot in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California.

The documentary is now available for streaming through the website for the low, low, price of $3.99. You can pay either with credit card or paypal account, and the system is very easy to navigate and get rolling.

Dead Bigfoot is a chronological journey of Ro Sahebi as he delves into the story of Justin Smeja. The documentary does a fantastic job of putting things in order and uncovering the facts of how things transpired, putting a rest to the rumors and hearsay that have run rampant since the name Justin Smeja began popping up around the bigfoot community. Ro does a fantastic job at allowing Justin to put things into his own words, showing his perspective of the event, and the aftermath of his story going public.


Bigfoot Bounty vs. Bigfoot Research

It didn't take long for the word to spread when Spike TV came knocking on the door of the Bigfoot community. I have to admit I was a bit surprised at the recent uproar of various individuals after the upcoming reality show Bigfoot Bounty was publicly announced this past week by host Dean Cain. Participants in the show had done their best to keep their involvement a secret. Now that the cat's out of the bag, non-participants have been speaking out either for or against the show and the people involved. Several of the attitudes expressed in opposition of the show has really left me a bit perplexed. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. If you chose not to participate in the show, or try out for it, that was your decision. If you have a personal issue with the pretense of the show, and choose not to watch it, that is your choice as well. However, to speak out against it, call for a boycott, and to attack individuals who did choose to participate in the show, in my opinion is…

Sasquatch Summit 2013

If you're going to be in the area of Ocean Shores, Washington this weekend, be sure to check out the 2013 Sasquatch Summit! Featuring a great line up of guest speakers including but not limited to: Derek Randles, Scott Taylor, Ron Morehead, Phil Poling, Jeff Meldrum, and the one and only Bob Gimlin!

This is a two day event being held at the Quinault Beach Resort and Casino, and is sure to be a blast with plenty of things to do and see. Also an opportunity to learn from some of the very best. Be sure to check it out!

For more info and details, click the link below or go to

Sasquatch Summit 2013


Plan on being in Northern California this weekend, and looking for something to do? How about checking out the world premiere of "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story", a bigfoot documentary unlike any other?

Dead Bigfoot chronicles the story of Justin Smeja, an avid outdoorsman and hunter who claims to have shot an adult and juvenile bigfoot in the Sierras region of California, and the afterward  ongoing investigation of the Sierras kill site led by lead investigator Bart Cutino.

Justin's story first hit the bigfoot scene in June of 2011, starting out as a usual rumor. The story quickly spread and became the subject of many heated debates. Now, over two years later, Ro Sahebi is releasing his documentary "Dead Bigfoot: A True Story" shedding new light and uncovering details about this story that no one has been privy to before now.

Ro started this journey with the video "I Killed Bigfoot". An intimately shot documentation taking place in Ro's home kitchen,…

Skeptic: The Real Bigfoot Myth

Recently I have noticed a lot of conversations taking place in the bigfoot community on the subject of skeptics and skepticism. Unfortunately what I have read usually results in the same outcome; a matter of "us versus them". Choose your side accordingly. However, the truth of the matter is that skepticism belongs in the bigfoot community. The problem I see taking place is that instead of skepticism being an integral part of bigfoot research, it has become its own entity. Many people who take the self-titled position of "skeptic" do not practice healthy and true skepticism in my opinion. Instead they have isolated themselves along the outskirts of the bigfoot community, where they pick and attack any claims or evidence that comes out in support of the existence of these creatures. They use blanket statements such as "believers" to lump individuals together who are in support of these creatures existing factually, which in turn is a double standard. They t…

Sykes DNA Results Yeti Matches Rare Bear

Recently there has been some speculation due to several press releases about an upcoming documentary special highlighting the DNA work of Professor Bryan Sykes, as he delves into the mystery of the Yeti, and its North American Relatives the Bigfoot/Sasquatch.

The Bigfoot research community has been buzzing with speculation as to what Professor Sykes discovered in his ongoing DNA project, with many hopeful it would once and for all prove that Bigfoot is a real, and as of yet, unclassified species.

According to an article published by The Independent, Professor Sykes has discovered that the Yeti DNA samples he tested matched an ancient Polar Bear. Sykes believes the most likely explanation is that the Yeti is actually a hybrid, not a human and some unknown ancient unknown primate, but of a Polar and Brown bear.

You can read the entire article at the link below.

Sykes Yeti DNA Results!

In case the link to the article is not working, here it is in its entirety. 
New research finds ‘Bigfoot’ …

Animal Planet Live Bigfoot Cam Update and Correction

Animal Planet recently added a Live Bigfoot Cam to their collection of Live Web Cam feeds, where users can tune in and watch the woods for their favorite cryptid, right from the comfort of their own home. It's a fantastic and entertaining concept for Bigfoot enthusiasts, and so far seems to be a big hit around the Sasquatch community. There are also feeds of many other interesting animals, including one I viewed tonight of cockroaches, set up in a miniature kitchen area. The real kicker was the TV screen on the wall which happened to be playing the Bigfoot cult classic, Legend of Boggy Creek. They allow users to vote weekly on what movies they want to watch, or rather want the cockroaches to enjoy. All the Live cams are great, so be sure to check them out. At least when you're not trying to catch a glimpse of the elusive hominid.

In my first blog article about the camera feed, I had been misinformed and incorrectly stated that the Bigfoot cam project was in partnership with Me…

Ketchum Proves Bigfoot Real (Again)

Perseverance. Tenacity. Persistence. Determination. These are some of the qualities one could use to describe Dr. Melba Ketchum. Of course I could think of several less flattering examples, but for now I will remain positive. I mean after all, this woman has endured many obstacles. Yet still she keeps her head held high, face into the wind, and proceeds to carry on. On, and on, and on.

Let's recap. Pardon me if I'm not 100% accurate or scientific as some of you would like, I'm trying to make this simple. Ketchum solicits for possible bigfoot samples that may contain viable DNA to carry out a bigfoot genome project that she will conduct, based on her vast experience in the field of horse DNA. Ketchum later claims she did not solicit for samples. Numerous people, both reputable and many considered less than so, send in their samples with blind faith in the good doctor. People with money to burn fund the project out of pocket. Years pass, people start asking for results. Ketc…


An unfortunate reality of bigfoot research is the ever present danger of the hoax. Just the word itself has a ring of evil and darkness to it, conjuring up thoughts of witches and black magic, or Rick Dyer. I think everyone is aware of how much damage a hoax can do to the field of bigfoot study, especially since it is already viewed as a tongue-in-cheek subject by nearly everyone outside of the bigfoot community. My question is, do people really take the time to sit back and think about what a hoax really is? We throw the term around freely at will, without ever really considering if what we are talking about is a hoax or not. Very seldom does one think of the flip side of the coin, which is the damage that can be caused from falsely accusing someone of a hoax. How can we give a specific definition to something, that is actually a very complex subject?
What is the actual definition of a hoax? hoax  (hks)
n. 1. An act intended to deceive or trick. 2. Something that has been established…

Bigfoot Mapped in North America

Joshua Stevens, a PhD candidate at Penn State, has just released a data map of Bigfoot sightings in North America. The data contained on the map is based off of sighting reports collected by Matt Moneymaker's group the BFRO, and covers a time span of 92 years with 3,313 individual sightings.

The visual aid is a fair representation, to a certain degree at least, of what most Bigfoot researchers already know. However, it does help paint a picture to the general public. A statement I found interesting in Stevens article was that he was surprised to find that sighting reports do not always follow population density. That one would expect the majority of sightings to take place in areas with more people. Of course that is not true. Why would it be? I would expect that a rarely seen creature living in the wilderness throughout North America would most likely be seen in its own environment, not downtown Manhattan. But what this does tell us is that people are actually seeing something th…

Is It Bigfoot?

Take a look at this video as I discuss bigfoot sounds and identification.

Is it bigfoot?

Cast of Finding Bigfoot Called "Clowns"

An entertainment reporter for the Sydney Morning Herald doesn't seem to have a very high opinion of the cast from Animal Planet's hit television series "Finding Bigfoot". In a recent article, (it's actually just a glorified upcoming television program guide) the reporter from down under refers to Moneymaker and crew as "clowns". The article continues the trip down condescension lane with remarks about Cliff Barackman.

"Bigfoot hunter Cliff Barackman explains that back in the US: ''Wherever we see a large concentration of protein we find sasquatches.'' The glaring problem with this assertion is the fact that Cliff and his pals have never actually found a sasquatch." 

 Ok, so you don't care for the show, or maybe you just aren't interested in the subject, but why all the bitterness? Is the object of the article to get people to NOT tune in to watch the show?

The article reminds me of the time New Zealander Leigh Hart infil…