2012-Out with the Old, In with the New

2012 proved to be somewhat of an interesting year in the field of Bigfoot. In retrospect it seems most of the year was a waiting game. I for one took the year off to observe and organize my own thoughts, and found myself in the same "wait and see" position as many others. How quickly one can fall off the map, and how even more quickly someone can jump on it. The Bigfoot community found itself in headlines of the ever imposing public sector on several occasions this past year. Both gaining popularity and receiving ridicule at the same time. The Finding Bigfoot TV series became a modern day cult hit, Justin Smeja sticks to his guns, Melba Ketchum showed the world that veterinarians are real scientists too by cracking the Bigfoot DNA code, some really smart guys are building a blimp, and just when you thought it was over - the most clandestine group in Bigfoot has captured a live specimen.

 Animal Planet's television series "Finding Bigfoot" has put field research of these elusive creatures into the living rooms of homes around the world. Or at least a (very) loose portrayal of field research. Many people have speculated if this has actually been a good thing, or if the series itself is causing more harm than good. One thing that has to be kept in mind is the fact that these type shows are meant for entertainment. A way for the network to earn money, and are thusly designed for public consumption. It pertains to a subject that the Bigfoot community is interested in, and so we end up watching it as well. It's sort of like doctors watching "ER". Unfortunately there is a difference. One would assume when someone watches "ER" they do not decide as a family it would be fun to go out into the local wooded area and try out their newly observed skill set on their own. I doubt many people have tried to perform a surgical procedure because of something they have watched on a television series, nor was there a flood of phone calls to the hospital with people self-diagnosing themselves. With the series "Finding Bigfoot" however, people have been going out playing field researcher, and they have been sending in sighting reports based on any sounds they have heard or broken tree limbs they have seen.

Believe it or not, field research can be dangerous for those who do not know what they are doing. You spend a lot of time in remote, wild areas, walking around in the pitch black of night. Of course it has a degree of danger. There are many things out there that can and will cause you harm. I would highly recommend to anyone interested in going out into the field to first spend some time learning about the environment, the wildlife, the plants, the terrain, and how to stay safe in the area they plan on researching. Most people don't bother doing this for some reason, I guess because it isn't "fun and exciting". I've always asked the question "How do you know what to look for if you don't know what's supposed to be there?"

Most of us have heard of The Sierra Sounds, and now a new phrase will go down in Bigfoot history, The Sierra Kills. I will do my best to catch everyone up to speed. Justin Smeja claims to have shot two Bigfoot, an adult and a juvenile. The juvenile body was stashed for later recovery. When the recovery took place, the body was gone. Smeja produces a steak. Not prime rib, but a piece of flesh from an unknown animal, possibly Bigfoot. Smeja and company pass a lie detector test. A group returns to the area and has multiple encounters with what is believed to be Bigfoot. DNA tests from the steak come back with lackluster results. A bear and Justin Smeja. Now I for one believe Justin. Could I be wrong, could Smeja be yet another hoaxer just trying to get a laugh at the sake of the Bigfoot community? Absolutely. At this point however, I have yet to see any evidence to cause me disbelief in his story. It doesn't really matter what I believe, or what you believe though. The thing about this story is there is a very slight chance it will ever have any bearing (pun intended) in regards to the quest of Sasquatch. As of right now, it's just a story. Just like Ape Canyon, or Albert Ostman. I wonder how those stories would have been received in modern times.

Probably the most anticipated and publicized story of 2012 revolves around the Melba Ketchum DNA study. Amidst a swirl of controversy, people continue to wait for the official and complete reviewed results to be released. Rumors and "solid insider information" have plagued this study since day one. I for one feel that both sides, those for and against Dr. Ketchum, are equally to blame. One would assume such a scientific and professional undertaking such as this one would have been conducted and received in a completely different manner. From the mudslinging done by those not involved to the jumping of the gun by professionals involved, both sides have muddied the waters. I feel at this point it would take an act of God and/or science to salvage this study, regardless of what is officially produced. According to the preliminary reports by the Ketchum camp, Bigfoot is a hybrid human species. A classification which has changed numerous times according to copyright filings conducted by Melba Ketchum herself. Not only has her work and expertise been called into question, so has her own character. Mistruths have been told by both sides, creating numerous holes in this study. The question is how many holes can it endure before this ship is completely sunk.

The Falcon Project is underway. The giant remotely controlled state-of-the-art airship is as amazing in design as it is in theoretical function. Certainly it is a project that surpasses anything that has been tried before. The only problem now is if it will ever get off the ground. A Kick Starter page has been put in place to raise funds for the project, with the lofty goal of raising $355,000 U.S. So far with 25 days left to go they have raised just shy of $1500. If you'd like to make a financial contribution to the project, just go to the official Falcon Project Kickstarter page.
Be a part of history!

And just when we thought the years events were coming to a close...

"Daisy is in the box."

Ed Smith, the mysterious colleague of the MABRC, revealed that according to his sources the group known only as "Team Quantra" has possibly maybe supposedly captured a live Bigfoot using a pressure plate trap. Following this news it was further released that possibly maybe supposedly the top-secret team had moved the Bigfoot to yet another undisclosed location so the members could poke and prod it before letting the public know anything officially. Now this is nothing to scoff at. The members of Team Quantra are extremely intelligent and wealthy, using the most cutting edge technology available today. This team consists of doctors, lawyers, and engineers. Or at least that's what the few, and I mean few, individuals that have supposedly had at least indirect contact with this group that otherwise have no proof of existence are telling us. In fact there is by far more evidence for Bigfoot than there is Team Quantra. But as many of you know, that doesn't necessarily mean they do not exist. And apparently these individuals have been at it for the past decade if not more. It wasn't until the formation of the MABRC and several years later that they decided to communicate with anyone in the Bigfoot world. To be honest I'm not real sure what any of that is about. I'm not sure what the deal with Ed Smith is. Who he is, if he is all that he's made out to be, or if Team Quantra is what and who they say they are, virtually the Bigfoot community's equivalent to the "Skulls". It will be interesting to see how this all plays out, and perhaps maybe someday the cloak and dagger Seal Team 6/Original 6/Team Quantra will go on the record and speak for themselves.

The thing that stands out the most about these past events of 2012 is that all but the last of them aren't actually events from 2012. They have carried over from previous years, some of them several years, and yet here we sit. Still arguing over them and waiting. Waiting for something to happen. Promises and deadlines have been broken. Dates come and go, and still Bigfoot remains as much of a mystery to us as it has always been. Those who claim to be in the know, show the rest of the world nothing. The proverbial elephant in their pocket. How will all of this pan out in the year to come? Will 2013 provide any of the answers we have been looking for? Will "Finding Bigfoot" find a Bigfoot? Will Justin Smeja's story provide some substance? Will Melba Ketchum's DNA study get published? Will the Falcon Project soar the skies above the expanses of wilderness? Will Team Quantra go down in the history books, or even tell us what the hell "Quantra" means? Or will we find ourselves sitting here at the end of the year discussing the same things, waiting for the same answers, as the years before?

Dedicated to the beloved Bigfoot known as "Fox". Unknown-December 2012


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