The Real Bigfoot DNA

With a week behind it's sails, the premature news of the results of the DNA study conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum of the elusive (and still at this moment) uncategorized species known as Bigfoot has had time to spread both far and wide. So far in fact that it has garnered the attention of the National News Media. Previous to this, the place for Bigfoot DNA has always been confined to last segment of various T.V. documentaries, resulting in findings that were generally known as "contaminated by humans." Now we're seeing headlines that would lead us to believe that perhaps those previous test results were misinterpreted. According to what we've heard so far, in regards to Dr. Ketchum's findings, is that human DNA in fact belongs there. Along with an unknown source on the father's side. Imagine that in today's society, even Bigfoot doesn't know who it's father is.

While there are those out there who would find this worthy of the 6 o'clock news, others could easily deem this as being the next subject for an episode of Jerry Springer. In fact one quick jaunt around the World Wide Web shows an extreme difference in opinions on the results of the DNA study. T.V. reality star and self proclaimed Bigfoot "expert" Matt Moneymaker has been extremely outspoken about the subject via Twitter. Well, sort of. He seems to be more interested in discrediting Dr. Ketchum than her findings, but in my opinion it's probably more about ego and attention than it is sincerity. Cut me some slack, the guy said he was the ONLY person that thought the Georgia body was a hoax. Which leads nicely into my main point of all of this...

Remember when a couple "Good ol' boys" from Georgia shocked the world by claiming to have in their possession a bona fide Bigfoot body? Regardless of Matt Moneymaker's opinion, beliefs varied, arguments ensued, bloggers wrote about it, Internet radio shows talked about it, there was even a nationally televised press conference. But during all of this, there was one individual who kept his cool. One individual, who instead of sitting on the Internet arguing and debating, took a more proactive approach and found out if the claim was actually true or not. That person was Steve Kulls. And once again, Steve's cool head is prevailing amidst this latest event. No, I'm not here to praise Mr. Kulls, I just really agree with him on this one, and this is why.

What do we have so far? A summary of test results as they have been interpreted by an unknown number of individuals, so far the only one named being that of Dr. Ketchum. Which virtually amounts to nothing. To classify an unknown species it takes a heck of a lot more than a Facebook status update. But within the first 24 hours of it being posted, lines were being frantically drawn. We do not have enough, let alone all, of the information to form even an educated opinion about any of this. We have not seen the test results. We have not been told the actual names of the individuals involved. We have not read the official report, nor heard the peer review. Other scientists not involved in the study need to confirm the procedures and conduct the same test reaching the same results before anybody should get their feathers ruffled. The summary itself is only an opinion based on interpretation of the data. How about we wait and see what the actual science says? I'd rather listen to what real geneticists have to say as opposed to the overnight ones that popped up in the Bigfoot community.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Matt K.


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