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The Real Bigfoot DNA

With a week behind it's sails, the premature news of the results of the DNA study conducted by Dr. Melba Ketchum of the elusive (and still at this moment) uncategorized species known as Bigfoot has had time to spread both far and wide. So far in fact that it has garnered the attention of the National News Media. Previous to this, the place for Bigfoot DNA has always been confined to last segment of various T.V. documentaries, resulting in findings that were generally known as "contaminated by humans." Now we're seeing headlines that would lead us to believe that perhaps those previous test results were misinterpreted. According to what we've heard so far, in regards to Dr. Ketchum's findings, is that human DNA in fact belongs there. Along with an unknown source on the father's side. Imagine that in today's society, even Bigfoot doesn't know who it's father is.

While there are those out there who would find this worthy of the 6 o'clock news,…